Jul 02


This is Piggy new scar after a month!
He is well and happy~
Jun 10


Oh No!

Something is bothering Piggy.
This little bump suddenly growing big in just 2 months.
It started with a tiny dot, skin colored. 
Piggy started licking on it almost everyday.
(This is part of the reason why it getting bigger 
and turn into dark pink color too!)
After consulted Vet,
we decided to let Piggy have the removal of this 
nasty bump away. 

This is the second days after the surgery.
His wound is around two inched long.
Piggy barely to walk at beginning,
so we have to carry him when go up and down from stair.

Naughty Piggy trying to give Mommy
hard time while changing the bandage.

Feb 19

We hate allergy

My poor big brother, Champ, just got allergy
(maybe it's caused by the weather)
His eyes area is swollen and got redness on eyes balls

At first, he kept blinking and scratching.
After a while, he just closed his eyes all the time
so Mommy & Daddy made some research and found that
this happen to other dogs as well
Many recommended that Benadryl will helps
Champ took 3 capsules (total 150mg for over 50 pounds )
He took a really long nap and had a good sleep on the following night
So far his eyes are starting to get better,
the redness has been gone!

And for me,
I have anal problem.
I love to sit on the floor and spin around
(it's like i'm scratching my anal)
Sorry for so gross picture
but this is bothering Mommy...
(i did at least 3 times anal sec in a year)
i often have this FUNNY smell or liquid from anal
 Vet recommends Banadryl and hopefully
this can help me to get better

Jan 24

Turtle power

A couple weeks ago (while we were on vacation) Turtle tore his dew claw and had to make a trip to the emergency clinic.

They were very good to him and gave him a special bandage that matched his leash.

Duncan was very concerned about his brother (when he wasn't busy treating the bandage like a new toy).

Sep 11


Duncan had his boy surgery last week and got to wear a cone for four days straight. Duncan came out if it looking much better than the cone.

P.S. Duncan and Turtle were the featured pets this week on their dog walker's website (!): http://pet-n-play.com/featured-pet/
Aug 17

Poor Lulu

Mommy made a BIG BIG mistake!!
Today, Mommy sit down on the kitchen's floor preparing lunch for us.
She's trying to cut the chicken into small pieces using the scissor,
SUDDENLY Lulu licked the scissor while Mommy's cutting!!
(Mommy did not realize Lulu's by her side, she is day dreaming!!)
and very quickly Lulu's mouth is full of bloods!! 
Mommy quickly send her to the nearest vet.
While on the way to the Vet,
Lulu keeps bleeding non stop and blood already cover her face.
When we reach the clinic,
very quickly vet and nurse do the emergency first aid for her.
Luckily her wound was not too bad,
just have to seal her cut wound.
 Lulu discharged after 3 hours and she is very sleepy after the surgery.
Luckily she still have appetite for her dinner but her wound's still bleeding a little bit.
Now mommy learned a new lesson,
NEVER use danger objects around us!

Aug 16


Finally I got my supermodel body curve back!
(Hmm .. actually still not that curve but at least everyone can tell that I'm getting slim)
My waist measurement drop from 30 inches to 26 inches
Since Mommy got her holiday for few weeks,
sometimes I go for jog twice a day!
Mommy found out that I'm getting tired of the weight control foods,
so everyday she will mix some foods,
(for example, steam chicken, hard boiled eggs, steamed veg..)
which is also good for build up the protein inside my body
And I also started playing toys (which belong to lulu)
Mommy believed that exercise help me look more energize and youth!

This Saturday (8/21)
Rock Rapid Pool will have POOCH Pool Party
at 2pm to 430pm

Jun 24

Diet II

During the second day at Uncle KC's home, I did something bad...
I made a mess at Uncle KC's kitchen
 I'm too eager for HUMAN food (which is what I'm having almost everyday)
and try to find some TREASURE at the trash can
Mommy was so disappointed at me
and while she's cleaning the kitchen....
  Uncle KC lock me in and :" &^^*#$%#$&" to me... 

Uncle KC :
At beginning, Piggy was not cooperate during jogging, he tried to push n jump on me.
Since yesterday, he knows that he have to do it (jog) and he's doing it pretty good.
Now he's quite comfortable at my home.. not whispering that much when Mommy's gone.  

 Lulu is having fun with Mommy,
she is so adorable!
She loves people to hold and hug her
May I type something?
Lulu is a great companion!

Jun 04

Need A sexy figure

This is me, 3 years ago..

Few month later...

and again few months later

years later..
3 months ago..

and 3 days ago..

Can you guess how much BIG different am I ?
I've put SOME (or more?) weight in these years
From 33 (3 years ago) pounds till 45 pounds (which is scaled 6 months ago)
Every summer Mommy will let me have a Fitness Programme 
For example, Jogging, Swimming, cut down my meals..
but it doesn't really work on me
(Mommy suspect Grandma feeding me when she not around)

She swear this summer she's gonna make my jelly tummy gone

May 24

attack by tick!

Mommy found a tick that's biting on the back of my neck
Quickly, she used the tweezer to pull IT out 
IT is so small and tough, Mommy took 1-2 minutes to pull it out  
(Mommy spend around 5 minutes to pull the tick out on Lulu because IT start sucking the blood on her ear)
She clean and put some antibiotic cream on my wound (OUCH)
A week later, the wound doesn't get any better 
and the hair around the wound are cut so it can be clean better

Mommy would suggest always get a First Aid box
 (sold at walmart, Petsmart, Petco)
From now on, we have to shampoo our feet every time we come home from outside.
and everybody, watch out for the TICKS 'N FLEA