Oct 13

Closet Puggles

Puggles sure do love hanging out in the strangest places, wouldn’t you agree?



Jul 01

Puggles Are NYC Bound!

Nothing lasts forever. Especially not the place you call home. Starting in July, the puggles will be traveling to New York with us for a new adventure. As we packed the moving truck, they wouldn’t leave our side!

Just before we started packing our things for the move, a baby blue jay fell from its nest.

May 27

Proof That Cats Are Evil!

Poor puggles! Haha, cats really are evil aren’t they…

Oct 26

Cormac The Puggle Loves Car Rides

Cormac loves going for car rides. He’ll roll the window down by himself if we don’t do it for him. The problem is, once we get past 25-30 miles/hour, he can’t stand the wind! I took a video to show what he does. His little puggle snout can’t take it!

Mar 29

Maddy the Puggle Runs Circles Around Pitbull

So I found a stray pitbull a week ago on my way home from work. She was running across 8-mile (detroit). You can follow her recovery blog at savebella.wordpress.com while we try to find her a forever home.

Below is a video of Maddy meeting Bella (the pitbull).

Sep 12

Puggle says “I Love You”!! Cool!

Sep 07

Us puggles need help sometimes!

Aug 18

Lainey is so cute! Notice that Chloe is being a good girl.

Aug 17

Davey the Puggle doing Patty Cake! This is amazing!

Aug 02

Boston Terrier V. Puggle–OMD so funny! My best friend is a BT! BOL!