Apr 29

We Love Tanning

Finally Wichita get a sunny day!!
Lulu, Piggy and Champ were tanning outside the balcony! 

Both Piggy and Lulu are enjoying it for some reason their expression look suffer
o.  0 !! 

Apr 16

Why Do Some Cats Bite When You Pet Them?

Many of us that are parents to cats observe that whenever we pet them, they occasionally change a bite our hands. Why perform cats do that? Dog parents smugly state that their dogs wag their own tails, pant and riff their own hands. They declare that dogs don’t bite the hands that pets all of [...]
Apr 07

Piggy – Mascot for Petlense Photography

 We been lived in Wichita more than 8 years,
and this is the first time we are here.
Keeper of the Plains - a 44 ft sculpture which also an attraction spot in Wichita.

Piggy will be the mascot for Petlense Photography

Piggy seem confuse where Uncle KC gonna bring him
 to because he is afraid of bridge.  

and Pose!
Pose Pose Pose