Feb 27

agile puggle!

Hello friends! as i mentioned before i was taking agility lessons. mommy finally got the pictures from my uncle andrew of me in action! I must say..i look good! the teachers kept telling mommy how smart i am and how good i am at balancing. what did they expect...i'm a puggle! unfortunately this is only pictures from just one class.
Mommy put my name on my bag so we wouldn't confuse it with everyone elses
I am ready to work.
Working on the see-saw. I actually got to walk across the whole thing on the last day! And i wasnt even scared of the noise it made when the other side went down.
Doing what i do best...jumping! This was what they said my competitive height would be. didnt even break a sweat
Look out mom! here i come!
Apparently its supposed to be hard to balance on this thing. not only can i sit on it with no problem but i can lay on it too.

I loved going to class! it was so much fun. not just because it was an hour alone with mommy since jack had to stay home. :)
Mommy said we couldn't take the second class because of her work schedule but i'm hoping she quits her job soon so we can go back!
Feb 25

Some Tips Persian Pet Grooming

If you get your very own Persian cat, you should know different tasks that include it. You should know that your particular cat has to be groomed often. Persian cat proper grooming is very important a Persian cat happy along with healthy. Idea time consuming but just consider it as a short time for you [...]
Feb 23

Puggles and Pizza

Don’t ask why I was eating an entire box of Little Caesars pizza…I had my reasons. But Dan took this picture and it was just too cute not to post. (The second pic will be updated when I get home…It’s a picture of a picture.)

Feb 22

The westminister….

hey guys anybody watch the westminister kennel club dog show? I did theyre were all kinds of doogies on there well I say every kind, buy it was every kind except me.... :-(

but  they had a Lhasa Apso:

a Poodle:
a Retriever:

Benny and Lily French Bulldog:

even half of me!! but no full me....

I think that is an OUTRAGE!! what do you think!?! I think they would only be so lucky to have MUAH!!! well we will just have to show them my mom I will have to write them a very strongly worded letter....

wags and licks

Feb 21


I had the opportunity to try out mrchewy.com and let me tell you it is awesome!! They have EVERYTHING! The prices are right AND they deliver it for free
if you spend more than $49 which is soo easy to do!!
banana wrapped in chicken? I'll take 2!

Feb 20

A Useful “Trick”

Mommy and Daddy have pretty much given up on training Preston to be a good walker. He knows the commands “next to mommy” and “slow” very well but enjoys his walk so much better when he can stop and sniff around. When Mommy takes Preston and Baby Nolan out for a walk, a retractable leash makes it easier for Mommy to keep her hands on the stroller and still allow enough freedom for Preston to do some sniffing that he loves. The biggest problem with letting Preston have the extra long leash is that he often wraps himself around a tree or pole, Mommy has to undo it by going around the tree or pole. It is not always easy to do that with a stroller.
It is time for Preston to learn to unwind himself with the command “go around!”. (A retractable leash should only be used on well-behaved dogs. Mommy thinks Preston has passed the test!)

Feb 19

February Featured Puggle – Macaroni

Meet Macaroni – Our Feburary Featured Puggle! Isn’t he handsome??

Name: Macaroni

Nicknames: Mack, Mack ‘a’ Chone, Choney, Little Bud

Color/Markings: Honey Brown, with a couple tiny white markings

Favorite Toy: The trash cans at work. They don’t have lids and just keep giving and giving.

Best Friend: His furmy (fur mommy) and a Boggle named Reagan

Life Goal: For one day to be tall enough to see everything on the kitchen counter tops, and for someone to invent something I can get strapped to so I can hangout the car window safely. My furmy only cracks the window like 2 inches. Lame!

A word from Macaroni:
“Hello my name is Macaroni and I am 10 months old and a ton of fun. I get to go to work with my furmy every day. For most of the day I sleep under her desk but what is really fun is when I get to go out in the giant warehouse and run around. I love to play with everyone. At the dog park I usually look for the biggest toughest looking dog to go wrestle with. Sometimes I get to go to day camp and play all day long – it’s so much fun. My furmy says I have a two day “doggy hangover” after camp, I don’t know what that means but boy am I sleepy after camp. I can always find the best places in the house to snuggle up and sleep. My favorite place is at night time right in the middle of my people. By morning time I usually creep all the way up to those big pillows they use and sleep on them. Ahhhhh. One day I will be getting a younger sister named “Cheese” but not until I can prove to my people that I will be a good role model. I really messed up when I dismantled the blinds on the front window… I do know lots of tricks though. I just learned how to put all my toys away in my toy basket, as well as shutting doors and drawers. Sometimes my people will make me wait while they open every door and drawer in the kitchen, then they tell me “shut them” and that’s when I run in and close all of them as quickly as I can. So fun!”

Feb 19

Long weekend

Me and moms had a long weekend... My cousin biscuit and grandma and grandpa were here so now were chilling ......

Feb 18

Effective Way To Train Dogs

The particular first point the majority of dog owners do with their particular fresh puppy is to enroll these people in the behavior training school exactly where they could learn to conduct themselves properly. Nonetheless, this sort of classes are far too expensive for some dog entrepreneurs so they choose to carry out their unique [...]
Feb 17

Bumpy Lumpy Ebby!

HI furiends! Ebby here! I gave Mommy and Daddy quite the scare yesterday!
I was covered head to toe in these giant welts, which grew in size after this picture was taken. I was throwing up continuously and was up the night before ALL NIGHT with diarrhea. Mommy rushed home from work yesterday and they took me right to the vet. Turns out I was having an allergic reaction, so I got a shot of a steroid which made my bumps disappear immediately! (Thank goodness because I wasn't looking like my pretty self!)
Then they gave me another shot to stop my vomiting and that one HURT so bad I SCREAMED!

The vet told Mommy 2 give me Benadryl twice a day for the next 5 days, and limit my food and water intake, so last night I got two tablespoons of white rice and boiled chicken.
so far, I've kept it in! YAY!

But because Daddy has to work today, Mommy wasn't taking any chances leaving me home to puke and poop in the house so I got to go to work with Mommy!! (Bruschi was not happy)
She even brought my bed and my gingerbread stuffy to keep me company!

However, I prefer to sit in mommy's chair and see what it is she does all day and why she leaves me and comes here. so far......this all seems pretty boring to me! BOL!

We make a great team! Maybe her company will hire ME!

Bruschi is home sleeping......pouting....probably enjoying the fact that he has all the pillows to himself!
Don't worry Bruschi, we'll be home in few hours to check on you!

In the meantime, I am going to take advantage of running Mommy's office!

Oh and by the way, we think it's the EcoLever fabric softener Mommy bought at Whole Foods. On Tuesday she washed all the blankets in the house, plus all the bed sheets, and on Wednesday the hives and diarrhea started. So no more fabric softener!!