Apr 30

Buy No Phone Zone Stickers

Apr 30

Dear Steve Jobs: Please cut a deal with Verizon.

After Alice, my family, The Human Male, wine, The Urban Family, and America's Next Top Model, one of the things I love the most in my life is my iPod Touch.  Honestly, I'd date it if I could.  If Verizon got the iPhone, I'd give up my BlackBerry (which I love like an appendage) in a hot millisecond.  Love it.

So recently they've been playing an ad out here that involves dog adoption.  It's so cute.  You can watch it here.

Apple, you kill me!  Please, please, pleeeeeeaaaase cut a deal with Verizon!  The business you'd get from me alone will keep you in business for years!     
Apr 30

Mr Puggle®: Ike the Pitbull Saved!

Oh Happy Day! It is a beautiful thing when everyone can unite and agree on one thing. "Save that dog." We could all put aside our differences and be on the same team. Team Ike. South-siders standing shoulder to shoulder with north-siders and Sox and Cub fans in agreement. I am delighted this had a happy ending. I hope this sense of unity lingers in the city.

To see the video link and more videos of the story click here.

Nice article and pictures here.
Apr 29

Everyone loves Matt Damon!

The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue has a fantastic dog named Matt Damon.  Matt's recently gone through a series of surgeries and is now available for adoption.

We met Matt a couple of months ago and I'm still totally smitten with him.*  I love, love, LOVE him.  There's even been discussion here tonight of if he isn't adopted this weekend, ** Alice and Matt may need to meet.

If you have a Matt Damon-shaped hole in your life and live in the DC viscinity (or know someone who does), please consider adopting him.  You'll be one of the luckiest dog owners out there.

* The Human Male loves him, too.  He's absolutely awesome.  Both Matt Damon and The Human Male.

** Both of us agree that he probably won't.  He's that fabulous.
Apr 29

IMMM BAAACKKK!!!!…. but not for long

hey guys and gals...hehehe... KEIKO here and let me tell ya have I been busy and has momma had some of the worst luck you know all those pics that we where going to show you guys??? GONE!! POOF!! momma said her camera died and the pics went with it... so no pics this week but I promise we will have some next week for sure... I know because we have a busy week next week like I get to possibly go swimming for the first time next week if it warms up enough...mom says but anyways you know we went down to memphis to see biscuit and my other paw paws and maw maws and biscuits mommy my auntie and well I got shots in the booty while I was down there and also she did some other R rated stuff to me to see if I had something called a tape worm!!!! Luckily I didnt but she still wanted me to take some awful medicine for it just in case she said... hmmm... yea right! anyways me and biscuit played and played and played while I was down there and I taught him how to bark more you know gave him more words to say maw maw and paw paw werent very happy with me for that... then we got some good news!!! WERE MOVING!!!! Very very soon like in a couple days or sooo you know up there near tank well in the same area but further up north ( oh no mommy does that means its going to be colder more and longer????) I hope not I mean I like the snow but I like to swim a whole heck of alot!!! anyways I really did enjoy my time down there with biscuit and it wont be long before I see him again actually only about two weeks!!! weird huh? well we have to be back down there for a graduation from this thing called high school I wonder if that means its way up in the sky? isnt that what high means?? and school that means you dont know something and you need too mommy says I dont know alot but I can always learn!!! but we have to be down there to watch her walk across this thing called a stage mommy says and some guy give her a piece of paper, heck I could give her a piece of paper and save us all alot of time!! BOL!! well I will definately take pup pics while Im down there this time for sure!! 

wags and licks

Apr 29

Mr Puggle®: Pray for a Chicago Pitbull Boxer on the Ike

Chicago is riveted watching, a pit bull named Boxer, weave in and out of traffic on the Ike, one of our busy expressways. All the Chicago morning shows with helicopters have been following the dog, Live. It all started yesterday morning and continues to play out today on live TV. This dog is on his eighth life, with so many near misses, so please pray. There was a really close call as I was typing this.

UPDATE: He made it to a baseball field, got water in the parking lot, and let it out. All live. The police are on their way. I have to go to work. I hope it has a good outcome. May God protect Boxer. Amen.

Here is video from yesterday's lunch time newscast.

Apr 28

“Houston, we have a puggle”

Texas Puggle
Preston is moving to Houston, TX in July!
Just like Preston, Mommy and Daddy have never lived in Texas before. This will be a new adventure for the whole family!
Dear Coco, sorry it is not Austin but Houston is not too far away, Preston will definitely visit you in Austin. He can’t wait!

Apr 28

Mr Puggle®: Safety Warning for Dog Owners

WARNING: This is a disturbing but worthwhile message.

I opened my June 2010 copy of Dog Fancy, just to thumb through. Something caught my eye and I began to skim only for a few sentences. I was overcome with horror as to what I read. My body began to involuntarily cringe. I gasped loud enough for people to look at me. I dropped the magazine and clasped my mouth with both hands. I have not opened the magazine since and I don't know how the story ends. I am only sharing this story with you in the hopes it prevents just one accident. It is something I never thought about and I have made changes in my house to prevent it. Now, if I could only get the image out of my head. Hold on to your lunch. A dog licked the paper shredder and the machine pulled the dog's tongue in. You can imagine the rest. Keep them up and or unplugged. Please spread the word.

Apr 27

Why yes, I do own the place!

Mom takes me to puppy day camp every other week while the cleaning ladies hide my toys clean the house. She says that after her foot surgeon gives her the go-ahead (probably not until July) we’ll go hiking or something, but until then I get to spend a few hours with other puppies. Mom’s noticed something about me. After I’ve been somewhere a few times, I act like I own the place. This means that if I don’t like or know someone ‘in my place’ they hear about it. In my head, it goes something like this: Me (Einstein P. Williams): Did I invite you here? Stranger: No Me (Einstein P. Williams): BARK BARK BARK!!!!! Me (Einstein P. Williams): Are you looking at me without my permission? Stranger: Yes, because you’re the most awesome looking dog I’ve ever seen. Me (Einstein P. Williams): BARK BARK BARK!!!!! Here’s your warning. If you’re in PetsMart and see the most handsome puggle in Washington State, do not look at me and for heaven’s sake- stay out of my aisle! I caught mom watching me in the window while I was following the nice girl around the room. She noticed that I wasn’t playing with the other puppies. Instead, I followed the nice girl wherever she went. If she cleaned the windows, I was there to inspect her work. When she mopped the floor, I made sure I could see my reflection. I have to tell you that following cute girls around all day is exhausting. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I actually played with another dog. Mom asked one of the nice girls that works at puppy camp about why I wasn’t playing- because I ALWAYS play at the puppy park. She said that it takes some time for puppies to warm up to the idea of playing with other puppies without the watchful eye of their mom or dad. Until then, I’ll just help the cute girl clean MY place. She’s doing a great job. I think I’ll give her a raise.
Apr 27

More Jean Pictures

These jeans were a great investment! They go with EVERYTHING!!!!