Dec 29

Dog Breeds Ideas For Your Kids

Right after eliminating into a new house, you might take in air a sigh regarding comfort as you know that the tough a part of new house purchase is over. You and your spouse are satisfied, your neighbors are usually super-nice, along with more space when compared with you thought. Nevertheless when you glance around [...]
Dec 27

Mr. Puggle®: Merry Christmas!

Dec 27

presents presents presents

Well christmas has come and gone and boy did jack and i get a lot of presents. Before christmas we got a package in the mail from our good buddy preston.
Jack is a toy hog and always steals the toys. but mommy says this toy is perfect for me because its an angel on one side and a devil on the other. apparently i have tendencies to be less than angelic all the time
We woke up yesterday to presents! Santa claus came! and he presents for me and jack! jack couldnt wait to open his presents! he was begging mommy to let him at them!

Here we are playing with some of our new toys from santa claus...And these arent even all of our presents! these are just the ones from Santa ! We got cookies and bones and more toys from family! and just when i thought all the posing for pictures was over mommy made me do this Grandma gave her this for christmas for our food. i guess my mommy cant read because it says dog food. not place puggle here! I guess i cant complain though after all my presents. We hope everyone out there was just as spoiled as us!
Dec 26

Mr. Puggle®: Merry Movie Monday Christmas

Dec 25

Santa Paws Came!

Merry Christmas Everyone! As you know, Daddy is a firefighter so he had to work today on Christmas so Santa Paws made an early delivery to our house so we could open gifts on Christmas Eve!

ummm....we are it time yet?

2 years ago on Christmas Eve, Mommy's Gram passed away, so Mommy makes her Gram's famous Ricotta Pie in her memory. It sure looks delicious!

Family picture time before the madness!
Ebby and I didn't know where to start first so we just tore open anything and everything!

I hope these ones are for us!

Ebby's showing off her new monkey!

I was more interested in the edibles....sniff sniff, someone crack this open! I think the jar is puggle proof!!

Ok so I have to say that I think we made out pretty good this year......this picture doesn't even include all the food items we got. Mommy says that all of her furiends and family members spoil us!
But we don't live very long lives, so Mommy says it's important that every day we know how much we are loved.
My Christmas wish this year is that every dog out there that needs a home finds one. This is Ebby's 2nd Christmas with us and I think she won the doggy lottery by us adopting her! I wish that every doggy out there wins the doggy lottery too!
We are also going to make a donation to a local animal shelter for all the dogs who don't have homes, or warm blankets, or toys, or treats this holiday season. It is the LEAST we could do.

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Dec 25

Mr. Puggle®: Merry Christmas!

Dec 24

Merry Christmas 2011!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas!
Preston is flying to Seattle (again!) to spend Christmas with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Karin, Uncle John and 6-month old Cousin Madeline whom he is going to meet for the first time! How exciting!
Before leaving for his trip, Preston wants to leave a funny video as a Christmas present for everyone!
Daddy left an open bag of potato chips on the coffee table and took off for work. Preston really wanted the chips but as a well-behaved (cough! cough!) puggle, he knew he couldn’t get his paws on the chips (well…at least not when Mommy is still in the house). He must have stared at the bag of potato chips for a long long time before he finally decided to bring the bag to Mommy in the next room…

Dec 23

Mr. Puggle®: Friday Find

Click pic. Mr. P does not endorse this product and knows nothing about it. The pic was just way too cute to pass up.

Dec 22

Mr. Puggle®: Puggles

Click Pic for story

Dec 21

Mr. Puggle®: Tucker & Charlie