Apr 22

night night

Love Spring!
Always warm at day and a little colder at night!
Both Piggy and Lulu are deeply sleep after a long walk earlier.

it's a quite night,  and their snoring make Mommy sleepy too

They didn't even realize Mommy taking the picture

Piggy always having funny poses
Meanwhile, Lulu love to sleep on Mommy's pillow

what a restful sleep :p

Good Night everybody ~

Oct 27

Sweet Dreams Puggles

Good Night Dear Puggles :)

Oct 13

Closet Puggles

Puggles sure do love hanging out in the strangest places, wouldn’t you agree?



Jul 25

The Puggles Are City Dogs Now!

After a few weeks in the city, the puggles are settling right in. And from the 21st floor, they love watching the people below. They’ve also had a lot of ‘firsts’. A few of the big ones are:

-No grass to play in. (not yet anyways, we’re moving near Central Park soon!)
-More people in one spot than they’ve ever seen.
-Dog parks where there are other small dogs to play with, and a lot of them.
-Only going outside twice a day.

Apr 13

Puggle Sun Bathe ~ On Fire Pit???

It seems like a common theme with puggles… they can’t seem to get enough of the sun and the warmth it brings. I walked out of the house the other day to find them sun bathing on our fire pit!

Jun 17

Lazy Puggle Morning

If the puggles had their way, every morning we’d all just laze away the day. I’ve read that with dogs, their “home base” is where ever you are. If we sleep, they sleep. If we’re on the go, so are they! It’s amazing how adaptable they are, isn’t it?

Apr 29

Cormac’s Puggle Wrinkles!

Mar 25

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since our last post, so this will be a quick catch up! To start, Guido the foster puppy left for his forever home! We wish him the best of luck and a happy life!

Feb 12

Cormac Bares His Snaggle Tooth

Maddy and Cormac just love hanging out together. Can you tell they’re siblings??

Dec 31

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a warm and happy home this new year!