Jul 25

The Puggles Are City Dogs Now!

After a few weeks in the city, the puggles are settling right in. And from the 21st floor, they love watching the people below. They’ve also had a lot of ‘firsts’. A few of the big ones are:

-No grass to play in. (not yet anyways, we’re moving near Central Park soon!)
-More people in one spot than they’ve ever seen.
-Dog parks where there are other small dogs to play with, and a lot of them.
-Only going outside twice a day.

Feb 11

Half-Hearted Playtime


Can it really be true?? A puggle who doesn’t feel like playing?

Maddy let Cormac chew on her for a bit when she didn’t feel like playing. What a sport!

Aug 28

Maddy Puggle Discovers Toilet Paper

This was the last role of toilet paper in the house…My instinct was to be upset, but how can you be mad at this face!

Jun 15

Puggles First Bonfire

A few weeks ago we decided it was time to clean out the wood pile. I don’t know if everyone’s puggles are like ours, but our puggles LOVE chewing on sticks. They were sad to see the wood pile go!

Maddy took one last stick for herself!

Mar 29

Maddy the Puggle Runs Circles Around Pitbull

So I found a stray pitbull a week ago on my way home from work. She was running across 8-mile (detroit). You can follow her recovery blog at savebella.wordpress.com while we try to find her a forever home.

Below is a video of Maddy meeting Bella (the pitbull).

Feb 02

Puggles & Fosters Take On Snowmageddon 2011

Check out these puggles in the snow! We didn’t get as much snow for snowmageddon as hoped, but the puggles sure did enjoy their new fluffy playground! The foster puppies even had some fun in the snow too.

Jan 27

Kitty Tank. No Puggles Allowed!

My brother got us this great “kitty tank” for Christmas. He gives the best gifts! You can get the Kitty Tank too from ThinkGeek.com, HERE.

Jan 04

Puggles Love to Hike!

Leelanau State Park, Northport, Mi

Nov 15

PDX Puggles!


@PuggleBud and I are so excited to announce to you our new Puggles Only play group for the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas! Please visit www.pdxpuggles.com for more information and to register for our play group!

Mommy made some neat gift bags for the new members too!




Aug 17

Davey the Puggle doing Patty Cake! This is amazing!