Oct 31

Happy Halloween

Mommy found a costume with black and white stripes "Write the crime, homeworker eater"  Which is really suitable for Piggy because he just love the food!

Sep 27


Champ just done the surgery for removed the huge bump on his shoulder. The lab will call us next week to make sure that is not thr cancer tumor.
After the surgery, he barely walk, because the stiches on his shoulder is about 8inch long.
Piggy and Lulu try to check Champ out by sniffing him all over this body. During the sleep time, Piggy just sleep next to Champ, seem like he try to accompany Champ.
What a sweet boy ^O^

Sep 14

happy Saturday

finally mommy have the relax weekend and so do Piggy and Lulu

Aug 28

How To Detect Common Illnesses In Dogs

Caring for a dog doesn’t just involve buying a comfy and fashionable dog bed, throwing some toys together and selling up on their preferred meals. Caring for a dog also entails looking after his health, that stretches beyond getting him vaccinated in time, and taking him or her to the veterinarian whenever he falls ill. […]
Aug 14

Dogs: Their Health Problems And Cure

A dog, like us is affected with numerous diseases. Like people they too suffer from cold, coughing, bruises and even diseases like arthritis and cancer. To understand the cure for each one of these problems, first allow us get some information on the diseases which they suffer from. Here’s a small synopsis of the diseases. […]
Aug 02

Effective Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming refers to the total clean care and hygiene of dogs. Frequently it’s completed with the make use of of dog self care supplies. This particular can furthermore point to the process of improving a pet’s looks for competitors or perhaps show purposes. Dog self care actually involves the general cleanliness and beauty of […]
Jul 30

Preston 7 : Nolan 2

Preston turned seven years old on 7/9. Nolan’s birthday is a day later and he turned two.

The whole family celebrated the double birthday with a family trip to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
Whistler is a well-known ski resort, host of the 2010 Winter Olympic Game. Summer in Whistler is also absolutely gorgeous!

Preston and Nolan opened their birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy at Lost Lake.

Preston had fun swimming in the lake and went canoeing with Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy and Daddy pulled a prank on Preston. They dropped him off on a floating deck in the middle of the lake. At first, Preston was so focus on enjoying his fish skin treat that he didn’t even notice he was left behind…

Nolan was too young to go canoeing but that didn’t mean he had to miss out on all the fun.

Whistler is such a fun place to visit. Mommy and Daddy want to make this an annual trip!
Back at home, the birthday celebration continued.
Mommy baked some biscuits with the awesome doggie biscuit maker Preston received from Oliver and Jack last Christmas.

Preston and Nolan got some really awesome presents from their puggle pals.
Thank you all for thinking of Preston and Nolan on their birthdays.
Oliver and Jack sent a BIG present that both Preston and Nolan love, a play tent!

Nolan is very much into fire trucks right now. He received perfect presents from Bruschi and Ebby. Preston can always sniff out the goodies from Woof Gang Bakery when the packages from Bruschi and Ebby arrive.

Preston got his first Barkbox in the mail. It was from Poochy puggle! Mommy was always curious about what comes in the Barbox. You won’t know until you receive one! There are samples of treats, neat gadgets and new toys to try out. It is such an awesome idea. The surprise is always part of the fun!

Thank you so much, everyone!

ps. in case you were wondering about the bandage on Nolan’s arm…the little monkey fell off the sofa and broke his arm :(

Jul 25

Dog Care Tips – Simple Ways to Care For Your Pet Dog

Making certain your dog is healthy and secure is one method to build good relationships with your dogs. Knowing a few dog care tips to help you care for all of them and give them their demands could also be your method of reciprocating the friendship and joy they possess introduced in to your life. […]
Jul 16

Summer Fun

Summer in Oregon is so much fun!
Peony Gardens (Adelman, Salem OR)) and Irish gardens (Schreiner’s, Salem OR).

Hiking in Silver Falls State Park.

Beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Cherry picking in Hood River.

Blueberry picking in Corvallis!

Jul 15

Dog Health Problems You Should Know About

Presently there are many typical dog health problems, but some are type specific. For example, large type dogs are more likely to have combined problems in their own growing period otherwise on the proper nutrition. Nevertheless, presently there are a few common health issues that suit almost every breed. Allergic reactions in Dogs It is […]