Jun 14

DIY gate

Summer is a great time for outdoor home improvement project.
Uncle KC been wanted to make a little gate for the deck 
to prevent Piggy, Lulu and Champ run to the backyard.

Uncle KC first time for DIY!
Piggy : New toy for us ?

Everyone is curious what's going on
Piggy : Great weather to enjoy at deck while Uncle KC doing his project

Yay! It's complete! But Piggy doesn't seem excited....
Have a nice day ^^

Apr 22

night night

Love Spring!
Always warm at day and a little colder at night!
Both Piggy and Lulu are deeply sleep after a long walk earlier.

it's a quite night,  and their snoring make Mommy sleepy too

They didn't even realize Mommy taking the picture

Piggy always having funny poses
Meanwhile, Lulu love to sleep on Mommy's pillow

what a restful sleep :p

Good Night everybody ~

Feb 15

Let’s Cuddle

Lulu love to snuggle with Piggy for evening nap only.
At night they will go back to their own bed.

Big brother Piggy always welcome Lulu cuddle together~
What a lovely sibling~ :D

Happy Valentine Day!

Dec 28

Happy 2013

Winter is here again,
but snow come late this year.

Lulu can't wait to go outside play the snow!
She love to stick her face in it!

It was Lulu 7th birthday on 22 Dec,
Grandma make her a bowl of fresh shredded chicken breast  

Lulu wishing everybody have a Happy holiday! 

Jun 11

Summer Project

Mommy been planning to do the paw print project for Piggy, Lulu & Champ.
She is just too lazy to start until last week.

First she start with Champ, the golden retriever. He is a good boy, he seem relax 
while color his paw and print it. 

Meanwhile, Piggy & Lulu just HATED and trying to escape while doing for his.

The paw print result wasn't Mommy expected! haha >.< 

Paw print project is fun, 
all you need is Acrylic paint ( any color but Mommy choose Brown)
Photo Frame 
Photo of your pet
of course, their paws! 

May 15


Can you tell who's paw belong to.
Lulu the pug, Piggy the puggle, or Champ the Golden Retriever ?

Figure 1 

Figure 2

Figure 3

Deng .. Deng.. Deng...
And the answer is....
Figure 1 : Lulu
Figure 2 : Champ
Figure 3 : Piggy
Feb 20

Fun Snow Day

Heavy snow is coming!!
And our favorite things to do are
eating the snow... 

Piggy have some snow around his mouth
And chasing after Champ (golden retriever) 

or should i say ATTACK instead of Chasing ?

May 08


Mommy brought some Lollipop for us today
(Lulu never have it before)
Look at her, she love the Orange flavor!

Lulu : I want more!!
Piggy has the Grape flavor

Aug 04

Lulu’s Life Jacket

Lulu is not a good swimmer.

Last year, she almost drowned during the Pooch Pool Party. (as you can see, she is trying to get help from Piggy)

Mommy decided to buy a life jacket for Lulu so she can swim easily for this coming pool party in 2 weeks! YAY! 
Lulu : Hey Mommy, is that mine ??
Alright, I think Pink look cute on me!
At least it catch guy attention!
May 31

Ops! Lulu Sick

Couple days ago, 
Lulu start coughing and it sound like chocking too
(for sure it's not reverse sneezing) 
Mommy did several survey online but didn't get any answer
This morning Lulu was send to nearest Vet.
They found out she got inflammation trachea
which they also called Kennel Cough 
Now she taking medication hopefully she will getting better