Jul 31


If you are a long-time follower of Preston’s adventures, you are probably not surprised by this.
Preston moved from California to Massachusetts, then to Texas in the past six years.
Mommy and Daddy like living in Houston, especially after they met some wonderful friends here. They feel very sad about saying good-bye to their friends but are also very excited about their next move. It is hard not too….because this is the State which Mommy, Daddy, Preston and Nolan will call home next week!

Jul 28


Mom why would you put me in here with her you know I hate the pool....Tess splashes too much!

Wags and licks
Jul 28

Tips On How To Choose Cat Food

Finding the right cat food to make available in your pet isn’t as easy as it was previously, this is because these day there are lots of products obtainable. You must realize which in turn food gives the particular best nutrition on your pet. The life span point from the cat and also different health [...]
Jul 25

Almost wordless Wednesday


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Jul 25

The Puggles Are City Dogs Now!

After a few weeks in the city, the puggles are settling right in. And from the 21st floor, they love watching the people below. They’ve also had a lot of ‘firsts’. A few of the big ones are:

-No grass to play in. (not yet anyways, we’re moving near Central Park soon!)
-More people in one spot than they’ve ever seen.
-Dog parks where there are other small dogs to play with, and a lot of them.
-Only going outside twice a day.

Jul 23

Birthday Party

Preston turned SIX!!
He spent his birthday having a blast with his Houston puggle buddy, Jule, at Jule’s house and they celebrated it with pretty biscuits from Jackson’s doggie bakery.

At home, Preston enjoyed a gourmet birthday dinner!

Nolan’s birthday is a day after Preston’s. He is ONE! Can you believe how quickly time has gone by? Mommy and Daddy planned a nautical themed birthday party for the two boys. The party had a great turnout. There were 30 adults and 10 babies!

There were lots of babies in the party so unfortunately Preston had to stay behind the gate most of time. Sorry Preston! Nolan was the center of the attention at the party but he made sure his big brother wasn’t being left-out. Preston did get to come out for the cake cutting.

Mommy and Daddy set up a photo booth at the party.

Mommy ordered some sailboat cookies to match the party theme. If you are wondering if they taste as good as they look, you will have to ask Preston. After the party, the naughty birthday boy got on the table and ate all the leftover cookies. Happy Birthday, Preston!

Preston, Nolan, Mommy and Daddy wanted to thank everyone who sent heart-warming birthday wishes and awesome presents.
Thank you for thinking about Preston and Nolan on their birthdays.
Thank you Bruschi and Ebby.

Thank you, Poochy!

Thank you, Coco Puff!

Thank you, Oliver and Jack!

Jul 20

Blue moon!!!!

I saw you standing alone!!! Without a care in the world!! Sing with me!!! Moms and dads took our windows from us not just one but all of them!! They said something about changin colors why would you wanna change colors? I hope they dont plan on changing the colors of us pups I won't stand for it!!!

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KEIKO ( and tess )
Jul 20

Importance of Dog Accessories

Dog possession implies a great deal of accountability. There are plenty regarding issues that you should bear in mind if you’re a dog operator. Your own pet demands special care this also care from time to time calls for distinct buying. These dog accessories would be to supplement your dog care activities or, could even [...]
Jul 18

One of those days

Today is one of those days, you know the kind where you just gotta hang your head out the window all day... What do you think? Will you hang your head out the window with me?

Wags and licks
Keiko ( and Tess )
Jul 15


Today is my 6th Birthday!!! So I got to go on a ride to go pick out my Birthday Treats!

Had the back seat all to myself!

Mama had me try on a party hat!  I was not amused!

Then when we got home....it was a Barkday Party for me!  

I got my own Barkday Cookie!  A variety of treats and homemade Chicken Jerky my Mama made!

 Look at all the TREATS I got.  Homemade Chicken...YUM, yum!!!
 I got to taste everything.  The Sweet Potato Chews were delish!
 I took off running with my entire Barkday Cookie!
I'm eating the whole thing and no one is stopping me!  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I'LL INDULGE IF I WANT TO!
 Now I'm full!
I had the most fabulous Birthday/ Barkday!

I am one lucky pup!
CoCo Puff