Sep 28

It’s my birfday!!!

Hey guys sorry I haven't been around MAN SOOOO MUCH HAS BEEN GOING ON!! Mommy got a new job so that's been keeping her busy plus WE GOT A NEW RIDE!! Yea that's right mommy got a new's bigger than the last it's got two rows of seats!! It's great it's taller I feel like I'm flying when I stick my head out the window! So I'm sorry once again if I had fumbs it would be alot easier but instead i rely on moms... Guess what today is??? MY BIRFDAY!!!!!!! Man was today a good one too! Mommy took me to this place I've never been before it's called three dog bakery and man the minute I stepped in it smelled sooooo good and there was a little doggy there to greet me and was extremely nice  a Winnie dog we got to play and sniff around together then a nice woman gave me a treat and OH MAN WAS IT GOOD peanut butter and butter milk and oh it was sooooo good!!!! Momma got me some as well as a birfday cake!!!  Oh did i also tell you we had a friend stay a week with us plus we went to see my grandma! I hope y'all had as wonderful a day as I did!!!

Wags and licks
Keiko (and Tess)

Sep 28

Healthy Dry Food for Cat

Accumulated underneath are 4 reports of cat owner’s religion throughout dry cat food in order to assist in a new cat’s contentment and system. Each and every story talks about the healthy as well as lifestyle re-inifocing good things about a proper diet to get a cat. Food for any Kitten Sunday morning, Karen’s 10 [...]
Sep 25


Mommy and Daddy have known about PDXpuggles long before they moved to Oregon as a couple of Preston’s twitter friends are the founding members of this puggle group in Portland. They are so glad that Preston now is also a member of PDXpuggles!
See Preston attending his first PDXPuggles meet-up.

Leaving the heat and humidity in Houston, Preston has been enjoying the wonderful September weather in Oregon.

This past weekend, Preston and the whole family (including grandpa and grandma) had a fun experience riding Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad steam train. How awesome it is that dogs are welcome on the train too!

You think Preston is loving his new life in Oregon?

Sep 19

Symptoms of Dog Health Problems

Protecting the dog’s health is the central factor over anything else. With all the proper diagnosis along with knowing what to look for might help, a person determine several probable factors behind the particular dog health problems. The superior 5 dog health problem symptoms supply knowledge about parvovirus, skin disorders, eye troubles, rabies along with [...]
Sep 12

How to Keep Persian Cat Happy and Healthy

Persian cats are viewed by many people to get one in the classiest breeds. Because the name can be applied, it really is believed that they originated from Persia, that’s in modern day Iran. Considering that there is certainly this kind of preconception surrounding these, a lot of people believe that far more care is [...]
Sep 11

Good-bye, TX! Hello, OR!

Mommy and Daddy always thought they were city people, Preston was a city puggle and they would always live in the city. After Nolan was born, they started picturing Nolan growing up in a friendly small town and liking the idea more and more. Pretty soon, a great job opportunity came up for Daddy in a beautiful college town in Oregon. Although Mommy and Daddy were still a little unsure about moving to a small town, they just couldn’t pass this opportunity up! So off they move to Corvallis, Oregon!

Moving across the country is not an easy task but this time, Mommy and daddy got an extra helper-Baby Nolan!

What is Preston’s life like in Corvallis?

Sep 04

Few Important Dog Clothes and Accessories

Dog clothes and also accessories are generally serious business these types of days. Consequently right now I will evaluation a couple of essential items which a person may possess overlooked…. 1 – Dog Beds Each dog needs any bed, specifically elderly puppies similar to ours. While our home is tiled, along with the floor receives [...]