May 31



Me and my bubs partaking in some Tuesday night shenanigans: he eats my toy while I watch. BOL!!

May 31

another pic!


Yeah…I give up…I am passed out!? I am camouflaged in the sheets towards the back of the bed while Jeter eats my toy.

May 31

Ops! Lulu Sick

Couple days ago, 
Lulu start coughing and it sound like chocking too
(for sure it's not reverse sneezing) 
Mommy did several survey online but didn't get any answer
This morning Lulu was send to nearest Vet.
They found out she got inflammation trachea
which they also called Kennel Cough 
Now she taking medication hopefully she will getting better    
May 31

My new brother!!!!!

Mom and Dad decided that I needed a little brother to play with, so they adopted a nice young Puggle pup named Jeter (like the New York Yankee) from a CraigsList post.  Jeter is about 9 months old and  is just FULL of energy and love.  We all just love him and think he’s going to be a great addition to our family :o )  He came from a great little family with 2 cute little kids, but he was just a bit wild & crazy for them.  They love him VERY much and Mom & Dad could tell it was very difficult for them to let him go.  We are going to take such great care of him and will love him very very much.

Mom and Dad really hit the jackpot with Jeter–the family was nice enough to give us his old kennel (which is a cool LifeStages one like mine with a divider), a bunch of his food, toys and treats.  The family was super organized and included all of his pet records, so it will be easy for Mom & Dad to keep his vaccinations and heart worm stuff on track.  Puggles can be VERY expensive, but this pup was essentially free; we just gave the family some money for all the great stuff he came with.

Last night was our first night with Jeter and we did pretty darned well!  Mom & Dad took us to the park in Marion to walk the trails a bit.  I played the leader and walked at a nice pace with Mom and Jeter walked with Dad.  Jeter was pretty curious (I think this was a new park for him–he’s from a different side of town) so he was preoccupied with smelling all the new smells–it was pretty funny because he would pull and bend down low to smell everything, so it was like he was walking Dad :o )  We are going to have to work on getting our rhythm down so we can have a more productive walk ;)

Jeter likes to chase me and Tat the Cat, and we tolerate it okay.  I know he’s a young pup, so I try to be nice, but I do bark occasionally to put him in his place. Jeter has a BUNCH of cool toys and treats, so we have been swapping toys and treats.  Neither of us are too possessive with our stuff,  so we’re cool sharing.  Jeter plays with Tat the Cat, and Tat will tease him a bit by hanging off the chair–when Jeter approaches Tat, Tat will swat him on the head!  (Tat is declawed, so of course it doesn’t hurt little Jeter).

I know I’m a bit overweight, as I’ve blogged about before, but this little guy is LEAN!  I think he’s going to keep me on my toes and we’ll get a few more walks in now because this little guy has SO much energy he needs to expend!  This is going to be great for our whole family, and what a better time?  We are having such a nice Spring and it will be so cool to go on so many fun walks.

Some of our best friends, Amy, Ali and Ethan just got a puppy this weekend, too!  Their puppy is a Great Dane who is SUPER cute, but he will be ENORMOUS!  Some of our other best friends, Anne and Chuck have 2 Boston Terriers, so between the 3 sets of us we will have 5 dogs–talk about some fun barbecues to come!

At Jeter’s old house, he had a stay at home mom, so he’s not used to spending quite as much time in the kennel like I am.  I tried my best to be a good sister and set a good example for him. Dad put me in the kennel this morning and Jeter followed suit shortly.  Thankfully, Mom comes home for lunch a couple hours after Dad leaves for work, then Dad comes home for lunch a couple hours after Mom leaves, and then Mom is  home a couple hours after that–so we don’t spend too much consecutive time in our kennels.

Potty training is going very well; Jeter was already potty trained, so he and I go out together and usually he will go shortly after I do.  Jeter is used to getting fed at 7 and 5 and I am used to getting fed around 12 and 5, so we’re trying to work out what the new schedule might be.  Jeter only had 1 accident, and that was because he had a bunch of water last night and got excited/riled up and Mom and Dad weren’t looking for the signs.  Otherwise, everything is perfect!

Right now we’re all chillaxin’ in the office while Dad works and mom does her homework.  I think I could get used to this!  Jeter sleeps in the king-sized bed with us, and Tat sleeps on the end table next to the bed, so we are just one big happy family.  Jeter only had to get up one time in the middle of the night to go potty, and then he came right back to bed with Dad and we all got to sleep until 6:15.

We’re going to go for a walk and or to see some friends tonight, so I’ve got to sign off.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and there will be many more to come!  We promised we’d post more articles and pictures on the site so Jeter’s old family can check in on him from time to time to make sure all is well.  If you are reading this Julie and Brad: thank you VERY much!  Things are going very well, we are all very happy, and we welcome Jeter’s quirky rambunctiousness.  We will love him very much and will take very great care of him–and we have no intentions of ever giving him back :o )  If you ever have questions, you can post on this site or send us an e-mail.

Mom & Dad will try to get some pictures posted here in the next couple of days.

