Jun 27

Dog Training Tips That Work Best For Smart Dogs

Simply because some dogs are hard to train doesn’t mean that there’s a problem with them. Contrary to exactly what most people believe, these dogs are not in in whatever way silly. In fact, these types of dogs might even have very a high level of intelligence – high enough to allow them to obtain […]
Jun 21

Fight like a Frenchie

We heard that Mr Benny has been having some health issues and we wanted to let him know that we have his back and we are gonna fight like a Frenchie, specifacally a Benny Frenchie, Bol. We are getting ourselves in shape for the fight of our lives!! Tess has been chasing down every frisbee she can getting her Leggies in shape and I well I have been coaching her as well as doing my tongue exceed iced you never know when we will have to eat something and I am very prepared I eat anything for my buddy Benny!!! We're here for Benny!!! 
Jun 17

Cat Problems – How to Prevent Hairballs

In the event that you have owned a cat, particularly one of the long employed varieties you is going to be acquainted with the problems of hairballs. Just about all cats suffer from all of them to a lesser or higher degree however are a particular problem to the proprietors of long haired cats. The […]
Jun 11

Summer Project

Mommy been planning to do the paw print project for Piggy, Lulu & Champ.
She is just too lazy to start until last week.

First she start with Champ, the golden retriever. He is a good boy, he seem relax 
while color his paw and print it. 

Meanwhile, Piggy & Lulu just HATED and trying to escape while doing for his.

The paw print result wasn't Mommy expected! haha >.< 

Paw print project is fun, 
all you need is Acrylic paint ( any color but Mommy choose Brown)
Photo Frame 
Photo of your pet
of course, their paws! 

Jun 01

Small Dog Breeds For Small Homes

Simply because you reside in a small home or apartment does not mean you can’t have a dog. Presently there are numerous small and toy breeds which make excellent pets for small homes. However actually small dogs like variety and exercise, so it’s important that you are ready to invest time along with your dog, […]