Nov 27

Some Common Diseases In Cats

As with any other liable pet owner, you should know what health issues may well hit your canine friend cat. Cats may appear very quiet and also resilient, however they are any target of countless infections, bacteria as well as parasites that may affect the health of the much loved puppy. Pet owners ought to [...]
Nov 20

November updates

What happened to this year’s Halloween costumes?
Preston and Nolan were supposed to go out as lion brothers according to Mommy’s plan.
well… It didn’t work out. Nolan had a lot of “opinions” about his costume.

Preston is always a good sport.

The lion outfits didn’t work out but Nolan agreed to be a little black bear and Preston put on his Halloween bandana.

Mommy took both Preston and Nolan out to the Halloween event in town ALL BY HERSELF because it was an afternoon event and daddy had to work. It wasn’t easy to push the stroller and at the same time keep Preston in control on the street full of KIDS (in their Dark Vader outfits, Vampire face paint or hairy monster suits). Preston only managed to make a little “cowboy” cry. :)

A few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy took Nolan on a week-long vacation. Sadly, Preston wasn’t able to go. It always stressed Mommy and Daddy out to have to find Preston a new sitter when they moved to a new place even though they have had good luck in finding great people/boarding facility to take care of Preston in the past. Mommy started her search for a perfect sister way before the vacation. There are some nice dog hotels in Portland but Mommy and Daddy thought Preston would be much happier in a home-setting. Mommy went looking for help on a website she discovered during her What a great idea is! Check it out if you need a sitter for your fur babies or you are interested in being a sitter.
Mommy found Ladan and Andrew on They are truly the greatest dog sitters. Preston came home a very happy puggle. What a relief for Mommy and Daddy.

Guess where mommy, daddy and Nolan went for the vacation?

Final hint- the state bird of this State in the U.S. is called Nene.

Have a very safe and wonderful turkey day!

Nov 19

Some Important Accessories For Dogs

Whenever you buy a fresh dog, there are certain necessities that has to come. They are required so that you can take proper care of anyone dog plus some instances adhere to community laws concerning breeding dogs. It’s as much as the property owner to choose which in turn accessories he requirements. A few are [...]
Nov 14

Wordless Wednesday

This truly is a wordless Wednesday I have no words to describe this....

Keikos mom
Nov 13

Most Popular Types of Cat Breeds

When you choose to get a cat to get a pet, then there’ll surely be a quantity of stuff that you’ll need to take into account. One of these refers to cat breeds. For the reason that there are various cat breeds on the market, and selecting between the many options could be confusing entirely. [...]
Nov 06

Hypoallergenic Food for Sensitive Dog

Hypoallergenic dog food could be the best gift you are able to give the dog. In case your dog exhibits throwing up, diarrhea, skin troubles such as itching, scratch or sometimes self-mutilation, it could be the result of substandard food. There are lots of dogs which have intolerance to grains and several have a problem [...]