Jul 29

Teaching Duncan to swim

Or trying to.

We've attempted different methods, but he's not really taking to the life aquatic.

He's just fine watching from the shore, thank you very much.

Jul 29

Mr. Puggle®: Shhhhhh! Puggle Reading!


Jul 28

Mr. Puggle®: Puggle Farm?

Who knew?

Jul 27

wordless Wednesday

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Jul 27

Mr. Puggle®: Poor Puggle-Legal Edition

Sheesh! Only in Chicago. Man, and it just HAD to be the White Sox. Click text to read story.

An emergency order of protection for one brother and his puggle, Jolie.
Jul 26

Summer heat

Its been pretty hot in NJ lately, the temps have been in the high 90s with the heat index in the uppers 100's! Its been too hot to do anything so jack and i have been doing a lot of sleeping. Its way too hot for the park and even when we run around in the yard we want to come right back in. the only cool treat is our pool. Mommy has been letting us go swimming alot. We've learned a few interesting things about jack. it turns out that he loves to swim! all that time he kept wanting to get off the raft was because he just wanted to swim around.
And when he wants a break, his favorite place is on top of the ladder. Its like he's our own little lifeguard! He has also learned how to jump in the pool off the ladder! I cant believe it. I just like floating around on my raft. He's pretty good at it though. Mommy mangaged to get a video of it...check him out.

Move over Michael Phelps...Jack Wilson is preparing for the 2012 Olympics!!!
Jul 26

Mr. Puggle®: Puggle Assistant Dog? Seriously?

This is a party for dogs who are going off to the help humans with disabilities. WHAT is a puggle doing there? Can you just picture a puggle helping the human prepare food? Um, heaven forbid they see a bunny or squirrel while helping the human cross the street.

Relax! The puggle was just there to celebrate. (Most likely because they had food at the party!) Click pic for story. Click HERE to learn more about Dogs with Wings.

Jul 25

Uber special birthday

Preston turned FIVE on July 9th.
Because Baby Nolan’s due date was so close to Preston’s birthday, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t organize a big celebration for Preston as planned. Mommy and Daddy felt really bad about it.
How fortunate Preston is to have so many friends who made this year’s birthday extra specially special for him.

Baby Nolan also received the most thoughtful presents from Preston’s friends. Thank you SO much!
Birthday boy!

To make this birthday even more special, Grandma was here to celebrate with Preston and she got Preston a birthday cake from Jackson’s Gourmet Dog Bakery.

Finally…the BIG birthday present from Mommy and Daddy….

Jul 25

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday-Road Trip!

Road Trip! Oh Joy! Does your puggle cry in the car? Uhg! Help!

Jul 23


My momma says im crazy cause I play in the most awkward positions...I like the stairs I dunno why? Do u guys play and sweeps crazily??
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