Oct 11


I don't think there is a better barkday in history! Mine was just amazing!

Also Daddy got me a brand new collar! He said I'm a big boy now & I needed a more manly collar! I love how the chocolate brown compliments my fawn & white! Do I look manly?

Oct 07

Totally Jelly

Something is going on, I have no idea what but I'm totally jelly over it! Mommy's has been baking a whole lot & singing about how I'm a "Big Boy". I didn't think I was fat at all! Also, look what I found on the printer:
What could it mean? Why is everyone acting so strange? Mommy brought home this huge bag of toys Saturday & said they were for "The Big Boy". She said that he would get one on Thursday, because that was a very special day. I'm totally jelly of THIS "Big Boy" & why can't I get a toy? Maybe I need to drop my collar & run around naked for a little while to get some attention!
Oct 06

Walking Like A Big Boy!

I was such a good boy at the Light the Night walk. I behaved really well & Mommy & Daddy was so proud of me! We made this video for your enjoyment!
Sep 22


My Mommy got me a toy box,

Every now & then she likes to surprise me by putting a new stuffie in it.

Recently she put a Monkey in there, I was so surprised!
I have to jump in my toy box to get my toys, sometimes I roll around in there.
On the hunt for something new...
Found you MONKEY!
Now lets get to know each other...
Pt.2 tomorrow
Sep 18

The Art Of Catching A Rabbit

I'm fast like a bunny!

You know I have to be to catch a rabbit!

I caught that rabbit & now I'm gonna...

Give my Mommy this cute face & then...

Wait for her to throw it again...

Sep 16

Something Special

There's something special about Mommy's robe,

It makes me feel safe when she's gone,

I snuggle up in it to take my naps during the day,

I put it in my bed at night, I think it helps me sleep,
Do you have something special to you?

Sep 14

Good morning Sweet Puggle

"Good morning sweet puggle!" That's what my Mommy tells me every morning. She always ask for good morning kisses, but sometimes I look at her like this & she pouts & walks off.

I sit with Mommy in the morning while she drinks her coffee, she looks like a monster when she first wakes up.

But then like magic the coffee wakes up her whole body & shes ready for work! Humans & their odd ways!
Aug 12

In My Jungle

Sometimes when I go for walkies, I like to pretend that I'm in the Jungle.
I'm the king of this jungle & there are many things to explore!

I have many adventure in my jungle. Today I'm looking for my servant, he is a very nice lizard & I know Green Boy is around here somewhere.

I picked up Green Boy's scent & I was on the move. I called "Green Boy, where are you? I need your help reaching the treats in my kingdom!" But he never came out...

I went to his favorite hang out(he loves to lay in the sun.) & called for him again, "Green Boy, Stop this nonsense & come out this instance!". But he never came out...

I was feeling pretty down, I couldn't find my Green Boy & I was started to think something bad happened to him! I mean, who is going to climb the counter tops at home for me & get me my treats? I am a king of a jungle & a king needs a servant!

Mommy said that our walkie was done & it was time to go inside. I decided to make a pit stop & relieve myself. When a squeaky little voice said: "King Eduardo! Don't pee on me!" I was very surprised & a little upset as I had passed this spot at least three times calling Green Boy's name & he hadn't come out...

"Green Boy!" I said, "Get your lizard butt up those stairs right now! Mommy only gives me one treat after walkies & I would like another one!" Green Boy apologized for his tardiness & hurried up the stairs ahead of me & Mommy. Being the King of my jungle is great!
Don't forget to vote for the winner & runner up of my contest!
Aug 11

New Toy?

I had a bunny, and I enjoyed playing with.

But I ripped his throat out & Mommy said she was going to throw that bunny away!
The other day I was surprised to see a headless bunny wannabee outside of my bedroom.
Mommy said that this creature was bunny, she had just sewn it's head inside of it's body. With the ears out of course so I would have something to grab & toss it by.
That was great news for me! I love new toys!
Hey Bunny I missed you!
Don't forget to vote for the Winner & Runner up of my contest. Also thanks everyone for the info about the grapes. We had NO idea! Mommy will be MUCH more careful next time.
Jul 01

The Nose Knows

My nose knows where the good stuff is.
I'd follow my nose anywhere
To the jungle
The desert
Around all the apartments,
Who put this trash here?
What does your nose know?