Dec 30

Pug history 101

We watched a show about pugs last night and learned that they were bred in China to have their forehead wrinkles form the Chinese character for "Prince". As you can clearly see in this picture of the two of us having a cuddle fest today, my wrinkles are the Chinese characters for "Sweet Pea".
Dec 28

Essential Care for Persian Cats

Persian cat proper care, unlike various other cats, demand much more grooming and may be considered a wearisome duty for a few pet entrepreneurs. Just how can you finest be prepared in order to reduce the stress for your pet? Well, to start with, it is very important coordinate everything to make it any more [...]
Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody~

This year, Lulu celebrate her 6th birthday
on Christmas Day! Yappie~

Grandma baked cheese and carrots
on top of chicken strips
(Lulu : *sniff sniff)

Dec 24

Merry Christmas 2012

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

Dec 23

Happy Pawlidays!

Happy Pawlidays to Everyone!  I apologize for not keeping up with my blog this year.  Hopefully, I'll be better in the New Year.

I was hoping to not have to endure the painful task of wearing a funny XMAS costume, since I got away from wearing a Halloween costume....but, no such Mama got a hold of me!
 The Reindeer Antlers are by far the worst!  I'm a Puggle....not a Reindeer!  Bark Humbug!
I'll tolerate the jingle bell collar.  It just makes me sound like a cat!

I hope Santa Paws is good to all the Pup pups out there!  I've been good all year so I hope my stocking is full of goodies!

CoCo Puff
Dec 20

Dog Food Guide

Dog food may be the animal or place material utilized with regard to usage through dogs or dogs. Dog doggie snacks will be the unique kind of foods that are delivered as a reward for the pet, and not as a regular diet. Many individuals buy the actual readymade dog food, yet number of would [...]
Dec 12

The Benefits of Making Cat Food at Home

Every single cat proprietor knows that it is their accountability to give his or her cat the right eating routine for them to grow healthy and fit. A well balanced cat diet regime includes each of the required nutrients for example carbohydrates, fat, and also protein. You are able to check the pet food section [...]
Dec 08

Enhancing Knowledge by Joining Pet Forum

Each people actually have different choice in how they obtain any fun in their life. Well, some of them actually may consider that buying a pet may become a good idea to provide more than fun but also enhance their quality in living. It means that by owning pet, you may become responsible in taking [...]
Dec 05


Guys this is ridiculous with a capital R!!

I'm H O T T !!!!!!

Where's the white stuff

The cold stuff

You know?

The snow!!!

Wags and licks

Dec 03

The Benefits of Adopting Shelter Animal

Our wife helps out and about with each of our community animal shelter, every moment I go lower right now there Now i’m basically pleasantly surprised about the wide selection of gorgeous pets that are wanting a good home. Many individuals pay massive bucks to some pet shop to get a dog, nevertheless the things [...]