Nov 30

santa claus?

Hi everyone this is jack. i'm secretly borrowing my big brothers blog. SHHHHH dont tell him. so since its my first christmas i had a few questions. my mommy said i have to be good or santa claus wont bring me presents. is this true or just a way for mommy to trick me into being an extra good puggle. and how does this santa thing work. how does he bring presents to all the doggies around the world in one night? and what is with the flying reindeer and can i fly too? and what is with the big green tree in the middle of my living room? i thought that trees only stay outside? and why do i have to wear this silly thing on my head???
Nov 30

Seattle, WA

Two of the activities Preston misses the most since moving from New England to Texas are playing in the snow and going hiking. Preston got to do both in his trip to Seattle!
Seattle’s winter is mild and the city doesn’t usually get a lot of snow but a snowstorm hit the Northwest the day after Preston arrived. Preston was out playing in the snow and so were all the kids on the block!

Preston revisited Marymoor Park, the locals call it “Doggy Disneyland”.

When the snow melted three days later, Preston went hiking in Cougar Mountains.

How did Preston warm up after getting out of the icy water?

Preston also visited the famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

When Preston wasn’t going out, he was obsessed with his new found friend at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Preston’s Seattle trip 2007: Sleepless in seattle.

Nov 29

Is Cold Cold here

Happy Thanksgiving~
and I got few chucks of turkey (homemade by uncle KC)
and I love it so much!
why you here lulu ?I don't want to share heater with you!!

Arh, finally she gone

Hey mum, I need more heat please!

All right! Feel nice and warm in front of heather during the winter time!

Nov 29

Best Post Turkey Poses

We all did a lot of lounging around this past week. Grandma had the best human post-turkey pose with the "leg-over-armchair" maneuver.

On the puppy side it was a toss up. Duncan went for the "pillow as taco" strategy. Well played, Duncan.

While Turtle did the old-school "single paw dangle." We'll let you be the judge.

Nov 29

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday…The winner is….

Special Guest appearance by Nani, Mr. P's prima from Guahan. They were both supposed to be in the movie but, well, you will see.

Nov 27

Thanksgiving Weekend


Sorry we are just getting to blogging....Mommy has been very busy these last few days!
While she was busy getting ready for our Tofurky Dinner, (yes that is right.....the humans don't eat turkey here), Ebby and I were hanging out in the "Man Room"

Mommy got us these special Thanksgiving Dinner treats! They smelled like a traditional turkey dinner but looked like a sausage. Very strange!

Oh boy....I am STUFFED!

How about you Ebby? Ebby??? Yep.....she's stuffed too!
Thank goodness we have a full day of football to watch and be lazy all day!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Nov 26

International Treats!

Happy Thanksgiving to every human and every pup! I hope that everyone was able to eat a bundle!

Susie, my roommate received a care package from Korea. Look what we found inside!!!!
Dried Anchovies, Chicken wrapped rawhide bones, milkbones, and cheese rolls!They were not any typical kind of treats, they were a bunch of International Treats. A lot of which we've never had, nor can ever find here in the U.S. This here has been all of our favorite....Dried Anchovies, made especially for dogs!
It is so stinky that it makes us drool from the sound of the crackling bag it comes in! Look closely, you can see the bones still in them!
There was also this really cool Meaty Cheese Roll treat. We definitely don't have that here!
My eyes definitely light up when given an Anchovy treat!
Please stop taking my picture so I can go chow down on this treat....bones and all!
CoCo Puff
Nov 25


Happy Thanksgiving from Seattle!
Preston flew to Seattle with Mommy and Daddy last Saturday to spend the holidays at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. Yes… Preston was flying again!!
Just like previous flying trips, Mommy and Daddy were very nervous about putting Preston on a plane since he is too big to stay right next to them in the cabin and has to travel in the cargo hold. In the past, Preston has flown with United Airlines and American Airlines. Both of the airlines accept pets as checked baggage, meaning Preston was checked in at the same ticket counter as Mommy and Daddy and picked up at the baggage claim. This time Mommy and Daddy had booked Continental Airlines. They handle their pet customers a little differently. Pets that are too big to fly in-cabin are shipped through their Petsafe® program. Under this program, pets are accepted as cargo, meaning Preston has to check in at the airlines’ “Cargo Center” and be picked up at the Cargo Center at the destination too. Mommy and Daddy did research and prepared this trip as if Preston had never flown eventhough it would be his FOURTH trip flying wtih Mommy and Daddy.
Phew! Preston had a pleasant flight and arrived in Seattle safely! Mommy and Daddy would like to share their latest experience.
-Book ahead: Daddy reserved Preston’s spot on the plane 2 months ahead!
-Check restrictions: Airlines have restrictions on breeds. During the hot weather months, some short-nosed breeds are not accepted for flying in cargo.
-Health certificate: Continental and the USDA require that traveling pets have a Health Certificate issued by a veterinarian dated within 10 days of travel for both the outbound and return trips. Preston is spending a week in Seattle so Mommy got his Health Certificate the day before his travel date.
Flying day:
-Arrive early: Preston arrived at the Cargo Center 2 hours before the scheduled flight.

-Flying in comfort: No toys are allowed in the kennel. It is a 4-hour flight from Houston to Seattle. Mommy had prepared Preston’s Kennel in case there is an unexpected long delay.

With the Petsafe® program, Mommy and Daddy can track Preston’s status online throughout the journey but they didn’t need to get online for this trip.
Look, who is arriving at the terminal and ready to board.

Mommy and Daddy’s seats happened to be on the right side of the airplane so when they landed in Seattle, they were able to catch a glimpse of Preston being unloaded.

Mommy and Daddy didn’t waste a minute picking Preston up at the Cargo Center after they got off the plane. It was a relief to see that Preston made it to Seattle safe and sound.

Preston’s past flying expereince: Flying with a Puggle.

FYI: Prior to this trip, we were uncertain about checking Preston as cargo as opposed to a baggage. We were worried about the additonal time Preston would be separted from us since an earlier check-in time is required for cargo and we wouldn’t be able to pick up Preston as quickly as we did when he traveled with us as a checked baggage. Based on this experience, we are giving Continental’s Petsafe® program thumbs up. We were able to avoid the chaos at the ticket counter espeically during the holiday season and picking Preston up at the Cargo Center is definitely more secure than finding him at the Baggage Claim where anyone could have picked him up. We didn’t have to wait for TSA screening either. That was also a plus. However, we recommend researching beforehand the directions to the Cargo Center as most airport’s Cargo Center is located in a remote area unknown to the general public and maybe hard to find.

Nov 24

happy jack day!

just wanted to say happy thanskgiving to all our blogging friends out there! I hope you all have a wonderful turkey day with your friends and family and hopefully someone slips you some yummy food!
Nov 24

Dog Training for Christmas

During Christmas time many pets are bought for presents and are especially popular with children and families. It is important to get them off to a good start with training so that they can be appreciated when they grow up. When pets become out of hand due to poor care, owners often give them away, [...]