May 31

busy busy busy

sorry I havent posted those pics lately or even posted at all see mommy and daddy have been sooo busy lately finding us a home so we can move in the next two to three weeks.... and as soon as mommy can she will post something with a whole bunch of pics... she promises... because as of right now mommy is posting this from her smart phone...

Im soooo ready to get back to finding out about all of your lives....and will soon....

wags and licks

May 31

Mr Puggle® Movie Monday: 400th Post Edition

Gotta watch the video for contest details. Good Luck! Thanks for sharing your life with Mr. Puggle. :)

Feel free to embed the video on your blog if you want your blog readers to enter.
May 31

God Bless the Troops Adventure #45

Happy Memorial Day 2010

Well today it is raining most of the day here in Chicago IL USA. I have been laying around all day. Human Granny did play ball with me in the front room. Human Papa says he is going to grill no matter what. Human Granny gave him a umbrella to cover his head. BOL! I have to wear a raincoat and he doesn't, is something wrong with this picture? Snicker! Snicker!
Human Granny did not hang out the stuff or hang out the flag. But she did make sure I had a pic to share with my blogger friends. Have a Barking Great Day. And Remember the Troops, Past & Present & Future!
God Bless America!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥
May 31

PAWS Walk in the Park II Adventure #44

Hello dogs and humans and everyone else. I have been missing my blogger friends so much. Well I had a Great Adventure on May 23, 2010. Human Granny and human Mommy and human Papa took me to the Suburbs in Tinley Park IL USA for the Second Annual PAWS Walk in the Park. We had to walk around the pond at Centennial Park and boy was it hot. It turned out to be 92 degrees that day. Human Mommy got me my Blessing. I participated in some contest (but did not win) where the judge just did not watch me too much. It was fixed human Granny thinks. But no matter it was a Great cause for the Homeless Pets at the PAWS Shelter to raise money. So I did my part. Had a Barking Great time too! Catch you later pups. I have posted some pics for your enjoyment.
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

Here we are getting started me and human Papa.....

Wow that was a long way. Human Papa and I had to take a break half way.....
But I made it!

Home Sweet Home!

May 31

Vacation Day1

Preston’s new adventure will make anyone who likes to hike envious. This coming week, he is going on a 7-day road trip with Mommy and Daddy to Maine and Canada. There will be a lot of hiking involved. Everybody’s gotta pack their hiking boots.

First destination- Acadia National Park, Maine.

It is a beautiful day to visit the park.

Preston got to explore the ocean and lake and hike a rocky trail and a board walk.

Photo Gallery: click ” i ” for captions and “FS” for full-screen view

May 31

Letter from camp

Dear mom and dad, I’m so glad I found someone with thumbs to tell you how I am! Since izzy the dane’s mom Ronni was working and became my best bud I decided she was suitable to inform you of my stay so far. Yesterday she came in in the afternoon and we kissed of course and then I helped her with a.. Er.. Problem she had. She had a flower growing from her head. Now as you and I know that is NOT where flowers belong, they should be on the ground. But don’t worry, I the ever helpful Einstein promptly removed it for her! I also me a pug named Mia and I think I like her! Too bad she’s got a boyfriend rooming with her or I’d make her fall for me! I didn’t really like the shepards in my group walk.. They didn’t realize I was very busy keeping the peace among dogs and kept poking me with their noses. Needless to say I got a little grumpy and vocal. Today we had a HUGE day camp. They decided to open a few combining rooms and let us all run! I again did not like the shepards up in my business.. And Ronni wore a ribbon in her hair today. Doesn’t she know those are on presents to UNWRAP!?! Again, I fixed her hair and I employed her to be MY person for the day. I went where she went, had her pick me up and pet me and scratch my butt. Of course I paid her in kisses so don’t worry, she got her fill =) She acted like all my hair on her wasn’t the best gift ever but I know she loved it! I am having a great time but of course I can’t wait to see you again! I’m slightly famous here cause the people who haven’t seen me web site are being told about it so they all can be informed employees of me. Well, Ronni has to get back to her home life so I guess ill let her take a vacation from my employment. Wags and kisses, Einstein.
May 30

Happy Memorial Day!


May 29

Mr. Puggle® 2010-05-29 16:01:00

May 29

A birthday celebration

Turtle turns two on June 2nd, so we had a little garden party last night to celebrate while the whole family was together.

On the menu were Apple Crunch Pupcakes (recipe courtesy of Preston's blog) with peanut butter and cream cheese frosting (Turtle's favorite part).

We made Turtle wait to blow out the candles until we all sang to him (our family has some particularly talented singers, so Turtle really enjoyed the serenade).

What a great birthday!

May 29

can we pleaseeeeeeeee go

i love going to the park and seeing my friends. this is what i do when i see mommy get up and go into the refrigerator. as soon as i see her pull out my water jug i know its go time!