Mar 30

A Comic for Dog Owner

Really love this comic,
Just like me and Piggy! 

Hope you will like it too

Mar 28

One of those days….

Moms off and up to the usuals....

Us on the other paw....

Mar 16

Broke out the swimmy pool!!

Today is my kind of day, warm sunshinen and all kinds of good stuffs I could sun bath in it allllll day!! Unfortunately my sisfur is black and don't so much like the warm weather.... So my moms was soo nice and got out her swimmy pool so she could stay outside wif me today and enjoy the weather .... Moms have her fair warming they would probablies haves to puts it back up for a littles whiles cause the weathers probablies won't last which was upsetting to me and her both! Might as well enjoy it whiles its here thoughs!!

Wags and licks
Keiko and Tess

Mar 13

Playing wif papaw

So last week moms missed her moms my granmoms so offs we went to memphis... It was nice to have a vacation from a certain sister of mine and see my papaw and granmoms and auntie... Papaws and are like this!(really really close if you can't see, Bol) he gives me white stuffs(milk) and scratches my ear and plays wif me... It's every doggies dream!(or atleast mine) don't worry sissy had a good time too her and daddy spend some much needed daddy doogie time together!

Wags and licks

Mar 03

Birthday Boy!

This is Piggy when he around 3 weeks old

After 7 years...
still look cute, but with grumpy look!

Yay! Happy Birthday to Piggy!! 
Grandma make him some steam chicken filet
and he just finish it in sec!

Mommy Love u Piggy