Mar 31

Thoughtful Thursday

Stumbled across this today.......very sweet and wanted to share!
Mar 29

Maddy the Puggle Runs Circles Around Pitbull

So I found a stray pitbull a week ago on my way home from work. She was running across 8-mile (detroit). You can follow her recovery blog at while we try to find her a forever home.

Below is a video of Maddy meeting Bella (the pitbull).

Mar 29

Stop abusing!

This poor little pug, Carina 
makes Mommy feel so sad and cry.
Not sure why she got these wounds,
some says she must been abused by people.
Luckily there still have kind heart human being in this world
that helped her a lot!
Thanks you!!

(click on 'Carina Pug' and you can read more about this little cuties)

Mar 28

Allergy Meds for Me!

Today, my Mama came by my house and gave me a surprise visit. She doesn't normally visit on Mondays! Then she told me we are going for a ride! Here I am, riding shotgun in Mama's car!
I thought, "well geez...its about time lady, you haven't taken me anywhere in forever!" I was so excited to be going for a ride...."where are we going Mama? Are we going to the Doggy Park?" It sure did look and seem like we were going to the park....I saw a pup walking with their human!But instead, look where we ended Love Pet Vet! YUCK!
Why are we at the Vet's you might ask...well, its because it is Spring and I've developed a serious Allergy with Live Oak pollen, and I've been itchy and scratchy for the last week. I've been licking, scratching, biting, gnawing, rolling and anything else that may relieve the itch around the clock. I've been keeping Daddy up at night because I've been too busy relieving my discomfort. As you all may recall, the same thing happened to me last year! Spring is here and I'm itchy and scratchy! So finally Mama insisted I get looked at! Here I am waiting for the Vet Tech!
First, came the weigh in. I don't usually like this part. In the past it had always meant that a diet would follow!

But lucky for me, this time I weighed in at 21.6 lbs. That is 0.2 lbs less than last November! Hurray for CoCo diet for me!!!!
This is what I looked like when the actual Vet came in. I know she meant business. I don't know if hiding under the chair will help disguise me...hopefully she won't see me!
As usual, Dr. Davenport is not so bad. She actually is a total cuddle bug and always gives me lots of hugs and kisses. She makes sure I'm calm and comfortable before she looks me over!
It turned out, I was given an Allergy Shot to help relieve the itchiness and was prescribed 1/4 of a Zyrtec for future irritations. Yes...the human kind. We learned today that it is okay to give pups Zyrtec and Benadryl. It is 1/2 Zyrtec or 3/4 teaspoon of Benadryl for every 20lbs of dog. So to temporarily relieve allergies, I will be taking the same meds as my Daddy!

The Allergy Shot was a form of steroid shot. The side effects are: increase thirst, which leads to increased appetite, which leads to increase peeing and pooing! Excessive allergy shots can lead to muscular damage and liver problems, so a homeopathic method is recommended for pups that are highly allergic year round. Hopefully I'll not need anymore than this one shot!

Also, since I was excessively going after my tail, my Vet suggested that that was a sign that I needed my Anal Glands needless to say, that was taken care of too. All in all, it was not a fun car ride, but I've gotten relief! Thanks Mama!

When we got back home, Mama gave me a whole cookie for being so good! I ate the whole thing! Yum!
Happy Spring Everyone....hopefully no more itchy and scratchiness!

