Mar 31

April Showers Bring May Flowers…

Hey guys and girls sorry I havent had a chance to blog this week so far (mommies been sick with a sinus thing). My week so far has gone really really good this weekend on the other hand was not so good... I got in MAJOR trouble with my papaw foxx this past sunday we were outside he was about to take us on a walk and I ran off to chase another doggy and well I wouldnt come back to him so when I got back he yelled and yelled and yelled at me I was sooo scared I peeed on myself but I deserved it I had mommy and gable and papaw soooo worried I was going to get by a car or worse, but I learned my lesson never to run off from momma and papaw and gable and even daddy .... but who would run away from my daddy I dont see him enough as it is so when I do see him I spend every minute with him!

Daddy UPDATE!!!: the latest news on daddy (mommy never keeps me updated on these things but these beagle ears are good for something!!) Daddy is supposed to go into manager training somewhere around april 15th (which me and mommy will be in Memphis but thats another story) and then he will stay there for a little while we think about a month or two and then by mommies birthday which is in JULY I should have my VERY OWN HOUSE!!!! YaY!!! Hopefully we will have one before then but definately by then should we be up in kansas city! YaY!! somwhere around north kansas city around platte city or gladstone which has the NEW INDOOR DOGGY PARK!!YaY!!

Now back to your normal programming......

soooo I GOT MAIL IN THE MAILBOX TODAY!!!! YaY!!! Thank you sooooo much REMMY I LOVE GETTING MAIL and its soooooo pretty and colorful!! PLUS it has my favorite treat on it JELLY BEANS!!!

see I love it!
Mommies been leaving me once a week to go to this ladies house... see when mommy was a little girl her mommy and daddy tried to get her to learn how to play this thing called a violin(its a very very very noisy thing if your parents ever think about getting one RUN!!!) well she never finished learning and now shes decided to try again and well she's been coming home and practicing it everyday I think she's getting better when she plays papaw and gable clap so she must be getting better...but what do I know I'm just a pup!

Here's the noisy thing!!
It's kinda like my gables piano except her's sounds better....maybe one day....

OHH!! Remmy is been trying to get everyone to workout so Ive been doing my part and I had mom record me so you guys would believe me that Im trying to look pretty for my two piece this summer!! WARNING: THIS IS NOT MY BEST SIDE!!!

Mona here is your pic that your were asking for of me!! I was not cooperating with mommy taking this pic because I was tooo busy looking at the world passing me by!! BOL!! I have noticed that SPRING IS HERE!!!! FINALLY after that last snow storm we got I think its finally decided to stay warm! YaY!! but you know what that means that means with spring and flowers and bunny wabbits showing up also means rain and my mommy doesnt like to take us outside to potty in the rain and we dont have a fenced in backyard so she has too! so that means shorter walkies ...... for me :-(

also mommy has decided to start her own blog ( I dunno why she barely helps me post)
but she said that she wants to start a blog to share about her adventures with celiac disease and with me and daddy moving and all, and with her collecting precious moments..(she loves to collect precious moments).I also have some new fuuurriends you guys need to go follow!!


I hope everyone enjoyed my adventures this week and I hope you all have wonderful adventures yourself!!

wags and licks

Mar 30

Dogs and Deer.

Typically I'm not a fan of deer. Well, it's not that I don't like deer-- all in all, they're pretty cute creatures. I'm not a big fan of deer ticks. I don't want to see one, hear one, or have one anywhere near me. They're disgusting, vile, and... uggggghhhh!

My hatred of deer ticks brings The Human Male immense amounts of joy. When we first started dating and learned about it, I occasionally got a picture sent to me. In the years since, he's learned that it's much more fun to make me watch cute deer videos online and face the inner turmoil of being ensorcled* by giant, furry deer tick transportation devices.

Case in point: Andrew Sullivan had the CUTEST video posted on his blog today of a dog and deer playing in a yard together. The Human Male showed it to me after I'd settled in on the couch with Alice, unable to get up without exciting the puggle.

Oh, my goodness! Doesn't it make you want to MELT?! Look at how fast that little deer's legs go!

Of course, this led to us finding more cute dog-deer videos. Meet Pip and Kate:

Not only is this freaking adorable, the music's good. And if you want to see the cutest baby deer pictures ever, watch this one:

It looks like the user who took the videos has several more. Honestly, I was in absolute cute overload with these alone!

I will admit, one of my first thoughts when I saw little Kate rubbing her tiny deer head all over Pip was "What about the TICKS?!" Then I decided that there's probably a breed of deer out there that's born tick-repellant, and that Kate is one of them. Right? RIGHT?!

*"Ensorcled" is probably not a real word, but it's a very contagious Human Maleism. It means basically being super-smitten with something extra cute. I dare you not to be in love with something and not think "I'm ensorcled with this".

Mar 30

Mr Puggle®: Call the Puggle Police!

Hmmmmmm, you will just have to click the pic to find out the rest of the story. Got Puggle?
Mar 29

Maggie the little thief!

Maggie may look sweet and innocent, but she's always up to no good!

See her....eyeing my chewy bone! She's just waiting for Mommy to turn her back before she makes her move!

SEE! She's run off with my chewy bone! Someone call the puggle police! She's a thief!

That's right Maggie, in jail where you belong! Stealing is against the law!

As you can see, we are getting along for the most part. We like to play the game of stealing each others toys and treats. I usually just let her win because she's a girl and she's so little.....but if she takes something I really want.....I let her know whos's boss!

Mar 29

Mr. Puggle® Movie Monday: Another Puggle on TV!

Another Puggle makes it on TV! Watch Here.