Love to all my Anipal followers out there!  We’re still undecided if we’ll keep the name “Jeter.”  If any of you have any cool suggestions, please post!  Thanks!

May 31

It’s almost Ebby’s Gotcha Day!

Believe it or not, Ebby has been with us now for almost a year!
Her Gotcha Day is June 9th!
So in honor of her special day, our furiends in NJ, Jack and Oliver surprised us with a box of goodies to celebrate!

As you can see, we couldn't wait to dig in fast enough!

Ebby pulled out a hot pink sheep stuffy and within minutes killed both squeakers!

I was trying on my new shirt and as you can see by the toys spread all over the living room, Ebby and I were having the time of our lives! It was like Christmas!!! BOL!

Here's a picture of Ebby modeling her new bikini! Mommy loves to tan in the yard on the weekends so now Ebby can join her!!!

So pretty in her new party shirt and skirt....she is so happy and lucky to have landed in our home!

And look! My shirt says it all! BOL!

As you can see, I am POOPED! All this playing is exhausting! We got so many new stuffies! Our furiends sure do spoil us!
Thank you so much Oliver and Jack and to their human mommy for all the goodies! We sure do feel special!!!

May 31

Good Samaritans

Two weeks ago, as Mommy and Preston were leaving the dog park and walking towards their car, Mommy heard a bang. It wasn’t very loud but enough to catch Mommy’s attention. She looked up and saw someone breaking the window of a car parked right next to hers. Mommy was so naive. The first thing that came into her mind was a dog locked inside the car along with the car key in the 85F weather and his/her owner had to break open the window to rescue the dog. Then she saw the guy bending over into the car and coming out with a purse. She suddenly realized what was going on. Preston and Mommy just witnessed a break-in! After getting the purse, the guy jumped into his own car and sped away! But… Mommy got his license plate number!!
Mommy found the owner of the car and helped her report the incident to the police. The poor lady was devastated. She left everything, including her house keys, in the purse because she thought she was “just a few steps away in the dog park…”
Mommy couldn’t believe things like this could happen in a busy parking lot, in broad daylight and in front of her eyes! The whole incident took place in less than 10 seconds!

It turns out car break-ins happen frequently in the dog parks everywhere. Dog parks have become easy targets for the thieves because dog owners are more likely to leave their bags and valuables in the car while staying in the park. The lady in this incident even hid her purse under the seat and still became the victim. Mommy wants to remind everyone to never leave your valuables in the car when you visit dog parks even though you think it is just a short visit and you are close by. It only takes 10 seconds!
Hope the bad guy gets caught with the information Mommy and Preston provided…

May 31

Mr. Puggle®: Puggles & Bears OH MY!

I bet the bear knew Harley is part of a puggle posse. Don't mess wit da Puggle!

You can read or watch the story HERE.

May 31

pool time!

Now that the rain has stopped it has been getting very hot in NJ. So hot that mommy decided it was time to open the pool. Mommy decided that i'm a very good swimmer and since i stay on my raft i didn't need to put my life jacket on today.

Jack on the other hand isn't as experienced as i am so mommy made him suit up! (we like the show how i met your mother)
Jack is trying to figure out why he's the only one in the silly yellow thing
So mommy puts me in the pool and i immediately swim to my raft. i know to just chill out and enjoy the nice water. Jack does not know he can just stand still. he constantly walks around and mommy gets worried he is going to flip us over. he even tries to climb on me!

I'm not a floatation device jack!!! Thank you mommy for opening the pool so we can cool of in this hot summer weather!
May 30

Mommy and Daddy took me to Colorado!!!

Look at my cool new harness! I love Roosevelt Park!

Mom and Dad decided to drive to Colorado, and I was lucky enough to tag along! It took us 14 hours to drive there, but when we got there it was so cool! We went to a restaurant in Downtown Denver where I GOT TO GO! I wriggled out of my new harness and dad had to go catch me, but all the patrons said “ooooh, what a cute puggle!” That’s right!

We stayed at the pet-friendly Drury Inn in Denver, and then went up to a pet-friendly cabin at Sunnyside Knoll in Estes Park. We did a lot of site-seeing there before cruising down to Colorado Springs. We stayed in another pet-friendly hotel called Travel Lodge and saw many cool things like Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, and the North Cheyenne Mountain Park. What a great time we had, but it was also good to come home :o )

Yes, that's ME drinking out of a REAL mountain SPRING!!! :o) Mommy and me at the Garden of Gods! Mommy and Me in the car--I have my cool new Kong harness on! I am the HAPPIEST Puggle around :) Look at me!  I climbed a big rock with mom at Roosevelt Park! A REAL cactus!  I've never seen such a thing--gotta be careful! :o) HOW COOL!?  A paw print at our cabin at Estes Park! Napping after a day at the parks :o)
May 30

Mr. Puggle®: Memorial Day Movie Monday

We remember and we are grateful!

This is a minute long video of my Grandfather returning from an Honor Flight. Love you Grampie!