Oct 30

Howl-o-Ween Weekend

Hello furiends! Its Howl-o-Ween weekend and I've been a very busy puggle.
Do you like my scary shirt? Mommy says no costumes this year (lucky us!) but she insists we wear these T-shirts. Mine says BOO.....did I scare you?

Ebby has a Pumpkin T-Shirt. Orange looks good on her pretty black coat I think!

"I don't know about this clothing thing......."

The weather here is so perfect for a day in the yard....Ebby and I were out enjoying the sunshine and breeze when all of a sudden......

This is NOT what we were expecting!

BUT when we came back inside, Mommy had a nice surprise for us for being so good!
She had gone to this store called Pookie's and got us some new treats!
They are made by the K9 Granola Factory! Oats, Peanut Butter and Carob Chips!

I could hardly keep my paws off of them! Even Ebby was licking her chops just sniffing through the bag!

WAIT! That horrendous 4 letter word.....this is SUCH torture! you will notice Ebby and I fixated on our new treats waiting to hear the magic words....Go Ahead.
Hope you all have a very happy and very safe Howl-O-Ween!
We will be watching Mommy give away all of our chocolate!
Hopefully there is some left over so Ebby can knock the bowl over again! BOL!

Oct 30

happy halloween!

As you all know by now my brother and i are a turkey and pilgrim for halloween! we just wanted to wish all our friends a safe and fun halloween tomorrow. we've seen most of your costumes and you all look great! we have already offered to be official candy checkers in case mommy should need it. Happy Halloween!!

Oct 30

Halloween 2010

Preston has the funniest Halloween costumes this year…yes, costumeS. Mommy got not one but two costumes for him.
Guess what Preston is this year?

A mounted moose head!

and a rodeo bull!

Preston was at Howl-o-ween dog walk held by CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) on Saturday. There were many dogs (and humans) dressed up for the costume contest.

These angels were Mommy’s favorite.

This family took home first prize!

Mommy thinks it was the baby won it for the family.

Halloween event was fun but could be quite tiring too. Preston is going nite-nite in his Halloween pajamas.

Halloween 2009, 2008 and 2007.

Oct 30

Peanut’s Blog 2010-10-30 09:48:00

One of the videos my Aunty M took last weekend of me!
XO Peanut

Oct 30

Practice makes perfect

Last weekend I attended a "just for fun" agility trial and before that started I had some time to practice agility in a different setting with my Mom. It was nice to practice on someone else's equipment and in a new place with different smells. Next weekend I will participate in my third agility trial (but only my 3rd and 4th runs!!). I am entered in 2 runs, Advanced Jumpers and a Starters Standard run (Mom is away Saturday so we could only enter in Sunday runs- otherwise I might be doing 4 runs). I have been working diligently on contact equipment and weave poles during my practices and Mom was particularly proud of me following my last agility class where I proved to her and my instructor that I am more than ready for standard runs!

Here I am practicing the table. I don't have problems with this piece of equipment

Watching Mom to see what she will tell me to do next...

Another picture of the table...I have one of the weave poles but this photo snuck in instead.

Tomorrow is Halloween! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!

XO Peanut
Oct 29

Just call me “The People Whisperer”

Mom took me to the puppy park today because the sky stopped crying for a while. The puppy park was super muddy, which means that Mom wasn’t going to have clean pants for long. She tells me that she’s a mud and slobber magnet. I was having a good time playing with a black lab, when I saw Cody the husky and his dad, Dennis come in. I really like Dennis and am always happy to see him, but I’m not very fond of Cody. Nothing against Cody, as he’s always been nice to me. I just don’t dig huskies. Not long after Cody came to the park, a lady and her pit bull came in. I don’t normally have a problem with pit bulls, but I decided that I didn’t want to be this guy’s friend. I didn’t like his mom either, and let her know. Mom told me that I had bad manners and tried to get me to stop barking at the lady, but there was something about her that bugged me. Mom took me to the other side of the dog park to keep me quiet. I’m glad she did because that dog got into a big fight with Cody. Cody’s dad separated them and then laid on top of Cody to protect him, which I thought was really cool. What wasn’t cool was what happened next. The lady I didn’t like started kicking her dog and hitting him on the head. Now Mom knows why I didn’t like the lady.  The lady put her dog on a leash and stayed in the park. Every time Cody would come close her dog would lunge at him, and then she whipped him with his leash and kicked him some more. She also used a lot of words that Mom says are very rude. Mom told the lady that she shouldn’t hit her dog, but the lady said that it shows her dog who is the boss. I think it just shows that she’s a mean lady. Finally the lady left. She mentioned that her dog has been bitten by four dogs this year, but he never starts it. I think the lady needs to go in the corner until she understands that she AND her dog are causing this to happen. Mom told Dad tonight that every time I have this reaction to someone in the dog park, she later sees why I don’t like that person. Too bad Mom doesn’t have my mad skillz at figuring out who’s bad and who’s nice. It’s a handy time-saver. No need to waste time on mean people, when there are so many nice people in this world, right?   
Oct 29

Help is Needed!

Hey to all my blogger furfriends and human ones too! I only have one day to make a decision for my Howl-o-Ween Pawty Saturday 10/30/2010 and I need your help. I have 2 costumes this year and human Granny needs to know which one I should wear. She wants your input (whatever that is) Snicker! Snicker!
So here are the choices...
Spider Witch or......Purple Dinosaur?
Thanks and Happy Howl-o-Ween to all and to all a Spooky Nite!
Lick & Wags, Ariel ♥
Oct 29

Mr. Puggle® 2010-10-29 01:01:00

Oct 28

Mr. Puggle®: Pumpkin Puggle

Rocky Puggle wins!

Click pic to know more.
Oct 27

Flaming bag of poo as a Halloween treat?

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