Mar 28


Did anybudy hear me?? My brother crossed the rainbow bridge Monday... See my last post... But heres what moms saw today...

Mar 26


My mommy lost the doggie that was part of her family before me today... He was a sweet golden retriever and he was 12 years old. He went peacefully in his sleep and wasn't hurting. He was on his favorite bed. Please keep my mommy and her sister and they're mommy and daddy in your prayers as they are going through such a hard time. I will greatly miss my brother biscuit more than anything and I hope he waits for me when it comes my time ( my mommy says that better not be anytime soon) I love you biscuit and will miss you always!!!

Mar 25

i’m 2!

hi everyone...jack here! this weekend was my birthday weekend!! i turned 2 years old on friday and mommy threw me a big party on saturday. i am one lucky puggle. first i got a package in the mail from my girlfriend ebby and her brother bruschi!My very thoughtful girlfriend got me a piggy toy without the stuffing because she knows it wont last long lol, some beg-al treats which are delicious, a sign for the house to warn everyone that my brother and i are inside guarding the house, and some very nice mats for us to eat off of!
These toys are from my good friend Preston in texas. look at all these pigs! at the time of this blog post...the big pink pig has been destufed and dead and i am in the process of killing another one.In case you couldn't tell...the theme of the party was pigs. i dont know why. my brother and i were not fond of the balloon but mommy insisted we take a picture with it. i had a great time at the party and am looking very forward to turning 3 so we can do it again!
Mar 25

Reason Why Dog Food Without Corn

Dog food that contain corn can be a expanding risk to the dog due to incompatibility factors. Nevertheless, cereals usually are not always entirely negative. To reduce these types of ambiguities, the present article can be involved with regards to dog food it doesn’t contain corn and also clarifies the way works extremely well inside [...]
Mar 20

Who the heck is “Mo’ Nature”?

I thought it was Spring!? This morning we had a windstorm and now it’s snowing. I thought we’d be going for walkees after Mom gets off work now that it’s daylight savings time. Mom is blaming the “no walkee” on someone called “Mo’ Nature.” Who is this person? I need to have a bark with her.
Mar 20

Life with a Baby- Brotherly Love

Preston is the best puggle brother a baby could ever ask for. Nolan absolutely adores his fur brother.
For the past couple of months, Nolan has been wearing a cranial helmet to reshape his little head (his head was flat in the back as a result of sleeping on his back). To show his support, Preston also put on his pomelo helmet.

Mommy and Daddy always enjoy seeing the interactions between Preston and Nolan. These are some moments caught on the camera that bring smiles to Mommy and Daddy’s faces. It is not surprising that “Preston” is the first word Nolan has learned.

Mar 18


Nothing like a lazy Sunday... My rents went to church... Do your rents go to church?

Mar 18

Ways To Choose The Best Cat Food

People that individual any cat usually just adore and love these people. Cats use a specific ability to be considered a ideal convenience animal whenever a individual is sad, happy, or perhaps requires a friend. With regard to cat proprietors almost everywhere, cat food is a thing that is important to your health of your [...]
Mar 17

Spring break

Spring is here!!
which is came way too early~

ANY plan for the spring break ?
Mar 15

Hot dog?

Anyone want a hot dog in a couch bun? Hehehe!!

Wags and licks