Sep 30

Mr. Puggle® Friday Find

Fall is here.  Warn food at work needed!  Click Pic
Sep 29

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Thanks Alana for saving the puggle!  Click Pic for story.
Sep 28

new stuff

hi guys! i know i haven't posted lately but i really haven't had anything exciting to report. Until today! mommy said this morning she was going out and would be back in a little bit. well a little bit sure felt like forever but as soon as i saw the bags in her hands she was forgiven! She bought us new treats!!!
ooooh mommy what are these funny looking things? i've never played with one of those before. wait what.....they came from where? a deer? are you sure i'm supposed to be chewing on one of these? Ok well if you say so...i'll try it. i hope it didnt hurt bambi.
of course she had to get one for the pig to try. and of course the pig liked it.speaking of pigs...jack is such a pig he outgrew his raincoat so mommy had to get him a new one...what do you think?
Sep 28


Four years ago today my wonderful mommy was giving birf to me and my brudders and sisfers. My mommy was one of the best mommys there was..... So today im celebrating throwing
A party..... My real mommy made me a real special birfday breakfast ...if you can't tell what that is its scrambled eggs, by the time mommy got her flashy thingy it was half gone she had to pull me away to get a pic for daddy and yall and even then I wasn't stoppin fur nothin....hehe.... And she says she has a special din dins for me too!!!!

Hope yall are having as wonderful a day as I am!!!

Wags and licks
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Sep 28

Mr. Puggle® 2011-09-28 11:59:00

Puggle in the workplace!
Sep 27

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Sep 26

Mr. Puggle® Movie Monday – Puggles are crazy!

Sep 23

Power of the Paw Needed

Furiends, your help is needed!
My mommy's best friend Caitlyn just found out that her 5 year old beagle mix, Brady, has been diagnosed with Dilated Cardio Myopathy, and has been given just months to live.
This is devastating news to her family, as well as mine.

Just last year, these are the same friends that lost their beloved lab Maddie to cancer tragically.
Two dogs, in Two years, both so young.

When Mommy visited Caitlyn last year, she called Brady the "Bra Bandit" because he would sneak into her suitcase and run off with her bras! BOL! That is the face of an innocent dog, don't ya think!? BOL!

So furiends, I beg and plead that you send the power of the paw to Brady and to his family that he is not suffering and that he may continue to live as long as a life as possible. He is on medications and will have to have regular EKG's to monitor his heart. Mommy's heart is breaking for Caitlyn and her family right now. Looking at Brady's can you not love him.
Thanks for reading furiends!

Sep 22

Reviews About Chihuahua Dogs

Of what looks like a really tiny dog, a personality how big an excellent Dane emerges. For some Chihuahua lovers it is just another Chi, among others are just understading about this little entertainer. Whether you have had your Chihuahua for quite a while or perhaps you have just taken your initial Chi home, they [...]
Sep 19

Best Homemade Food For Your Dog

Wholesome homemade dog food includes meats as well as veggies. Puppies are considered to become omnivores which indicates they enjoy meat as well as grow meals. There are veggies that they do enjoy. Dogs such as individuals have their own preferences and could also be hypersensitive to or otherwise able to consume particular foods. Each [...]