Jan 31

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday-Guest Kisser

kisses from Megan Ellis on Vimeo.

Jan 28

Mr. Puggle®: Friday Find

Jan 27

Preston the Bully!

Mommy and Daddy might have to call Cesar Millan “the Dog Whisperer” or Victoria Stilwell of “Its Me or the Dog”. Preston used to be a sweet and easy-going puppy that never showed his teeth unless it was to defend himself.
As Preston got older, he is turning into a grumpy dog. He still plays well with other dogs in the park but has become very protective of his toys and started showing food aggression when another dog is around. This has been giving Mommy and Daddy a big headache.
Not too long after Preston moved to Houston, he met up with his cyber friend, Puggles. (Interesting name, huh? His full name is Puggles TX Ranger) The two boys had a great time at the dog park. They played chase and shared treats together. Puggles is the sweetest boy and has great temperament.

A couple of weeks ago, Puggles invited Preston over to check out his house because when Mommy and Daddy are going on vacation, Puggles and his parents will be looking after Preston. Puggles’ parents would like Preston to get familiar with their house before the sleep-over. How thoughtful! Mommy and Daddy are so grateful for their help.
When Preston arrived at Puggles’ home, the two of them were very happy to see each other. They started running around in the house and were having a lot of fun…well…that was until Preston got his paws on Puggles’ “Waggle“, a treat dispensing toy that Preston also has one at home. Preston brought Waggle to Mommy and wanted her to fill it with treats. Just as Mommy was about to take the toy away from Preston, Puggles happened to walk by and without any warning, Preston snapped at Puggles! It caught everyone off guard. Poor Puggles ran away in shock. He was so terrified of Preston and wouldn’t even be in the same room with him anymore. Mommy and Daddy felt terrible. The poor thing must have thought “Who is this bully coming to my house, stealing my toy and attacking me?”
Mommy really thought Preston had just lost a friend but before Mommy and Daddy took Preston home (with huge embarrassment!), Puggles walked to Preston cautiously, sniffed a little and wagged his tail again. The two of them made up and were friends again. Puggles is truely the sweetest puggle.
What should Mommy and Daddy do about Preston’s agressive behavior? He doesn’t do that to people (thank goodness!). When Bunbun the Havanese slept over, Mommy kept close eyes on them during dinner time. Preston wasn’t aggressive towards Bunbun even when she tried to stick her head in Preston’s bowl when he was eating. Preston is very unpredictable. This has made correcting his behavior harder.
Mommy and Daddy are going on vacation this weekend. Puggles and his parents are so kind and still welcome Preston to their home even after they found Preston is such a bully. Puggles’ mommy and daddy will make sure to keep both boys safe. Preston is so lucky to have a friend like Puggles.
Puggles is very well-loved at his home. He even has his very own room, decorated just for him.

Mommy and Daddy are praying that Preston will behave himself this weekend so they can enjoy their time on the sunny beach…

Jan 27

Kitty Tank. No Puggles Allowed!

My brother got us this great “kitty tank” for Christmas. He gives the best gifts! You can get the Kitty Tank too from ThinkGeek.com, HERE.

Jan 27

Slow start to 2011

I've had a slow start to the new year! My Mama has been slow in coming in helping me blog these days. Since buying a house, and moving 30 miles away from my house, she is almost a stranger! I'm so sad. She also feels very guilty when she goes for a while before seeing me!

At any rate...we had a very quiet Christmas, and I received great presents from my pals Preston, and Bruschi and Ebby. They were all so kind and generous. Thank you bloggy pals!
Look at the chewies Bruschi and Ebby sent along with the beautiful Xmas Card Photo. Yum! I had to share with Susie and Duke!Look at the bag of treats and leggy stuffy Preston sent, along with his festive card!
This year the retailers have gotten smarter. In past years, I've always received a lot of Dingo bones as a New Year's gift due to the "after Christmas sales." This year, there were no New Year's gifts due to the retailers not having any doggy bones for the holidays. Mama and I were a bit disappointed! But a Greenie will always cheer me up!

This winter has been quite chilly too! I've been stuck indoors quite a bit. On the rare occasions where I do get out, we have Cedar Fever here in Austin!

Cedar Fever is when all the Cedar pollen disperse into the air at the same time. A lot of humans are highly allergic...my Daddy being one of the them, so we don't get to go out for walkies much. When outdoors, I want nothing to do with getting my picture taken, so Mama calls me a "professional camera dodger!"
I refuse to look into the camera....can we continue walking please?
We cannot wait until Spring arrives! We hope every human and every pup have a mild and pleasant winter!

Jan 27

Mr. Puggle®: Picture Perfect Puggle

Jan 26

Scary Winds and Scary Floors

Oh boy, what a scary day for me!
Last night we had terrible storms rip through Central Florida and for those of you who know me, you know I do NOT do well in storms.
And this was a storm with Tornadic Winds, Thunder, Lightning and LOTS of rain.

Mommy found me hiding out in my safe spot....the laundry room. Daddy says I must be wicked smart because that is a room with no exterior walls.....the safest place to be during a storm!

Ebby heard me whimpering and came to keep me company. She's not afraid of anything! Must be because of her former life on the streets!

LOOK! The storm even broke our big palm tree out front!!
(Not that that is major damage, but for a puggle like me it is! BOL)

Then I got to inspect the new floors Daddy and his friend put down all day while Mommy was at work. Surprisingly I walked right in, sniffed them out, and headed straight for my crate.

I am giving the new floors the evil eye.....how am I supposed to jump off the bed now without slipping? Where am I supposed to roll around after my bath time?
This stinks! The humans are wrecking my bedroom!
Jan 26

winter blues

Well for all you puggles that dont live in jersey...let me tell you whats been going on. SNOW. thats all its been doing here. we are expected to get another 6-10 inches tomorrow night mixed with sleet and ice. they said it may snow up to 1 to 2 inches an hour. we haven't been able to pee on grass in weeks. all it is is snow on top of more snow on top of more snow
my poor little puggle paws are so red from the cold and ice. when we go to the park i even stand on the bench to keep my paws out of it. Dont get me wrong jack and i like to run around in it and jack loves to eat it but enough is enough.
not to mention its been really cold here. mommy has been keeping us warm in our snow suits and our sweaters. we hope all our other puggle friends are staying warm!
Jan 26

Mr. Puggle®: Decapitated Puggle

I have always threatened to serve Mr. Puggle's head up on a plate if he chews one more thing in our house. Click pic to see more.
Jan 25

Well Hello!

It's been awhile! We are so thankful for everyones' prayers and love! Mommy and I did take a break for awhile and are not very sure when we will be back, we just want you all to know we misses you and we think of you everyday!
Until later, enjoy this pic of my and my mom way too early in the morn!