Aug 17

When Mommy Leaves…

I watch sadly, & Mommy says she feels like crying. It's a very sad moment for Mommy & a very sad day for me...
Congrats to the ULTIMATE EMPLOYEE CODY! & the runner up SUZUKI! Would you both send me your addresses so you can receive your prizes?( Have a great Monday everyone, don't miss your pawrents TOO much!
Aug 10

Who Is The Ultimate Employee?

It's time for you to vote & tell me who the Ultimate Employee is & who the Runner up is! Here are the competitors:

Jul 31

What’s The Judge Khyra? Who won?

Well I've gotten the news back from the very esteem Judge Khyra. Here's what she had to say about the competitors:
Suzuki - so well placed - such precision!
Clover - I was afraid Khlover was going to swallow the bone!
Abby - I thought I was looking at myself...that kharried over into the Final Judging!
Ailsa - the hekhk with the paws - I wanted the bone PLEASE!
Ariel - Khwite well pointed
BoBo - another almost me flashbakhk - well pawed!
Coco The Princess - the look AND the paw placement!
Cody - I feel soooo not worthy of judging the khompetition - another excellent efFURt by Khody Ella - khwite the degree of diffikhulty fur this one
Jack -I hope he got what he was pointing at!
Joyce - Oh those golden fluffy puppy paws made my mom go all skhweeeeie
Lady Godiva - I was afraid the ball might hurt her - but she seemed to have it under her khontrol
Truffle - if only I had more spots fur the final final
Sasha - another demure yet 'deville' pawsition - well done
Peewee - I think his pads were still watersoaked from swimming
Mango - Yes he khan khan, yes he khan khan - such finesse from somepup sooooo RH
George - so so khlose

Runner up:(for the first time we have a TIE!)
Coco The Princess and Sasha


Congrats! Remember to vote for your favorite. Once the readers choice winner is voted on. YOU the blogger, will look at the winning names(& photos) and pick a winner & runner up for my contest!(poll up soon.) Have a great weekend everybody!
Jul 31

Meet The Competitors!

Here are your competitors, vote for your favorite!
Jul 27

Most Diva Action Winners:

I know you guys have been waiting quite a while for this! BOL! Lets start off with the Reader's Choice winner. This event we have TWO winners(how cool is that?!)!
And they are:
Let's give a big congrats to them! They will be going to the final round! Now who won the judging portion? Let's hear what Judge Lady Godiva had to say about the competitors!

Mr.Puggle – So regal looking. This is a Puggle that definitely knows he is king of his household.
Mollie – Looking a little on the spoiled side, this is a princess who rules her thrown with an iron paw
Lady – With perfect posture Lady DEMANDS to be treated with respect!
Cody – Cody looks like a betting kind of dog. How many milk bones did he put down on the red team?
Chloe - I have one thing to say about this picture…FROGGY BUTT! This is a pose that demands back scratches and who could resist!
BoBo – Almost had me fooled. Thought BoBo was a real Easter bunny for a second!
Ariel – Ariel looks like she has been worked to the bone! She must have been one tired pup to fall asleep in that position!
Abby - This is what I like to call the "Royal Diva". Abby oozes royalty in this picture perfect photo. If we Divas lived in castles this is what we would look like!
Clover - This Diva pose couldn't be done better by Miss Clover. This is the typical "Damn Paparazzi! What does a girl have to do to get some privacy around here!?"
Gooberstan - Gooberstan demonstrates very well the "I'm cute and if I lay here no will be able to resist scratching my fuzzy belly" Very typical of a Diva to be able to just lay there and be able to make some human scratch his (or her) itch for them!
Stella - his is an unusual Diva pose...not one that i have ever seen before but i have heard of it. This is the "If your a diva and you know it make the cat clean your paws" action shot which has never been caught on film before! I do not personally know Stella but I have read about her on Mango's blog. From what i have read, she is the kind of dog that gets her way or it's the highway and this looks to be a perfect example! Now I have to ask Stella (if i ever get the chance to meet her) How on earth did you train the cat to clean your paws? Is this a part of your weekly pawdicure? If this is the case, than i have GOT to convince my mom to get me and my sisters a cat!
Suzuki - This is the beautiful Suzuki demonstrating the "What the...get that flashy box thing out of my face" Demonstrated by Divas who don't like having their massage session disrupted by camera shots by the paparazzi and are beyond irritated by the lack of customer service from their parent(s). On behalf of Suzuki i would like to ask her mommy to please get her act in gear and get back to giving Suzuki her massage. And as a owe her an extra 30 minutes for free!

