Aug 31

Pet Supply Awareness

Pet is man’s best friend. Taking care of your pet is one good way to experience an unconditional love. Every pet owner surely wants to give the best to their pet. Pet care is not only about washing your pet to keep its fur shiny but also about providing the healthy meal for them. Just [...]
Aug 31

Mr Puggle®: Rescue Buddy Puggle in Ohio

Click Pic & take him home today.
Aug 30

My humans went on vacation and all I got was……

So you may have noticed I have disappeared from the blog world for a bit. That is because the humans went away on vacation and didn't take me with them!!
They got home last night and I was giving Mommy the evil eye while she unpacked her suitcases. Ebby and I were not pleased to have been left behind!

Especially after we find out, that all they brought us home were these lobster shaped cookies! Can you imagine! As if I am supposed to just forgive them for leaving us?!

THEN I find out, that Mommy and Daddy saw OTHER dogs while they were on vacation!
Daddy was being kissed by Brady! I can't believe the betrayal!

And Mommy got to spend time with her "sister" Bailey at her dad's house!!
All while Ebby and I were home!

Mommy also was a bridesmaid in her friends wedding.....a friend she has known since 1st grade! (Wow Mommy, you are old! BOL) Mommy is the one on the far right.

Not to worry furiends. We were not left home alone. Mommy's good friends came and stayed with us in our house so we were not alone. And my dog walker friend came every day too to take us out and make sure we were behaving!
Next time, Mommy said we get to go with them on their next vacation! That sure beats those stupid lobster cookies! BOL
Aug 30

Dr. Becker’s Bites®

These days, Preston puts on his best behavior when Mommy mentions “Bison Bites”.
When choosing Preston’s treats, Mommy likes them to be simple, natural, healthy and of course, yummy. Dr. Becker’s Bites® are Mommy’s exciting new finds!
These crunchy treats come in three flavors: Bison (made with bison liver & bison heart), Beef (beef liver) and Veggies (2/3 veggies & 1/3 bison liver). Preston has tried all three and love them all.

Don’t they look like tortilla chips? Preston will tell you they are BETTER than tortilla chips!

Aug 30

Mr Puggle® Movie Monday: Reverse Sneeze

Aug 29

Last Pool Party of Summer 2010 Adventure #52

My it is HOT in Chicago, IL USA. Yesterday human Granny and human Papa took me to my last 2010 Summer Pool Party with the 'West Loop Dog Group' Meet-Up. I had a Barking Great time as always. Human Granny did not venture into the water this time with me. But human Papa and I had a Blast! This time we stayed late and not too many dogs were swimming around with me. It was almost like I had the pool to myself. I was the only Puggle that attended yesterday. We have to get the Puggles to come out more. Well don't forget pups and all others tell your humans about my 'Great Cause' for the Senior Pups and Kitties. It is coming up real fast and we are trying to reach our goal. Just click on the 'First Giving' at the right side of this post. Please remember that No Donation Is Too Small. Thanks! Enjoy the pictures and notice how good my swimming is getting.
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

Here is the first one of me, I swam the length of the pool...See how far human Papa is away from me?

Here is the second one of me Swimming out to human Papa....Actually human Granny is standing on the deck having lunch and I was trying to get to her. Snicker! Snicker!

This one is me getting ready for a break....

Home Sweet Home...I'm so tired! But what a Great time!

Aug 27

Mr. Puggle®: Finally Found Friday

JoJo, A nine-month-old Puggle, a mixed breed of pug and beagle, was stolen from the Animal Humane Society on 1000 block of Beulah Lane in St. Paul. He was taken from a holding room where he was being treated for Kennel Cough, a condition that is contagious to other dogs. Police said they have identified the woman who stole the puppy. Click Pic for full story.
Aug 26

Mr. Puggle®: Pampered Puggle

Click pic to learn more.
Aug 25

Mr. Puggle®: Pancho Puggle Does it again!

Aug 25

My birthday party!

OMG i had the best 2nd birthday ever! All my aunts and uncles and friends came over to celebrate my turning two! jack and i had the best time ever. i got tons of toys and pizza and cake! Jack was so tired by the end of the party he could barely keep his eyes open. I can't wait for my third party LOL