Funny thing, the puggle's sister is actually the naughty dog. The puggle is so calm. Are the puggles on the west coast better behaved or something? Is it the sun? That nose harness looks interesting though. Have any puggle posse people used it on their puggle? Any luck? Do tell. :)
Mar 28


Mommy hopes this video will encourage anyone who has a hard time trimming their dog’s nails to keep trying eventhough it might seem like an impossible task.
Preston used to be terrified of nail trimming. Visits to the groomer were quite traumatizing for him. Mommy tried Peticure® but Preston ran away on the buzzing sound of the electric filer. Nail trimming was such a dreadful activity for both Mommy and Preston. For more than two years, Mommy had given up on trimming Preston’s nails. Luckily, his active lifestyle kept his nails naturally short. His dew claws were removed by the breeder so Mommy never has to worry about them.
This past winter was Preston’s first winter living in a place where there was a lot of snow. The de-icers on the ground made it hard to go for long walks. Running in the snow or grassy parks was just not enough to wear down his nails. Nail trimming became necessary again and Mommy wasn’t looking forward to doing it at all.
To Mommy’s surprise, nail clipping was so much easier this time around. Preston has become quite comfortable with his pawdicure, sometimes, he even falls alseep in the midst of it.

Preston’s pawdicure kit:
Preston's Pawdicure kit!
How does Preston learn to enjoy the nail clipping?
1. Growing up Preston is used to having his paws handled. Mommy likes holding his paws and wiggling his toes when cuddling.
2. Preston got two cheerios and a big praise if he let Mommy touch his toes with a nail clipper (without clipping). Repeat this many many times.
3. Then, move on to real clipping, Preston got two cheerios for each snap sound the clipper makes.

And many many cheerios later…

FYI: Nail clipping instructions

Mar 28

Yappy Day 2010

Yappy Yappy!
I love Yappy Day!
This year, I have 2 companion and they are
Lulu and Champ!I bet this is their first time to be there.
Is a pretty nice weather in the morning. 
Many people n dogs going too!
(does he look like champ?)
(that wasn't me! just another guy like me!)
Surprising me, there are a lots of puggle coming this year!
Lulu found her twin!
And lots more! (Lulu is the smallest one among them)

 Mommy didn't enter me in any contest this year.
(you will get to know why when you read Yappy Day 2009)
Champ and Lisa joined the Owner Look Alike contest.
Both of them wear the same shirt!
Yellow shirt make them look outstanding on the stage.
video for Champ on the stage

Proudly, both them won the contest, the Champion!!
They also called Champ the "SHOCKER DOG"
Champ was so popular that everyone came up and praised him!

Lulu also joined the Best Dress competition with KC
Sadly she didn't win but it was a nice experience!
Mommy got so many sample dry food sample for us,
(enough me for a month!)
Yappy day is fun for me, and also for Mommy too!
Mar 27

My 1st Easter Egg Hunt at PAWS Adventure #42

Me with one of my prizes from the PAWS Easter Egg Hunt 2010
Me hunting for just the right eggs!
Me with my eggs all in the carton! I did eat some treats out of a few egg before we got to the check out table...Shhh! Snicker Snicker!

Hello pups and humans and everyone else! It is a Beautiful Day here in Chicago IL USA. It might be a little cold for some but us Chi-Town Dogs are use to this weather. I had a Meetup scheduled today but I also wanted to check out the Tinley Park IL USA '2010 PAWS Easter Egg Hunt'. Human Granny did not want to drive deeper into the city by the lake (Lake Michigan that is) so we piled in the car and headed to the Suburbs. It was fun and I tried to grab as many eggs as I could Snicker! Snicker! I got many prizes and had a few treats out of the eggs before the Easter Bunny helpers could see if they had a prize in them. I made out like a bandit. And my tummy was full of treats before we even got home. So Happy Easter to all the Internet Fur Friends.
Blessings and Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

Mar 27


*Permission to crosspost this message*

Last night at agility class, a vet, who is a fellow agility student was
telling us about a case she had this week. The dog ate a child's teddy bear
and was very sick. When she opened the dog up to remove what she thought was
an intestinal obstruction she found a huge gelatin type mess inside and the
dogs intestines were black and the tissue dead. The dog will die - no surgery
can fix him up - there was no living intestine left from stomach to colon.

This was not an obstruction..... so she called the manufacturer of the Teddy
Bear on a quest to find out what the gel was and what killed the dog. Turns
out the stuffing in children's toys contains ingredients for flame
retardants and mite control! It is designed to be come a gel. It is highly
toxic. Now you would think a child's toy would be safe because it is for
children, but they don't expect a child to eat the stuffing of the toys...
huummmm that seems a bit scary too. But we all know dogs demolish stuffed

So do not give or buy your dog any children's stuffed animals... some people
get them at goodwill etc. The vet will be posting a warning and story and I
will send any other facts as needed and as I learn more. Maybe some
children's toys do not have this ingredient, but better to be safe then
sorry. So meanwhile, make sure all your dog toys are for dogs. Please pass
this on... it is a horrible death she described and one that can be avoided.

So please, please, please - Keep the hooman stuffies away from us doggies!

Mar 27

Fetch at the Park

One of my favourite things to do is go down to the park near our house and play fetch with a stick or with my Chuck-It. I love to run as fast as I can. Boomer can really run too. It's fun to see who can get to the stick/ball first!

"Dad, throw the stick!"

If he doesn't throw it I will try to switch the game to a game of tug!

Boomer LOVES running in the park too!

It's a beautiful day for a run here! Boomer and I are heading to a play date with our doggie friend Moxie this morning. I will try to remind Mom to bring her camera so we can post photos later!

XO Peanut