Jun 29

Help Save Lou!


Lou is a 5 year old male puggle whom Mommy met through the Puggle page on Facebook.  He has a cancerous tumor that has wrapped around his rectum causing him to have bloody poops.  Upon further vet and specialist examinations, they determined that the tumor is wrapped around his intestines, and without life saving surgery, Lou will not make it. And as you can imagine, the surgery is quite expensive.
You can read more about Lou in the post above.

As a puggle family, and huge dog advocate, we felt it appropriate to send some money their way so they can try afford this life saving surgery.  Even though we don't have much money ourselves, we know that being part of a Dogs with Blog Community is a comforting place to be when a friend, or even a stranger, is in need, so I thought I would share his information here if you'd like to help.  Even a few dollars makes a difference.  Lou is only 5 years old (just like me!) and Mommy couldn't imagine going through this and would hope that if she was in need, people would help her.  So she is paying it forward now because you just never know what lies ahead!

If you yourself can't donate, please pass the word along through the community. I know Lou and his family would be greatly appreciative of the efforts!

Happy Friday everyone!  Positive thoughts for Lou!!!
Jun 29

Carolina Dog Breeds

Review The Carolina Dog is a result of natural selection, and they are a truly simple breed. These kind of dogs aren’t fully shattered throughout, and some ones nevertheless live within the wild. The particular Carolina Dog managed to outlive during the entire swamps, forests and also savannahs inside South Carolina for thousands of years. [...]
Jun 28

Sooo sleepy…

This hotness(the weather not me!bol) is making us sleepy... All we want to do us go outside and run and play and jump and everything without getting hot and stinky! I say us pups protest Tess you in? What about you? You wanna protest to this hotness?

Wags and licks
KEIKO (and Tess)
Jun 27

Biggie Puggle Dog in the City!

Did you guys see the puggle on Dogs in the City? Cool. Thanks Biggie for representin' the puggles! Hope your diet works. Be healthy. Hang with the posse sometime.
Jun 26


Hey guys this is Tess so unlike my sun loving sis I being a black doggy do not like the sun instead I would rather sit and bask in the cool breeze that is the shade... Are there any other pups that can relate?

Wags and licks
Tess (and KEIKO)
Jun 26


Preston loves to get his paws on Nolan’s toys, even the walker.
This is how Nolan does it…

Now it is Preston’s turn…

Jun 25


Ok so I dont know about where you live but where I'm at it's like a billion degrees and it feels like a trillion!!bol!! But no matter how hot it is I like to lay in the SUN at least for a minutes or two I mean a girls gotta get some sun... I would hate to look all white and pasty when I am clearly a golden brown kinda girl!! What about you do you like to sun bathe?

Wags and licks
Keiko(and Tess)
Jun 20

Tips on How To Choosing A Healthy Cat Food

Anyone that lives using cats is aware they are the important component of the family, and also just like some other family members you likely need to consider excellent care of these to ensure they will live a new long, healthy life. A good important part of which is locating a healthy cat food. Regrettably [...]
Jun 19

Girl talk…

Sometimes you just need a girls day...

A girls with tails day .... Sorry mom but your our mom you can't know what we talk about...

Do you have secrets from your mommas? We do!! BOL!!! I tell my sister everything! That's what disses are for that way she's got my back when things go crazy!!

Wags and licks
KEIKO (and tess)
Jun 17


There is nothing to do here at Mama's house!  She has too many rules!

So all I get to do is lounge around.  Not too bad since its stinking HOT outside!
Mama gave me a designer toy...similar to the stuff she sells!

I wonder if she is hinting something!  Do they offer a creme that is "anti-gray hair creme?"

CoCo Puff