Jan 01

Welcome to the family Tugboat!

Meet Tugboat! He is my 4th(?) cousin. He is my mama's cousin's daughter's newly rescued puggle. I think he's a handsome fella and I hear he's awfully sweet. He was abandoned twice, so he has not been as lucky as me. I think his luck just turned around because he has now found a family who loves him. Welcome to the family Tugboat!
Dec 30

Pug history 101

We watched a show about pugs last night and learned that they were bred in China to have their forehead wrinkles form the Chinese character for "Prince". As you can clearly see in this picture of the two of us having a cuddle fest today, my wrinkles are the Chinese characters for "Sweet Pea".
Dec 02

I’m FOUR years old

Mom keeps saying, where did all the time go? She thinks it's too soon for me to be four years old already, and wants me to stay this age forever and ever. Wow, did I get a haul this year! New sweaters, treats (Mom made sure they didn't have any bad stuff in them), a new fuzzy blanket and a treat toy! I like birthdays, even though I had to wear a Big Bird birthday hat. I was giving Dad my best "do I really have to do this?" look when Mom snapped the picture. I put up with the fuss because I knew there was something delicious in the bowl on my silver birthday platter. Mom even warmed it up for me!
Apr 03

Mom is trying to toughen up my image

What do you think? Oh- ignore the fuzzy monkey blanket. Ummmm…. Not mine. Nope.
Mar 20

Who the heck is “Mo’ Nature”?

I thought it was Spring!? This morning we had a windstorm and now it’s snowing. I thought we’d be going for walkees after Mom gets off work now that it’s daylight savings time. Mom is blaming the “no walkee” on someone called “Mo’ Nature.” Who is this person? I need to have a bark with her.
Mar 13

I’m closing comments!

Mom is getting really tired of weeding out the spam comments. Stupid spammers, they ruin it for everyone! You can reach me on my FB page if you want to send me a message: https://www.facebook.com/PuggleEinstein
Mar 06


We play a game in our house called, "trade". Mom taught it to me when I was a wee little pup because as anyone with a puppy knows, we get into all kinds of things we're not supposed to. If I had something in my mouth that I shouldn't, Mom says "trade" and I drop it. Of course, "trade" means that there's something in it for me. It could be anything, but usually I hope it's cheese! That's a big ticket item here in my household. Rumor is that Mom likes cheese a lot too. Hmmmmm, I wonder what kind of tricks I could get her to do for cheese? Anywoof, now I'm playing Mom like a fiddle. I purposefully go outside and look for things to bring in the house just so Mom will trade with me. Mom likes to pretend that she doesn't care, but I know that she doesn't like messy floors, so I get the messiest thing I can find, like a stick full of pine needles. Do you know how many pine needles are on a two inch stick? No? I'd bet you money that Mom does! If Mom tries to ignore me, I drop it and pick it back up as many times as it takes until she gives in. Sometimes, she's REALLY stubborn, so I have to jump in her lap and drop it right in front of her face. Eventually I win the trade game. So, why is this post titled, "fetch"? Well, I'm a terrible fetcher. I love to chase after the ball or frisbee, but if I choose to bring it back, I make Mom and Dad chase me around the house or yard for it. They actually do it! Can you believe it? Mom is trying to teach me to be a better fetcher, like my nephew Chino. That kid really shows me up in the fetching department. Fetch at our house now consists of two games: 1) fetch and 2) trade. I think this is genius! I get to have fun running after the ball and THEN I get to trade it for a treat. Who's the smart one NOW, huh?
Dec 01

It’s my dadgum birthday! I’m THREE!

I realize I look cranky in this photo, but it’s only because Mom is making me wait before I get to dig into my birthday dinner. don’t mind wearing a stupid cookie monster birthday hat at all. Gheesh, the things I have to do….. I got lots of stuff for my birthday, and I got to help pick it out. Well, not the sweater- I can do without a holiday sweater. Really, who wears those things? Lessee…. I got a squeaky rattlesnake, carob chip cookies, my favorite cookies, and my other favorite cookies. I also got a new chewie bone. My other one is worn.out. My birthday meal was deeelish! Turkey with rice, potatoes, green beans and gravy served in a crystal bowl. Nothing but the best for me. I wonder where the champagne is though… I am 21 in dog years, you know. So anyway, where’s that champagne?
Nov 29

Baby it’s cold outside….

Mom saw a good deal on snuggies with monkeys on them, and we all know how much Mom likes monkeys. Mom’s not sold on Snuggies, but hey- if they have monkeys on them, she’s all over the idea. The snuggies came today and I just knew that one was mine. Who cares if I can fit my whole body into one of the sleeves. I saw that thing and immediately dragged it over to my lair bed. I have to say that it’s quite cozy. I like to burrow under the blankets in the winter because this puggle gets cold. Even with my sweatshirt on.  Mom took me out to play fetch for a while today WITHOUT MY SWEATSHIRT. It was too cold and I wanted nothing to do with it, so went over to the door and sat there with my “poor me” face until Mom brought me back in the warm house.  I’ve decided that bears have the right idea. I think I just might hibernate. On the couch. Under my monkey blanket.
Aug 30

I have pride, you know…

I refused to look at Mom today when she asked me, “who pooped on the floor?” She didn’t seem very happy about it because she kept talking about it when she cleaned it up. As if that’s going to make me confess. I’m so sure. I wanted her to think it was Cameron, but she wasn’t buying it. She told me that he’s been potty trained for over 28 years. Big deal. I’ve been potty trained for 14 years (in dog years, of course.) I’ll catch up to him and pass his potty-training streak soon. THEN we’ll see who’s the potty master! Cut me a break, Mom! I haven’t done this since I was a baby, so OBVIOUSLY it’s because I didn’t want to go outside in my sweater. I look like a bumblebee. It’s embarrassing! (yes, I’m wearing a sweater… it’s cold today in Seattle!)