Dec 26

I FINALLY got to open my Christmas Present! Enjoy!


I hope you enjoy my video. Mom finally got smart and used a tripod so you can see me without getting all jumbly! Oooh…and I finally get to introduce my mommy to the world! Dad was an awesome director–perhaps we will make some more videos or add a video blog feature! What do you think?

Mom’s so funny…today she decided that her new title is “Dogger Blogger”! I think it’s cute.

I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas! I got some yummy ham and green bean scraps. I am SUCH a lucky puggle.

Grandma got me a PAWESOME toy! It’s a giant stuffed Milk Bone toy with ropes–AND a squeaker–boy I love squeak toys!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Sep 12

Puggle says “I Love You”!! Cool!

Sep 07

Us puggles need help sometimes!

Aug 18

Lainey is so cute! Notice that Chloe is being a good girl.

Aug 17

Davey the Puggle doing Patty Cake! This is amazing!

Aug 17

Oh geez…sorry for the toilet humor, but I must do it!

Aug 02

Boston Terrier V. Puggle–OMD so funny! My best friend is a BT! BOL!

Aug 02

OMD! This is so funny! The owner is TOTALLY instigating this depressing howl!

Aug 02

My buddy Mr. Puggle rockin’ the headtilt!!

Aug 02

Cute baby puggle–and for my pug friends–a pug!!