Feb 28

Reclaiming Our Blog

We're ashamed about how long it's been since we've updated our blog. Please don't look at the date on the last post. It's embarrassing.

We've been hanging around, doing much of the same - eat, sleep, play, poop - although not necessarily in that order. I'm pleased to report that Patches' squirrel'ly behavior has continued, which means that I am most certainly the most loved dog in this household. He's certifiably nutty. His bark is ridiculous (I've always complained about that), he does these "zoomies" when you mention the words "dinner" and "breakfast," he plays with the water bowl and tries to escape the yard when we're outside. Yes, he still potties on command - but who cares?! It's only because he's a spindly little creature with no insulating fur on his belly! It's cold out there.

However, he's a major cuddle bug and will spoon anything and everything until the cows come home. While I like to curl up in a ball at my mama's feet (yes, under the covers), Patches will lay his body down the length of her, tucking his head into her shoulder. My mama seems to forget what a SPAZ he is in those moments. It's all "Patchy, you're such a nice boy." She's so weak. I should fill her in the next time I see him eating his own poop, because I'm pretty sure she wouldn't get so close to his face then.

How can one think this *thing* is cute?! His fur can't even decide to be a single color!

Gag me with a rawhide.
Feb 28

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday-Clicker Hog

Mr. Puggle® dog the clicker hog!
Feb 25

Mr. Puggle®: Friday Find

Charlie the Puggle escaped from his home! How many treats can Charlie eat before he's caught?

Mr. Puggle® doesn't endorse this product. He is only excited he found puggle stuff & is sharing the info with his puggle posse.
Feb 24

The mommy spot!

It feels like so long ago when it was just me and mommy before jack. i loved being an only child. i didnt have to fight with anyone for the mommy spot. For those of you who dont know what that is...its when you sit on, or right up against mommy. Jack and i are always trying to get the mommy spot. especially when she comes home from work in the morning. you can see in this picture i have claimed the mommy spot in bed. i even put my paw on her shoulder as a little extra so jack knew she is MY mommy!

Jack beat me this time to the couch so i let him have it. lots of times though if he is under the covers by mommys legs i push him until he moves hee hee hee

Sometimes i have to share mommy though. its hard to see jack because he blends in with mommys black shirt but hes there laying on her chest

and once again i'm forced to share the mommy spot with jack on her tummybut we all know that she likes it when its just me and her!!!!!!!

Feb 23

Hug your Rescue!

Mommy came across this article today off of one of the rescue sites Mommy follows, called Noah's Ark Rescue.
This absolutely sickens and saddens me. How can people be so cruel!!
Click HERE for article.

To read more about this rescue and the AMAZING work they do, click HERE
They honestly take in the worst of the worst abuse and neglect cases, when everyone else is ready to give up.

For all you rescue dogs out there, and humans that have rescued a dog.......extra hugs are needed today. So many do not share this same fate as us.
Feb 22

Ebby here……

Hey furiends. It's me........Ebby. I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was a miserable day! While my brother got to sprawl out on the King Bed, I was at the torture chamber, getting my nails clipped off! Daddy said I yelped 3 times, and then I showed the vet staff my pretty teeth and let out some mean snarls and growls. They had me in a headlock....what was I supposed to do?! I hope I never have to visit that awful place again.
Even though they gave me cookies after, I am still not pleased that my pretty nails are now short and stubby! And because my nails are all black, I bled a lot. Sigh.....
NOT a good day for me!
Feb 22

Mr. Puggle®: Twenty Ten’s Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten States to visit Mr. Puggle in 2010:

New York
New Jersey
Feb 21

whats is going on outside?

This is what I woke up to this morning!!
no more ice storms!! please!!
Feb 21

Fit for a King!

I apologize in advance for the crappiness of the quality of this picture! Mommy took it with her crappy phone!
But anyways, check out my new bed! It's KING sized! I can't believe how much room I have on here! Now the humans won't be crowding my space while I am getting my beauty rest!

Speaking of beauty....Ebby is off to get her nails did this morning! BOL! yep, time for a good trimming of her claws! I think I'll just stay here on the comfy bed while she goes to the vet for her torture session!
Happy Monday furiends!
Feb 19

We hate allergy

My poor big brother, Champ, just got allergy
(maybe it's caused by the weather)
His eyes area is swollen and got redness on eyes balls

At first, he kept blinking and scratching.
After a while, he just closed his eyes all the time
so Mommy & Daddy made some research and found that
this happen to other dogs as well
Many recommended that Benadryl will helps
Champ took 3 capsules (total 150mg for over 50 pounds )
He took a really long nap and had a good sleep on the following night
So far his eyes are starting to get better,
the redness has been gone!

And for me,
I have anal problem.
I love to sit on the floor and spin around
(it's like i'm scratching my anal)
Sorry for so gross picture
but this is bothering Mommy...
(i did at least 3 times anal sec in a year)
i often have this FUNNY smell or liquid from anal
 Vet recommends Banadryl and hopefully
this can help me to get better