Sep 30

he’s baaaaaaaaack!!!!

So while jack was away it was great. it was just like old times. Just me and mommy. No one to steal my toys no one to take up my favorite spot on the bed no one to steal my attention away from mommy. then yesterday mommy went out and said she was coming back and when she walked jack! Can you believe it? i thought it was going to be the mommy ollie show again. but i guess i was wrong. I guess my little brother jack is here to stay.
Sep 30

Mr Puggle®: Puggle People

Q: Who won the the Ladies Novice title at the 2010 U.S. Figure Skating Championships and owns a Puggle named Annie?

A: Leah Keiser
Sep 29

Choosing the Right Breed

Finding the right dog for you or your family is basically important. It’s essential think about the house you live in, your life-style, and what your family is like earlier than choosing a dog, and a lifetime commitment. To many people pick a dog without desirous about it, then eliminate it as a result of [...]
Sep 29

Mr. Puggle®: Survey Says…

Read Article HERE.

Is it okay to take pets to crowded public events?

Sep 28

Mr. Puggle®: Dog Shot by Cop at Festival

Click Pic for story.

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 18: A french bulldog named "Henry" (L) and "Stryker" the puggle hang out with their owners at the H Street Festival today in Washington, DC on September 18, 2010. Some are now questioning whether pets should be allowed at street festivals after a dog was shot and killed at an Adams Morgan neighborhood festival. ( Photo by Linda Davidson/ The Washington Post)

Puggle Posse Alert: Our very own Alice Puggle, knew of the dog that was killed at the festival. Please read a thought provoking post on her blog. And then, read all her funny posts to cheer up afterward. Bold
Sep 27

Mr. Puggle®: Movie Monday

Well, I think Mr. Puggle would attack it and crack the glass open to get the kibble...but maybe your puggle could be polite like the puggle in the video.
Sep 26

Happy Tummy

Saturday was Daddy’s birthday. Daddy came home from a four-day trip in Chicago to spend his birthday with Mommy and Preston.
Daddy didn’t forget to bring home Mommy’s favorite popcorn- Chicago’s Garrett Popcorn!
“What do you mean it is not puggle food? I brought it home all the way from the garage!”

This is the reason Garrett is not for a puggle…

Mommy took Daddy to The Chocolate Bar to pick out Daddy’s birthday cake. ALL the yummy sweets in the store are made of chocolate…except the carob dipped milkbones! That’s how cool The Chocolate Bar is. They don’t let doggies feel left out.

After the dinner and the cake, Mommy, Daddy and Preston enjoyed some TV time together. Someone on TV was shouting “Ice cream! Ice cream!” Preston rushed over to his toy box and brought Mommy and Daddy this…
“Did someone say ice cream?”

No ice cream. Sorry, Preston. But on Sunday, Mommy made Preston’s Kong filling with a new recipe. Puree 1/2 cup cooked beef, 1/2 cup red bell pepper and 1 hard boiled egg.

see other Kong recipes.

Sep 26

So long jack?

Mommy said jack is going on vacation at the doctors tomorrow for 2 nights. I love going to the doctors. i'm not sure why he gets to go since i'm obviously her favorite. maybe she is sending him away because she wants to spend more time with me alone. she said i went on the same vacation when i was 6 months old but i dont remember. Oh well. i cant wait to have the house to myself and all the quality alone time with mommy!

Sep 25

Playdate with Fancy

HI Everyone! Meet my furiend Fancy! She lives next door and we got to puppy sit her today!

She was so excited to see me, she couldn't stop giving me kisses! Of course she couldn't resist me, I mean, can you blame her?

We all laid around and chewed some tasty bones.

And she found her favorite toy in my toy was the Preston monkey! I call him that because my friend Preston the Puggle sent him to me for Christmas last year!

Ebby kept a very close eye on her the whole time she was know how females can be....BOL

And here's our group shot before Fancy had to head home!
Oh and mommy says please pay no mind to all the sheets and blankets on the sofa......she said she's tired of lint rolling it BOL!

Sep 24

Mr. Puggle®: Friday Find