Jul 31

Young @ Heart Senior Pet Rescue

Hi fur friends and humans! It is almost that time again. Me and human Papa and human Granny are getting ready for the 'Mutt Mosley' Young @ Heart Senior Pet Rescue walk around the pond. The event is going to happen on Saturday September 18, 2010, to start at 9:00a.m. in Palatine, IL USA. I have posted my 'First Giving' widget on my page on the right side in the middle of the page. Please give generously and remember no donation is too small. Thanks again to Puggle Preston's human Mommy and Daddy for giving last year. This is a Great Cause and they even came to some Senior Fur Babies rescue that human Granny posted on facebook.com. They are still working on their goal of building a Senior Pet Rescue building and they are always finding foster/forever homes for Senior Pets. A Great bunch of humans! Human Granny would love to go way over her goal this year. So Please Give and remember no donation is too small. Thanks so much and Bless you!
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥
Jul 30

Early Birthday Package!

Today there was a package at my door........it was addressed to "Bruschi"
Hey that's me!! I wonder what it could be!

Ebby, take a look at this! It's an early birthday present from my friend Oliver and his new brother Jack!

It's a Hide-A-Squirrel!! It's an interactive stuffie toy!!! Hurry up Mom take the picture! I've got to go play with this IMMEDIATELY!!

Tug Tug.....I've almost got it!

Check it out Ebby!!! This thing is neat-o!!

And I'm off with it!!

Oh no, my head is stuck!! BOL!

Ebby stole one of my squirrels while my head was stuck! Sneaky!!

A staring contest between me and the squeaky squirrel....

THANK YOU Oliver and Jack for my early birthday present!
That was such a nice surprise! I am going to be playing with this thing like crazy! Mommy read on the box that you can hide treats in it too! Won't that be fun!
Thanks again furiends!! I am such a lucky puggle!
Jul 30

Mr. Puggle® Friday Find

Jul 29

brotherly love

well today i got in trouble. i was playing with jack and cut him right above his eye! i didn't mean to do it but mommy was not happy. as soon as i realized i was in trouble i gave my little brother kisses. mommy was worried that jack's eye was going to swell up but luckily it didn't. she put some neosporin on it and we went back to playing.
Jul 28

My Rained Out Birthday Pawty Adventure #50

Well my 'Birthday Pawty' on Saturday (7/24/2010) was rained out. Chicago, IL USA had a downpour and human Granny could not get to the North Side of the city. It had flooded out many roads and closed the closing of some main Expressways. O'man! And it just so happened that late on Sunday night I got very sick. Human Granny said I must of ate something that was very bad. I just kept throwing up many times. Human Granny talked to Puggle Sandy's human Mom and Lainey's & Chole's & Autumn's human Mommy too! They had some Great advice, but human Granny took me to the vet on my Birthday (7/26/2010). I got some meds and a shot and some fluid put on me with a needle. Then that night I got worse and off to the 'Emergency Vet' we went. He gave me another shot and told my human Granny that I would sleep all night which I did and to call my regular vet in the morning. I did not do good with all them needles I guess. I am doing much better today. It was not a good Adventure for my Birthday. But Puggle Sandy's human Mom says we will have the Birthday Pawty this coming Saturday (7/31/2010) and I will still have a Barking Great time with Lainey's & Chloe's & Autumn's human Mommy's Special Treats!

Me getting very sick late Sunday night!

Me with my presents on Monday 7/26/2010 my 3rd Birthday!

I was so sick on Monday night this is me after we got home from the Emergency Vet. What a way to spend your Birthday!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much!
Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥
Jul 28

Mr Puggle®: Preston Puggle is on TV!

Click Pic to read story! Yay Preston! Makin' us puggles look real good.
Jul 27

A Bugg you say?

Yesterday Ebby had her first visit to our vet, Dr. Geiler. She got her checkup, her annual supply of Heartguard, and her nails cut. Anyways, Daddy asked the vet what breed they thought Ebby could be.....and all the staff thought she looked like she was a pug crossed with a boston terrier. So naturally, I researched this online and that mix is a called a "Bugg"! BOL! Do you think Ebby could be a Bugg?

Profile of Ebby
Ebby's ears are tall and pointy....almost like that of a French Bulldog. She definitely doesn't have my ears!

Here are 2 pictures of "Bugg's" that I found online.....I can kind of sort of see the resemeblence......can you?
Jul 27

Mr Puggle®: Makin’ Room for a Cool Pug…

...because it is THE WHITE SOX!!!!! Mr. Puggle loves The Daily Puglet! Click pic to read post.
Jul 26

Preston on TV!!

Awhile back, Mommy and Daddy were contacted by the production company about putting Preston on Animal Planet’s special called “Dogs vs. Cats“. They were thrilled that Preston could show the world how funny and smart he was on TV!
After months of anticipation, the show finally aired on Saturday. It was a very entertaining show and brought good laughs to Mommy and Daddy. In the show, dogs and cats go head-to-head in seven competitions: companionship, athleticism, cuteness, history, cleanliness, intelligence and cost. Preston represented the dogs in both companionship and intelligence competitions.
Here are some behind-the-scence photos during the filming of the intelligence competition.

After a week-long road trip, Preston arrived at his new home in Houston the night before “Dogs vs. Cats” aired. Mommy and Daddy brought a TV with them in the car and scheduled the cable installation on Saturday afternoon in time to catch the 7pm show. There were only a dogbed and a TV in the empty living room but tons of fun and laughter from watching the whole family on TV!

Hope many of you got to watch the show. If you missed it this weekend, a re-run is scheduled on August 7th (sat) 3pm ET/PT.
For those of you who don’t have access to Animal Planet, here is a brief summary.
In the Companionship competition, Preston was asked to choose between Mommy and 30 pounds of Bacon.

“Sorry, Mommy! 30lbs of bacon is once in a lifetime opportunity that no doggie can pass up…”

The winner in this competition went to Golden, the cat who chose his mommy over 30lbs of tuna. (but in Preston’s heart, he was the biggest winner that day. mmm…bacon…yum)

Later in the show, Preston faced a tough opponent in the intelligence category. He was going against Vegas show cats!
Mommy and Daddy were impressed by what those professional show cats could do but they had confidence in Preston.

Congrats! Preston won it for the dogs in the intelligence category! Mommy and Daddy were so proud!

Hope you enjoy the show!
Update: Clips of the show “Dogs vs. Cats”- Companionship and Intelligence

Jul 26

Mr Puggle® Movie Monday: Waitin’ to catch the big one!

It is a puggle circus! Shaky footage but cute just the same.