Jun 30

Mr. Puggle®: Meet the Kindergarten Grads!

Jun 29

wordless Wednesday

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Jun 29

Mr. Puggle®: Elvis Puggle leads the pack

The king raises money for a shelter!
Jun 28

Best Place to Deal with Our Need of Pet Insurance

All of us know that price keeps growing up in these days. It means that we need to make plan for our financial. If we don’t do anything, we know that we will face financial problem sooner or later. Taking insurance is one of the parts of the plans for our financial. There are a [...]
Jun 28

Mr. Puggle®: Puggle Party Pictorial

Happy B to Lizzer B! xo

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Jun 27

toys toys and more toys

I love my toys do you love your toys? You know what toy is my favorite?? This one! It's fleece and I love the sound it makes when it rips and it feels sooo good on my gums!! I love love love it... I love it even more when my momma gets in the floor and plays with me. I love to roll with it and hold it in the air and then when I'm all said and done I take a nap in the floor.... thanks for coming along while I play with my favorite toy. do you have a fav toy? I know lily does!! Bol!!

Wags and licks
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Jun 27

Life with a Baby: Before the Arrival

As his baby brother’s due date is approaching, Preston is making a few adjustments to prepare for the life with a baby.
He is learning how to walk properly next to the stroller. He is doing very well!

He will need to share the back car seat space with his baby brother.

He needs to get used to being ignored…

Mommy and Daddy are keeping the baby’s and Preston’s toys separated.
Preston is a little upset when being told he couldn’t have the giant doll.

…just “a little” upset…

Jun 27

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday – Say goodnight Chewy

Jun 26

Dinner is Late….where’s dinner?

We spent the day here at Mama's house....and my dinner was served late! I normally have dinner by 5:30pm, as soon as Uncle Gary gets home from work! I'm on a schedule here, where's the food????!!!!!I know my din din is in that refrigerator....will someone get it for me? Its already 5:35pm!
Mama!!!!!....put that camera down and get me some dinner! I'm hungry!
Daddy finally heard me and asked me to take a bow before dinner! I did as told!
So he went to get me some grub! I'd like double of my usual please!!!!
This is what my Mama calls my "after dinner coma" face.....I thought I was posing cute!

Happy Days!
CoCo Puff
Jun 25

Cormac The Puggle – Torn Paw Pad

The other day Cormac wouldn’t stop licking his foot. I figured he just stepped in something tasty, but when I took a look at it, his paw pad was injured! Part of it looks to have torn right from his foot. Poor lil’ guy.

I put some antibiotic ointment inside the flap of skin, which he didn’t like, but tolerated because I gave him such good cuddles afterward!