Jun 14

DIY gate

Summer is a great time for outdoor home improvement project.
Uncle KC been wanted to make a little gate for the deck 
to prevent Piggy, Lulu and Champ run to the backyard.

Uncle KC first time for DIY!
Piggy : New toy for us ?

Everyone is curious what's going on
Piggy : Great weather to enjoy at deck while Uncle KC doing his project

Yay! It's complete! But Piggy doesn't seem excited....
Have a nice day ^^

Jul 03

Summer Sunset

Last week the heat wave hit to 106! Everybody was stay cool at home!
Finally over the weekend we have shower to cool down a little bit.
Piggy & Mommy go for walk at fishing lake!

Beautiful sunset! 

Piggy is barking at people over the lake! 

Jun 11

Summer Project

Mommy been planning to do the paw print project for Piggy, Lulu & Champ.
She is just too lazy to start until last week.

First she start with Champ, the golden retriever. He is a good boy, he seem relax 
while color his paw and print it. 

Meanwhile, Piggy & Lulu just HATED and trying to escape while doing for his.

The paw print result wasn't Mommy expected! haha >.< 

Paw print project is fun, 
all you need is Acrylic paint ( any color but Mommy choose Brown)
Photo Frame 
Photo of your pet
of course, their paws! 

May 25

Beautiful roses

Lovely roses from Mommy's friend.
Freshly cut from the garden with lightly roses scent.

Here come the butterfly attracted by the scent..
oh no...
it's Lulu!

She been sniffing all around the roses :D

Piggy seem not interested at all,
Maybe that is true,
only female love the flowers! 

May 15


Can you tell who's paw belong to.
Lulu the pug, Piggy the puggle, or Champ the Golden Retriever ?

Figure 1 

Figure 2

Figure 3

Deng .. Deng.. Deng...
And the answer is....
Figure 1 : Lulu
Figure 2 : Champ
Figure 3 : Piggy
Apr 01


Look at Lulu's tongue, and you can feel the heat!
Champ is enjoying sunny day and ready go for RUN! Yee-ha
Meanwhile, Piggy is... *.*
Oct 03

Woofstock 2011

Glad that we have a nice weather!
and 17000 people are estimated attending!
Isn't that cool!
Everyone is ready ~

Piggy & Champ : OMG!! First time we meet a big guy!!
Piggy is busy making friends around :D
Yeah! Is Puggle! Are we just so handsome?
Due to Piggy GAINING his weight,
he only did 4.72 seconds
highest records is 3.35 seconds Jack Russel)
Uncle KC swear next year he will
start train Piggy before the race and
get one of this trophy!

Aug 20

Pooch Pool Party 2011

Times FLY fast!!
Another year for the Pooch Pool Party at Rock River Rapid.
This time, Piggy swim like a fish!

Meanwhile, Lulu ... 
She even try to hold some other people's leg..
Champ just love to be in pool!

Doggies are so excited to play around~

Funny shots while both Piggy & Lulu sliding!
Mommy enter both Piggy and Lulu for
the best dress competition,
they dress up as Hawaiian~

Proudly, Lulu get the second place!

Jul 08

What a hot day!

Yuppie! A sundae cone make our day during a hot summer!

We love ice cream!

Yes, you can tell from our faces!

Piggy & Lulu : Oh no Champ, don't take
a HUGE bite please!

Hmm... I guess ice cream don't
help much for both of them ... 

Both of them just desperately sitting on the cart

After a long walk,
Mommy showered for us because we smell so sweaty! 
Piggy is enjoying while Mommy massaging him
(but the camera caught him look mad! isn't that weird?!?!)
Jun 12

No Tornado please!

There's a sudden tornado warning on Thursday.
Mommy never seen such a weird DAY,
such as very very dark and heavy clouds, 
thunders and strong winds!
To be safer,
Mommy, Uncle KC and Aunties all decided move to tornado shelter.

This is our first time at tornado shelter.

Uncle KC trying to calm Champ because
he keep barking at another doggies.

Lulu does not seem comfortable at all.

Poor doggies..

Sorry for the blurry photos, because
Mommy don't want to use flash for the camera.

Tornado warning finally stop after an hour half.
Luckily nothing was happen~
Thanks God!