Oct 26


I received a gift in the mail for helping Lady Godiva make up a game to play on her blog! Thanks y'all so much! I love the squeaky ball!

Oct 20

My Birthday Toys!

Here I am enjoying two of my birthday toys!

A new Aflac Ducky:

& Moo Moo:
Oct 18

Jaw Issues….

I have to take medicine for my jaw every day. I have whats basically TMJ(Temporomandibular joint disorder) in humans. Mommy & Daddy noticed I was in a lot of pain when I yawned or opened my mouth too wide to get a toy or treat. They took me to the vet & found out I was in pain because my jaw was popping out of place & this would cause it to be inflamed. So the vet said for Mommy to try some anti-inflammatory & see how they work, & if they don't help then I may have something more serious. However, they are working, Mommy & Daddy(& ME!) are very happy with how much they're helping me! So here is a video Mommy made of me taking my medication!

Seems like I still have some left to take! I have to be prepared for flu season too you know! BOL!
Oct 11


I don't think there is a better barkday in history! Mine was just amazing!

Also Daddy got me a brand new collar! He said I'm a big boy now & I needed a more manly collar! I love how the chocolate brown compliments my fawn & white! Do I look manly?

Oct 06

Walking Like A Big Boy!

I was such a good boy at the Light the Night walk. I behaved really well & Mommy & Daddy was so proud of me! We made this video for your enjoyment!
Aug 28

Bang, Your Dead!

Awful blog title I know, it's the name of a trick I know but is now improved.

Still learning...

Aug 27

What Was It?

It Was....

My Treat Ball! This is most definitely my favorite toy! I play with it all the time, even when it's empty! If you don't have one of these toys you must get one!
Aug 20

Where Did They Go?

I woke up & they were gone.

Mommy says I will feel better soon. She also says they decided to "leave the empty sack". So I would still feel like there is something there. She was very happy about that.
Mommy's friend got me a new toy to make me feel better. I love it!
You've got to get one of these toys!
Aug 15

Balm Me Up Baby!

After days of using K9 KlearUp , I would like to tell you about my experience.
Aug 13

Laying In The Sun

Laying in the sun is something I love to do. Mommy made this video collage of my sunny pics for your enjoyment. Grab some rays everybody!

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