Aug 31


Hey Guys I like to play around and have fun as much as the next pup but todays blog is serious so here goes.....

There are a TON of doggies, puppies as well as older doggies, in shelters all across this great big nation

and ALOT of those doggies don't get fed everyday so they go hungry and don't get the nutrition that they

need. Pedigree has a foundation that is a nonprofit organization that wants to STOP doggies from going to

bed without food in they're tummy by providing grants to shelters and rescues and encouraging doggie

adoption. So fellow bloggers now is our time to help all you have to do is post a blog informing

everyone of this wonderful wonderful thing that they are doing so if you want to help go here....

Thank you and God Bless

wags and licks

Aug 31

Mr. Puggle®: When in Ro…England?

Aug 30

I have pride, you know…

I refused to look at Mom today when she asked me, “who pooped on the floor?” She didn’t seem very happy about it because she kept talking about it when she cleaned it up. As if that’s going to make me confess. I’m so sure. I wanted her to think it was Cameron, but she wasn’t buying it. She told me that he’s been potty trained for over 28 years. Big deal. I’ve been potty trained for 14 years (in dog years, of course.) I’ll catch up to him and pass his potty-training streak soon. THEN we’ll see who’s the potty master! Cut me a break, Mom! I haven’t done this since I was a baby, so OBVIOUSLY it’s because I didn’t want to go outside in my sweater. I look like a bumblebee. It’s embarrassing! (yes, I’m wearing a sweater… it’s cold today in Seattle!)
Aug 30

Puggles Go Hiking In Michigan

Only a few times a year our puggles get to travel to Northern Michigan (Leelanau County) to visit our hometown. They LOVE it! These two city dogs turn into all out country dogs.

Here are a few pictures from their hike at the Houdek Dunes Natural Area and Peterson Park.

Aug 30

Mr. Puggle®: Meet Riley Puggle


Aug 30

We Love Hearty Roasters

These are Piggy & Lulu favorite meals!
and they are on sales now~! yippie
Lulu :  Ok.. Let's see what I can get from here
Piggy just busy sniffing around
Mommy.. i think we gonna have it now

Aug 29

White River walkees

We went for walkees at white river today. There were lots of fisherfolk out catching salmon! Afterward, Mom scared me because we went to the puppy doctor place. Usually no good can come from that, right? It was OK.. Mom wanted to weigh me (I’ve lost 2 lbs!) and pick up my flea stuff. I don’t know why she buys it. She’s never seen even one flea on me or in the house. Just think of all the squeaky toys she could buy me for $120.00+. She’s clearly not thinking straight.
Aug 29

We Moved!!

Well furiends, it's official. We have moved!
We actually moved into our new condo on Thursday, but on Wednesday me and Ebby got to take a sneak peak and see the new floors that daddy installed. We like the carpet! BOL!

MOVING DAY- August 25, which also happens to be Daddy and Mommy's 5th Wedding Anniversary. One heck of a way to spend it don't ya think?

I was very confused.......the house is all discombobulated....the bedroom is in the living room, and I did a lot of running around whimpering.

As you can see I was frantically scoping out the rooms, one by one, looking for my beds and my toys!
NOT a happy Puggle!

Ebby on the other hand, could have cared less. She wasn't phased at all!

Daddy and Uncle Mark loaded all the furniture into that big truck and we followed behind with Mommy in the Puggle Mobile!

We kept a close eye on that truck! Follow that Truck Mommy! It's got all our stuff in it!

Well, after a busy day of moving and unpacking, here is our new place!

You'll notice I am snooping around, checking out EVERYTHING.
Mommy hopes I adjust soon!

There is a random area that Mommy hasn't set up yet so for now, It's our playroom!
She said eventually we'll have a fireplace in there instead of that futon!
Pretty neat!!! I can't wait to hang my Christmas stockings on it!

Well, more pictures to follow later. For now, I am just trying to figure out what happened to my old house and how I ended up here. The first 2 nights I didn't sleep and was up crying all night. I am having separation anxiety if the humans even walk out of room I freak out.
They keep telling me I just have to learn that this is my new home, but remember, I have only ever lived in that one house my entire puggle life, so this is scary for me. Ebby has been all over the place, so she's loving the new place. I hope that I too will get used to it soon!
The good news is that it is only 5 minutes from Mommy's work so on the days that Daddy has to work, Mommy can come home and see us during the day! YAY!

Aug 29

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday-100K Hit

This was one of the first videos Mr. Puggle® posted. He has over a hundred thousand hits now on his video collection. Thanks to all of you who watch and share your life with Mr. P.

Aug 28

Woof Gang Bakery!

Look what we found here in Texas! We found a new Doggy Bakery! Its called "Woof Gang Bakery!" I was first introduced to it by my pal Bruschi and Ebby! They had sent me Birthday love from Florida from Woof Gang!

My Pawrents bought me a honey and oatmeal cookie bone. It was super yum yum yum!
Its been so hot here in we had a record of 112 degrees! Can we say HOT. Don't forget, I have a black fur coat on year round!

Happy Summer! I hope Fall comes soon!
CoCo Puff