Dec 31

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a warm and happy home this new year!

Dec 28

Christmas Presents

Preston is a lucky pup. He received lots of wonderful Christmas cards and presents from his friends. Thank you all so much for thinking about Preston.

…and Preston’s buddies,Oliver and Jack, must hope one day Preston can challenge Chaser the border collie who knows the names of 1022 toys. They sent Preston a box full of toys!

Preston’s puggle friends Blue and Copper sent him the sweetest and most adorable ecard: video
Mommy baked Preston biscuits with the biscuit mix Bruschi and Ebby sent. They turned out great!

12/28/2010 updates:
More presents arrived today from Poochy Puggle! Poochy always got Preston the yummiest treats, the kind Mommy won’t touch without wearing gloves! :)

Dec 26

Santa came!

I can't believe it. He really does exist! Hi everyone this is jack. Shhh ollie is sleeping so i "borrowed" his blog. Please don't tell him because he got really mad from the last time. Anyway...Santa Claus is real! I still dont believe my puggle eyes! All those presents! When we woke up this morning mommy said to look under the tree and there they were...PRESENTS!!!

As soon as i sniffed around i smelt peanut butter so i went right to work opening my present. Oliver sniffed around and opened a few but i didnt want to leave my peanut butter filled bone.
Mommy finally helped us open the rest of presents. Look at all the stuff we got!And this picture doesnt include the seatbelt grandma and grandpa gave us, our new toothbrushes from our aunt, and cookies from our great grandparents!
I guess santa and mommy have the same taste because the jammies she bought our good friends bruschi and ebby santa brought for us!

mommy really likes the jammies because she made us take a ton of pics in them! but i dont mind because i'll do anything for food!

Needless to say as far as Christmas goes...this one was the best! Ok i know it was only my first but i loved it. Thank you Santa Claus!!!! I hope all my friends out there got lots of presents too! Oliver is never saw this post shhhh
Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Furiends!

Santa Paws came he really came!!! Look at all those presents!

Mommy said we can open presents after a walk........of course we had to walk with these silly decorations on our necks! How humiliating!

But when we got back, I got right down to business!!

Sniff Sniff......whatcha got Mom? Bones for us?

Me and Ebby are pretty good at opening our own presents. This was Ebby's first christmas but she caught on quick!

Mommy said we were making a mess! But we were having fun so it's ok!

Here we are with all our new stuff! We are very thankful to have furiends and family that mailed us pressies, and for Santa Paws of course.

But now I think It's time for a nap.......I am pooped!

All that excitement tired poor Ebby out too!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa Paws was good to you!
Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

Jack and i are all ready in our jammies waiting for santa to arrive. Mommy says if we want santa to come we have to go to sleep early. She had to tell jack a few times to lay down. He finally got the hint.

so while we wait til christmas morning for santa claus to bring us our presents we wanted to say merry christmas to our all friends out there and hope santa is good to each and everyone of you. !!
Dec 23

Cuckoo for CoCo Puff

Ok Daddy said this is getting seems like every day there is a present or a card in the mail addressed to me and Ebby. Him and Mommy have got pretty much NOTHING this year! BOL!

This time the package came from CoCo Puff!! As you can see in this picture I quickly grabbed it and ran off with it.....Ebby didn't even get a chance to see it!

Let me at it! I can smell something tasty in here!
(Of course Mommy had to come open it with scissors, despite my best efforts!)

Gimme Gimme Gimme!!! I LOVE Jerky treats!

Ebby, check these out! These are deeeelicious! Can't wait to sink my teethers into these treats!

Thank you CoCo Puff!!!
Hope Santa Paws is good to you this year!

Your furiends, Bruschi & Ebby
Dec 23

Happy Birthday to Lulu

         This is the first time we celebrate Lulu birthday
and she is turning 4 ~

Mommy dress up Lulu like a sexy Party Girl. Isn't she look stylish!?

Aunty Lisa is adjusting Lulu tiny hat while taking picture

 Lulu is making wish ( hmm.. nop, she is staring at the cake!)

Piggy and Champ also get another two pieces of it~

She is craving for the cake

Lulu got her new toy, A TINY BURGER!
Dec 23

circus jack?

I think my baby brother is training for the circus. all of a sudden he decided to show off how well he can balance on his back two legs. for a porky little puggle he does a good job. mommy tried to capture it on video. this is the best she can do. maybe for christmas santa will get her video lessons.
Dec 22

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!

Dec 22

lola the red nosed reindeer/puggle

reindeer or puggle?
Happy Howl-i-days to all of you!!