Jan 25

Well Hello!

It's been awhile! We are so thankful for everyones' prayers and love! Mommy and I did take a break for awhile and are not very sure when we will be back, we just want you all to know we misses you and we think of you everyday!
Until later, enjoy this pic of my and my mom way too early in the morn!
Jan 28

Espoleta & Eduardo Update

So we have been very busy in the Johnson household. Espoleta found a great home and is very happy according to her new Mommy. Sorry no kittens yet!

I'm doing better, my jaw is working like a pro. I have gained weight & become sluggish but that was to be expected. We have a vet appointment this February, that's when we will find out the next step. Hopefully I am cured!

As you can see the new tab is up on my tab bar explaining our experience with Eosinophilic Myositis with pictures, this tab will be updated as I continue my life! If you feel anyone needs this information, please feel free to share the link!

Alright everyone, it's nap time for me!
Nov 12

Update on ME!

Hello my friends! Thank you all for your kind thoughts & prayers! I am doing better as far as pain goes.(Mommy doesn't think so because I've been making a sad face A LOT.)

I'm doing a lot of sleeping(more than I usally do), Mommy thinks this is because of the medication. And every now & then I get little burst of energy, where I run around like a mad dog & act crazy! Then minutes later I'm knocked out!

Mommy was "relieved" from work so she is spending some quality time with me. My next vet appointment is in about a month and a half. That's how long I'll be on the steroids. So, some good news: we've changed my diet! My pal Preston sent me some of his food to try & I'm telling you it was a perfect fit! Mommy was so happy to find out about it, and we ordered me some! If you don't already eat it, you should try it! Also here is an update on my cheeks & temples, as you can see they've went it a little more & they get a lot of negative attention from humans at the dog park.

Alrighty everyone me & Mommy are going to snuggle bug & watch a movie!

Thank you so much again, we love y'all!
Nov 01

The Disease and My Snuggle Puggle

Eduardo's Mommy Here:

I've been crying a lot lately, every time I see my sweet snuggle puggle(which is every time I look down) I break down and sob. When I hold him like a baby and stroke his face I cry and don't even realize it. He tries so hard to kiss the tears away but it only makes me cry harder. You see, we thought Eduardo had TMJ and that we would be treating him with an anti inflammatory for the rest of his life for the pain. Well long story short my husband & I decided to take Eduardo to a highly recommended vet for a second opinion because Eduardo was still in unbearable pain most days.

Yesterday, Eduardo was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Myositis. Eduardo's immune system is attacking his Masticatory Muscles causing them to be inflamed. See the Masticatory Muscles are made up of 2M muscles fibers, no other muscles have these unique molecular structure. When a dog gets Eosinophilic Myositis the immune system targets their "chewing muscles" for some unknown reason. This makes the muscles weak and in my personal opinion completely useless.
Eduardo can only open his mouth about the size of puppy kibble, when he yawns (something I gave him his first treatment of steroids yesterday and because yesterday his muscles were inflamed(which causing swelling) I wasn't prepared to see just how bad his Eosinophilic Myositis really was.
I want to show you some pictures, kinda like before & after:
His temples were always more sunk in than most dogs, but we thought that was normal.
Today I took some pictures:
See in the before picture his face was inflamed & swollen, so when we started the steroid treatment the swelling went down. Making his face look a little "hollow".
The vet says eventually he will not be able to open his mouth. Then we will place him on a liquid diet. I'm not crying because of that, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I'm crying because my love is hurting. No matter how much he tries to keep it from me I see it in his little puggle eyes. Every time he eats I hear him gasping for air because he mostly swallows his food, instead of chewing, because of the pain. I cry because I couldn't prevent this!
But I swear on everything I will make it better. I know I haven't been blogging much but the blog is going to take a backseat for a little bit. Please everyone just bear with us. Snuggle with your loves(persons and fursons!) as often as you can! And if you have a moment, could you send some goodvibes? Some sites I read said with treatment dogs can regain full movement back in their jaws. That's what we're praying for. Eduardo is already down to 20% working, the rest is damaged and we want so bad for this treatment to make this muscles healthy again!
We love y'all!
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle's Mommy
Oct 18

Jaw Issues….

I have to take medicine for my jaw every day. I have whats basically TMJ(Temporomandibular joint disorder) in humans. Mommy & Daddy noticed I was in a lot of pain when I yawned or opened my mouth too wide to get a toy or treat. They took me to the vet & found out I was in pain because my jaw was popping out of place & this would cause it to be inflamed. So the vet said for Mommy to try some anti-inflammatory & see how they work, & if they don't help then I may have something more serious. However, they are working, Mommy & Daddy(& ME!) are very happy with how much they're helping me! So here is a video Mommy made of me taking my medication!

Seems like I still have some left to take! I have to be prepared for flu season too you know! BOL!
Sep 29


Because my Mommy is a competitor, we have decided to set up a competition to get more donations for the Light the Night walk. Here what you get if you donate:

If you donate any thing at all,(any amount helps!) you will receive an e-mail from me thank you & asking for a topic for a blog post. The topic for the blog post can be about ANYTHING you want. Just know that this is a family friendly blog, so if you give me a inappropriate topic I will make it family friendly if I can, if I can't you will be asked to make a new one.

Please, please donate if you can & know that your donation if not only going to help find a cure for cancer but also that you can have some fun with my competition!
So come on what do you say? At least spread the word! Let's fight cancer & leukemia together!
Go here to donate! Thank you so much!
Sep 28

Almost Here…

Light the Night Walk is almost here & Mommy, Daddy & I are getting more excited by the day! Mommy is taking me on long power walks in the afternoons to get me prepared & I think I'm ready! There is still time for anyone who would like to, to sponsor us. Please go here & sponsor us if you can!
Thank you all for your help!
Sep 22

Light The Night

Me, Mommy, & Daddy are participating in a walk that is very important to Mommy. The walk is called Light The Night, we walk to raise money to help search for a cure & to pay tribute to the love ones we've lost to cancer. My Mommy lost her Aunt to cancer & her brother had leukemia, so this walk is something very special to all of us. If you can, please go here to sponsor us.

The walk is on Oct. 3 & Mommy is going to take lots of pictures for you all to see! Have a great week everyone!
Sep 15


Mommy got to meet my new cousin, she said she loves him. I'm want to meet him to & find out why he's stealing my Mommy's love. I didn't do anything to him!
Okay he is kinda cute but he's no snuggle puggle!
His name is Nibbler, Mommy says it fits him because when he gives you kisses, bit bites like a cat. His brother taught him that(His brother is a cat, Mommy can't remember his name though).
Nibbler is half chihuahua, half dachshund.
Enough about Nibbler, back to ME!
Aug 15

Balm Me Up Baby!

After days of using K9 KlearUp , I would like to tell you about my experience.