CoCo Puff
Mar 27

Bella the Brittany Pup’s Journey to her Furever Home! Adventure #57

I had a wonderful adventure yesterday. Let me start from the beginning....Well human Granny has been wanting to do more for the 'Homeless and Helpless' pets, so she spends time a lot on [and forgets about my blog ;( ] so she can see if she can help to transport a pup or kitty or whatever to a forever home. On Thursday night she seen that a pup needed to get to her home and they needed one more leg to get her there. Well it just so happened that it was not so far from our home and human Granny knew just where the place was to take her to the next leg (person doing the transfer). So she wrote on someones wall 'I'll do it!' and Adventure #57 was on! She made arrangements with the lady organizer and then got in contact with the person that was the leg before us. She got permission for me to go too! Human Papa is taking care of his parents in Joliet IL USA (human Papa's Mommy and Popie are in from Texas USA for medical reasons) on Saturdays so I did not have anyone to watch me for the whole day. We waited for the call from the human girl and then we met her at Doubletree Hotel where she transferred to us, Bella. She was so cute (see pictures) and we called our next leg and then called human Papa and then finally we were on our way. I was so good and did not growl at her I did Bark a little. She was a little nervous but human Granny put her in the front seat with her and buckled her in and petted her soft head. After a bit she settled in and went to sleep and slept the whole trip. Except when she heard my nose trying to smell her at the side of the seat. I was a very good Puggle Pup and I did not show any aggressions to this baby Bella. We got off the Tollway in South Bend and went to another hotel called the Inn at Saint Mary's . Then human Granny got out with her. I was surprised. She seemed like she wanted back in the car with human Granny when the human lady was taking her to their car after a short walk. They got in her car (the other humans transporters' car) with my Bella and drove off. I sniffed everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. We had a early dinner and then back to Chicago we went. O I forgot to mention that I did take my Puggle Attitude out on the toll guys...Snicker! Snicker! Thanks human Granny for not having a IPass....BOL! Well all went well and human Granny was so proud of herself for doing such a good deed for the pup. Bless you and Please Remember the Animals in Japan.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

This is Bella the Brittany when we picked her up @ 2:42pm on Saturday 3/26/2011. I think she thought she was driving.....Snicker! Snicker!

This is Bella sleeping on her Journey to her Forever Home (top pic)
and me Puggle Ariel (bottom pic) watching over everything! I love to ride in my dogie car seat, but today I wanted to ride in the front seat with Bella.

Human Granny got out of the car with Bella and I thought she was just going to walk her but she came back without her. I was sniffing all over but she was gone....

I looked back to see her driving away with the new humans to take her on the rest of her Journey and find her forever human Mommy & human Daddy.....

As we drove back home to Chicago IL USA human Granny was shedding a few Happy *tears* and was talking to the sky. I guess she said a prayer for Bella? She does that a lot, talks to the sky.

Mar 26

my 1st birthday party

Hi everyone its jack again. Today was my very first birthday party! Mommy almost had to cancel the party though because last night i had to go the hospital because i didnt feel good. I had a boo boo belly. I'm feeling better though. Mommy decided to make my 1st party a pasta party, which is lucky becuase the doctor said the pasta is good for my belly!

Oliver wore a tie for the occasion. i had my tie on but i ate half of it. Mommy was not happy with me especially because i'm still sickMommy made me and ollie cupcakes becuase the human cake is chocolate
By the end of the party we were pooped! It was so much fun. thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Mar 25

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since our last post, so this will be a quick catch up! To start, Guido the foster puppy left for his forever home! We wish him the best of luck and a happy life!

Mar 25

JEARS aka Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support

Human Granny wanted you all to see what this 'chip-in' money is for! This is what they have done and are doing....♥
Click Here!
Thanks for your support and bless you!
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥
Mar 25

Mr. Puggle®: Friday Find

Puggle Muttles. Click pic to find out more.

Mr. Puggle® doesn't endorse this product. He is only excited he found puggle stuff & is sharing the info with his puggle posse.
Mar 24

Good Week!

Last week was one of the best weeks of my life, I think. First of all - we WON the Friday Puppy Photo Contest! Thank you to everyone who voted! (And also thank you to those who left a comment...that was so sweet.) Our award came in the mail today, so I am soon to have a serious talk with my mama about how we can spend our winnings. I would like a Bombers buffalo chicken burrito with extra guacamole on the side. For some reason, I think she has other plans that don't include the subjects of the photo, and if that is true, we will have our revenge plan handy.

We also got a care package from our dog cousins Tyson and Taz. They live on the Jersey Shore and are totally DTF and regularly GTL. Whatever that means. They sent us a load of goodies - squeaky toys (without stuffing), a new cuz, some bully sticks (which my mama cringed at, but are sooooooooo good!), and a whole bag of cookies! Patches claimed the dragon toy right away, and had the nerve to growl at me every time I went to ask him to share. That's OK because when he fell asleep, I stole it, gave it a colonoscopy and destroyed the squeaker!

Yes, friends...say it with me...WINNING!!! If I didn't hate cats, I might actually admit that I have tiger blood in me!