Runner Up:

Clover! (This is Clover's second time placing! Great job Clover!)

Congrats ladies! Voting for Paw Placement starts tomorrow at the latest!
Jul 22


Congrats to Joyce for winning Reader's Choice Most Dufus Face. There's only one event left to enter & that's Best Paw Placement. i need your photos for that event by Sunday. i hope everyone is enjoying the contest & ready to find out who the grand prize winner will be!

Also would you like to know what the grand prize is?

Runner Up:
A special gift

Ultimate Employee(1st place winner):
Their very own custom blog design
A special gift

Now you might be thinking i like how my blog looks & don't want to change it. Well you can always use my Mommy's services later! Or she can create you a design & give you a code for you to add it to your blog whenever you like.

Also is there anyone looking into starting your own game? i would love to pass the torch to you!

My Paw placement isn't the best but I'm working on it!
Jul 22

Meet The Competitors!

Click view all images if your having trouble seeing the slide show.
Jul 16

Soooo late!

So here is what Judge Joe had to say about the competitors!
Abby: Abby is just too darn cute to ever be a Doofus, I don't care what kind of silly clothes she is wearing.
Clover: While executing quite the strange alien face, it is not quite a Doofus, but still pretty adorable!
GooberStan: While he is the undisputed Goober King, he has not quite pulled off that Doofus look! Keep trying buddy!!
Stella: The hair going 20 different directions at once, the slightly dazed and confused look in her eyes, and of course the tongue...the clear winner!!!
Alisa: While being naughty is a Doofus trait, that is not quite destructive enough to be the winner.
Ariel: Ariel looks as though her Doofus Face was introduced by a bad wardrobe choice, probably made by humans. While it looks painful, its just not quite winning material.
BG: That smile is way too cute and compelling to be a Doofus Face!!!!
Cody: Omdog I cannot stop laughing at this one, way too funny to be a real Doofus face!!
Joyce: The eyes!! the eyes!! omdog, I think that might be sugar shock, not a Doofus face, but still wonderful!!
Liffey: I got sorta dizzy looking at this one!! nice try but woah I think I am getting sea sick haha.
Mollie: Did someone say CHEESE??!?! lol This is definitely a strong entry!!
Mr Puggle: If this was a BEST EARS EVER contest you would win PAWS down!! WOW
Pee Wee: Woah PEE WEE dude, open your eyes before your brain explodes. You are a humpmeister, but not a Doofus!!
Ryley: Ok this is just straight up heart melting cuteness, NOT a Doofus!!
Sasha: If this contest was for humans, THEY'd win for being Doofus's for making you wear that!
Tank: This was so hard, but this is our winner. The fact that I am not even sure if Tank has eyes really was what won this one. But what really caught my eye were those teeth, omdog they are all over the place!! Congrats Doofus!!!
Tanner: Come on, this guy is the Original Doofus Face, that is like the Colonel entering a Fried Chicken Contest sponsored by KFC.

Tank is the winner in this group! The overall winner is Stella...her brother might be the ruling Goober but Stella is a Doofus Diva for sure!

Runner-up: TANK!

Winner: Stella!

Sorry this post is so late we have been too busy. Now send your DIVA pictures in! Man-dogs can be Divas too! The voting for Dufus face will go on through Diva competition as I am so late!

Man-Diva pose!

Jul 14

Meet The Competitors!

Update: Seems to be a problem viewing. Click 'view all images' & you will see the slideshow!

Jul 11

Sooooo Many Rules!

So my contest has sooooo many rules & bloggers are complaining, but you only have to worry about ONE!

The ONLY rule(that you need to worry about, I'll handle the rest!): You MUST be an animal blogger to enter my contest!

There are no other rules that you need to worry about so don't say, "I can't enter Eduardo's contest because there are sooooooo many rules!" I don't want to hear that bally-hoo anymore!

Have a great weekend everyone! Tomorrow is the deadline for the MOST DUFUS LOOK competition so enter NOW! Please send them to .