Oct 23


    Halloween is around the corner!
Mommy brought us to Petsmart to take pictures 
She was very gladful that both Piggy and Lulu cooperated 
while taking pictures~ 
Happy Halloween Everybody! 
Oct 03

Woofstock 2011

Glad that we have a nice weather!
and 17000 people are estimated attending!
Isn't that cool!
Everyone is ready ~

Piggy & Champ : OMG!! First time we meet a big guy!!
Piggy is busy making friends around :D
Yeah! Is Puggle! Are we just so handsome?
Due to Piggy GAINING his weight,
he only did 4.72 seconds
highest records is 3.35 seconds Jack Russel)
Uncle KC swear next year he will
start train Piggy before the race and
get one of this trophy!

Sep 13

The Mid-Autumn Festival

These are MoonCakes (Lotus Seeds, Egg Yolks)
Often eat it during the festival.
(Also known as Mooncake Festival)
Mommy bought some lantern also.
Seem like Lulu don't feel comfortable with it 
Lulu & Piggy just can't wait to have few pieces
of mooncakes! 
Aug 30

We Love Hearty Roasters

These are Piggy & Lulu favorite meals!
and they are on sales now~! yippie
Lulu :  Ok.. Let's see what I can get from here
Piggy just busy sniffing around
Mommy.. i think we gonna have it now

May 21

Car ride with Mommy

Yippie~ love it when the wind make my ear Fly~
Hey Mommy, what's over there ?
Can we stop by get some drink ?
Apr 03

my new bed

Piggy never has his own bed because he sleeps with Mommy.
Few weeks ago, Mommy got him one
so he can sleep in the comfy bed while waiting for Mommy when she's online.
But he always refuses to get in!

Few days ago,
Mommy stayed up very late while Piggy is still waiting for her
(first, he's lying on the carpet as usual)

suddenly, Piggy starts sniffing on his bed
and jumps into the bed and sleep!
Mommy is so happy~~ 
Mar 24

Love the sun!

Finally the sun is here!!!

I enjoy the sunlight!
Feb 07


Mommy believed that someone complained about me on a night last weekend
when mommy off leashed for me to go outside pee 'n poo
(while lazy mommy was inside the house stay warm.. shame on her)
After a while, Mommy heard me barking at someone so she

quickly ran outside but still she couldn't see who I was barking at.

Mommy feels so sorry for our neighbor
and hopefully I can change my attitude too at the same time

p/s: i have a very big issue for my attitude. 

i always lose control when i meet somebody that i have never seen before
And i will bark and jump on that person/dog ...
Any ideas for how to change my bad habit ?

Jan 23


Hurray! I got a new tags for my New Year!
Am I look good on Purple ??

Mommy bought a paw print tag from pettags4less.com
there's have lots of different kinds of fonts, sizes, and colors
which you can play with the designs~
But Lulu and my tags only can be use Arial font only
Mommy believe is because of limitation for tag's space!

Champ got a huge tags! which is 2 x 2.5 
Nov 29

Is Cold Cold here

Happy Thanksgiving~
and I got few chucks of turkey (homemade by uncle KC)
and I love it so much!
why you here lulu ?I don't want to share heater with you!!

Arh, finally she gone

Hey mum, I need more heat please!

All right! Feel nice and warm in front of heather during the winter time!