Jan 29

How To Choose Dog Wedding Accessories

Right after planning your own wedding as well as selecting the correct clothing for your pet, it can be time to include a number of dog wedding accessories to assist draw the design with each other. Dog accessories dress up the occasion in the same manner that your particular accessories put in more outfit. They [...]
Jan 25

Seat Stealer

It’s inevitable, every time we get out of a comfy seat, our puggles find a way to steal our spot. When will they ever learn?

Jan 23

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday – Talking with a Puggle

Jan 22


Hello pups and kitties and humans and everyone else.....♥
It has been a while since human Granny has posted on my blog...:'( She has been so busy with supporting 'Child Abuse Awareness' and 'Animal Abuse Awareness' and 'The Chicagoland Puggle Group' on Meetup.com and 'Brittany Transport' she hasn't had much time to blog for me. Well we are back with a vengeance. JK! Snicker! Snicker! I have been busy chasing the kitties, tearing up human Granny's socks, and barking at the squirrels on the patio to keep them off our outside space.


It started out bad but with hope and faith and a lot of prayer I think it will get better. Human Granny has been reading all your old post to me. I have a lot to catch up on. I see Preston Puggle has a new 'Baby human Brother' and he is so cute, as humans go I personally like canines looks better...Snicker! Snicker! Human Granny thinks he is the cutest human baby she has seen in a while: Puggle Lainey & Puggle Autumn & Chloe had a very successful 'Secret Santa 2011': I see 'Tank' has taken his first plane ride...and was very nervous about it: Puggle Coco got a lot of new toys.....well I will have to fill you in later on the rest when human Granny gets a minute. Enjoy the video and have a Great Super Bowl Sunday!
Licks & Wags, Puggle Ariel ♥

Jan 21

New comforter

Momma got a new comforter This weekend and I think it's only right for me to break it in... Don't you??

Jan 20

Ebby’s DNA Results are IN!

Ok so the results are in!
Be prepared to laugh! Puddles,you are especially going to LOVE this!

So we knew she was at least 50% pug....they got that part right. But check out their other conclusions......Chow Chow!? Daschund?! (Does she look like Puddles BOL!)
But then it looks like they can't figure out the other half of her other half.....

They all detected small amount of these breeds.
Is this a joke?! BOL!
Mommy is making a phone call!
They sent us a 7 page report, showing all the traits and characteristics of the Pug, the Chow Chow, and the Daschund. The only thing she matches is the Pug........Maybe the Chow Chow is why she has a thick undercoat, but that's about it!!
We still think she is a Pug/Boston Terrier!!

Boy, this sure gave us a good laugh this morning!
What do you all think?
Jan 19

boring puggles

so i realized today that i havent posted anything since xmas. i guess its because we havent really had anything interesting to share with our blogging friends. its been a pretty quiet. i have been a generally well behaved puggle. this was the only mishap that has occured...mommy went to the store and came home to find this! i thought i had her fooled. i tried to make it look like baby jack tore open the pillow but she knew better. i'll have to try harder next time. its finally starting to get cold in jersey so mommy has been making sure jack and i stay warm.and probably the most exciting thing that has happened is mommy has enrolled me in agility school! she decided all my jumping should be put to good use. i'm only in a beginner class but i am apparently very good at it. (duh i'm a puggle) mommy is hoping to get some really good pictures and videos by the end of class.
we still have 3 more classes to go. but this is a shot of me laying down on one of those bouncy material balls. the teacher said it was really hard to do and no one else in class could do it. i did it on the first try. they said i must have great balance and inner core strength! the best part of class is its just mommy and me and no stinky jack!
Jan 19

New portrait

Sorry guys been a while didn't update the blog 
because Mommy went for vacation
BUT the good things is,
she bought a new camera!!


Piggy with emotional look
Look at his sexy back!
with the background defocus!
Finally Lulu has her picture with SHARP look
Capturing the moment she having lunch 
Champ with his sunshine smile~

Jan 18

The Magic Fountain

For Christmas, Mommy got a gift card to Petsmart from her friend Caitlyn and decided to buy something new for me and Ebby.

This here is the Magic Fountain. Well, that's what Mommy calls it. I call it the Fountain of Fear! It holds a TON of water and is filtered and constantly being aerated so that my water is always super clean and healthy. (She said my bowls were always slimey even though she cleaned them daily)

Anyways, I just want to say that I am not happy about this new mechanism in my living space! I am actually quite terrified of it! See how far I am standing from it? That is as close as I would get for the first 2 days. I'd stand there and cry. I think Mommy was trying to dehydrate me or something!!!! BOL!
But then I turned into a brave boy and took a few quick licks near the edge and figured out that phew......it's only water!
And believe it or not, I showed Ebby how to use something for once!
Jan 12

Best Dog Food Nutrition

Each of our pets are usually that just about us individuals – they’ve got requires to be able to reside extended along with healthier. And this means that when you will decide to take a dog, you must seem like a parent in order to a new born. You feel that you must feed your [...]