Oct 31

Happy Howl-O-Ween!!!

Happy Howl-o-ween furiends!
Today Mommy got to dress up for work.....here she is with her staff.....Sheila the biker chick and Charity the Bumble Bee!

We waited all day for Mommy to come home to take pictures with us in our costumes! Mommy loves that she is the devil and Ebby is the angel....I think it should be the other way around! BOL!

Mommy loves us, in case you couldn't tell

Ok enough pictures, time for some treats!
And I apologize for my indecent exposure in this picture! Mommy kept asking me if I wanted cookies and cookies gets me really excited! BOL

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Howl-O-Ween!!
Oct 31

Mr. Puggle® Movie Monday: Spooky Mooky

Oct 30

Halloween 2011

Guess what Preston is gonna be this year?

For those of you thought he was a turkey, “Roarrr!!”

Like last year, Preston was at CAP’s howl-o-ween dog walk this weekend. Mommy and Daddy thought this was the coolest costume of the day.

Of course Nolan is dressing up for his first Halloween too!

Halloween 2007, 2008, 2009, 2009 (2) and 2010.

Oct 29

purple puggle eater!!!!

There is this thing that comes out of its cave ever so often and its goal TO EAT PUGGLES!!!!!!!!!!! so since no one else around here cares enough to destroy it I have to come out of my beauty sleep and battle this purple puggle eater!!! I hope none of you have to ever come in contact with this thing!!

Wags and licks
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Oct 26

Cormac The Puggle Loves Car Rides

Cormac loves going for car rides. He’ll roll the window down by himself if we don’t do it for him. The problem is, once we get past 25-30 miles/hour, he can’t stand the wind! I took a video to show what he does. His little puggle snout can’t take it!

Oct 26

Costume Crazy!

Yep, it's officially that time of year again when the humans have gone Costume Crazy!
Howl-O-Ween is fast approaching so you know what that means......

This year I am a Fire Dog, just like My Daddy!

Ebby is a sweet, innocent, ANGEL!

Sniff Sniff, you don't smell so sweet and innocent to me Ebby!!! Is this halo for real?

Well there you have it......we are ready for Howl-0-Ween.
I must say, Mommy has done an incredible job of keeping the candy out of Ebby's reach this year. For those of you who remember, Ebby found all of the candy last year and gorged herself....so maybe that's why they made her an "angel" this year.....because she hasn't done so yet. I hope they have a devil costume prepared for a backup!! BOL
Oct 26

Mr. Puggle®: Puggle People – Tamara Ecclestone

Click Pic for story.
Oct 25

Several Way To Eradicate Dog Ticks

Dog ticks, or maybe more exclusively brown dog ticks, start as very small small parasites searching for a blood vessels supper. Whenever 1st given birth to, these are small and difficult to discover. Via their own lifestyle, that they moult many times last but not least, in maturation, become the big, unpleasant pets many of [...]
Oct 25

Mr. Puggle® 2011-10-25 00:00:00

Oct 24

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday – I want this toy


Do you know what toy this is?