Apr 22

night night

Love Spring!
Always warm at day and a little colder at night!
Both Piggy and Lulu are deeply sleep after a long walk earlier.

it's a quite night,  and their snoring make Mommy sleepy too

They didn't even realize Mommy taking the picture

Piggy always having funny poses
Meanwhile, Lulu love to sleep on Mommy's pillow

what a restful sleep :p

Good Night everybody ~

Mar 04

Piggy turn 8

Happy birthday to Piggy!
Mommy ordered a delicious Peanut Butter & Bacon flavor cake 
(Thank You Charity for the lovely cake :} )

Both Piggy and Lulu are ready to be served! 

Piggy got tons of gifts from family! Yay!

(Opss, he is crowded by those treats!)

Feb 15

Let’s Cuddle

Lulu love to snuggle with Piggy for evening nap only.
At night they will go back to their own bed.

Big brother Piggy always welcome Lulu cuddle together~
What a lovely sibling~ :D

Happy Valentine Day!

Dec 14

With Santa

Christmas is around the corner!
Each year Petsmart will have the event taking picture with Santa.
This is first time Champ meet Santa.
He is very excited and taking sometime to calm him down.

Ops! He trying to escape from Santa *0*

Lulu always ready for taking picture.

Another one! Say chezz

Ok.. Where's Piggy ? 
Yeah, he is there too BUT he being naughty 
so we could not take picture for him together with Santa 

Piggy , Lulu and Champ wish everybody Merry Christmas
& Happy Holiday !

Jun 11

Summer Project

Mommy been planning to do the paw print project for Piggy, Lulu & Champ.
She is just too lazy to start until last week.

First she start with Champ, the golden retriever. He is a good boy, he seem relax 
while color his paw and print it. 

Meanwhile, Piggy & Lulu just HATED and trying to escape while doing for his.

The paw print result wasn't Mommy expected! haha >.< 

Paw print project is fun, 
all you need is Acrylic paint ( any color but Mommy choose Brown)
Photo Frame 
Photo of your pet
of course, their paws! 

May 25

Beautiful roses

Lovely roses from Mommy's friend.
Freshly cut from the garden with lightly roses scent.

Here come the butterfly attracted by the scent..
oh no...
it's Lulu!

She been sniffing all around the roses :D

Piggy seem not interested at all,
Maybe that is true,
only female love the flowers! 

May 15


Can you tell who's paw belong to.
Lulu the pug, Piggy the puggle, or Champ the Golden Retriever ?

Figure 1 

Figure 2

Figure 3

Deng .. Deng.. Deng...
And the answer is....
Figure 1 : Lulu
Figure 2 : Champ
Figure 3 : Piggy
Apr 29

We Love Tanning

Finally Wichita get a sunny day!!
Lulu, Piggy and Champ were tanning outside the balcony! 

Both Piggy and Lulu are enjoying it for some reason their expression look suffer
o.  0 !! 

Nov 22

Thanks puggle pack and pug pack for helping Ace!

Thanks goes out to @Kristense @PugglesTXRanger @PugglePreston @NIKKIDONS for your donations and support! Us pugs/puggles gotta stick together and help one another when we can :)

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Nov 22

Calling all puggles and pugs! This pug needs your help!

Here’s a message from my pug friend Boo Bear from Facebook:

Hi, this little guy was hit by a car on November 13th, 2009. His owners have not come for him yet and he is now being cared for at a near by animal clinic. Mom and I went and met him and visited him and told him people all over the world are praying and pulling for him!
Our Midwest Rescue group has decided to step up a…nd take on medical costs so this little guy can live a full, happy, healthy life. He needs an emergency surgery by Monday or Tuesday to repair his shattered pelvis. If you would like to donate to help SAVE him, please do so by linking on this site: http://www.firstgiving.com/boobearhamilton1 Even if you can’t donate, any and ALL prayers and thoughts are MUCH appreciated by Ace and by mom and ME! XOXO

Poor Ace the Pug!

Poor Ace the Pug!

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