Apr 29

Accessories and Clothes for Cats

Cats are very sophisticated animals that might truly appear cute if they are being dressed with different kinds of pet clothes. Nonetheless they might also seem more adorable and more cute while entrepreneurs buy different varieties of accessories for the kids. Are you currently one of those who love to buy clothes for your feline [...]
Apr 26


            Tess your supposed to be pushing the pedal...

                    where's the pedal again keiko?

OH Hi mom we were just trying to umm well ... this isnt what it looks like......

This is when we RUN Tess... RUN!!!!!!!!

wags and licks
Keiko (and Tess)

Apr 23

On the road again….

We're on the road again!! Can't wait wait to get back home again!!! I love to sing what about you?? We're on our way back home from a trip to granmas see that brown box in the corner of the pic?? That's sisi were getting along better, we play and I show her different thing like how to use her voice which dad hates Bol!! The only thing she does that annoys me sometimes is she follows me everywhere even when I poop!! I have to teach her privacy!! Bol!

Wags and licks

Keiko ( and tess)

Apr 20


Hello?!?! Is anyone in there??? It's awful dark in here!!!

Wags and licks
Keiko (and Tess)

Apr 20

Insurance for Your Pet

At any time from the year, the naughty four-legged furred friends, like our pet cats as well as dogs and others, are more prone to illness or even injury in particular when they are spending a lot more time outdoors. Several pet masters are worried they wouldn’t be in a position to afford health care [...]
Apr 16


Out running errands with momma, she loves to take me everywhere with her she says it gives her company, I say it gets me away from the stinker at home!! Bol!! I love riding in the car I guess because I've done it since I was little.... Ohhh I'm just a traveling soul!!!

Apr 13

Puggle Sun Bathe ~ On Fire Pit???

It seems like a common theme with puggles… they can’t seem to get enough of the sun and the warmth it brings. I walked out of the house the other day to find them sun bathing on our fire pit!

Apr 12

Sitting in the rain

I'm just sitting in the rain just sitting in the rain oh what I feeling to be sitting in the rain... Sing it with me friends!!

Apr 10


Tess and I have been having fun playing and all but you know sometimes having her is annoying she follows me around all day and bites at my tail and you know I just wanna have me and mommy time... But then we go out back and we play and chase each other, it's great but inside she's an annoying little sisfur....

Mommies: hey guys every since we got Tess keiko has been acting really weird in the house. We love on her and give her all kinds of attention but she won't get anywhere near Tess and when we get in the floor and play with her she looks at us like we're crazy and she won't touch her toys... She is just not acting like herself, Have any of you had troubles like this?

Apr 10

Great Nutrition for Dogs

Great nutrition plus a balanced diet are essential for the dog’s health. People will have questions in dog food. The following is a number of dog food information that ought to help. Just what and when a person feed the dog at the start of life will certainly design its personal preferences if it is [...]