Feb 28

The Dog Cupcake.

Yesterday morning, The Human Male and I ate at a great little place in Old Town Alexandria called Bittersweet Cafe. Bittersweet is a cute little deli-type restaurant with sandwiches, incredible baked goods, and a "hot bar" that changes I think fairly frequently. They also serve their iced tea and lemonade in the biggest cups I've ever seen. You actually need two hands to hold it, which is perfect during DC's oppressive Augusts.

I hate to admit it, but I sometimes "forget" about Bittersweet-- we tend to go to the same couple of places when we hit up the OT, so it's always an afterthought. So it was a very fun surprise when we found out that they make dog cupcakes. They make little ones for puppies and regular/huge ones for normal-sized dogs, and they're carrot cake flavored (made with carrots, flour, and honey, with some kind of cream cheese-looking icing). We had to get one for Alice.

When we gave it to her, she was so thrilled that she didn't know what to do with it. I mushed it up a bit and then she got the point and went to town.

When I walked back in the kitchen, the plate and floor were spotless. Looks like Alice is a fan of Bittersweet now, too!

Feb 27

Dear Alice…

I wanted to thank you for helping me with my laundry tonight.

Just moments before you dropped your dog bed top-down on top of my clean clothes, I'd been wishing Snuggle made a scuzzy, droolly dog bed-scented dryer sheet.


The Human Female

Feb 27

2 puggles not getting along….help!

Bruschi's mom here. Ok so fostering Tyson is NOT going as planned. Bruschi and him are now fighting every chance they get. Bruschi is not, and has never been an alpha dog. He's the most calm and passive dog and loves to play with all dogs. The first night, Tyson was all over Bruschi and Bruschi literally laid there and just whimpered and shook. By day 2, Bruschi had apparently had enough and actually started snapping and snarling at Tyson! Bruschi has never in his life even growled at another dog, let alone show teeth and snarl!! Well today is Day 3, and it's only getting worse. Every time the 2 of them are in the same room, they go at it and I have to break them up and put them in opposite sides of the house. It is EXHAUSTING! I don't know what to do to get them to get along, and I am not going to let them fight it out in my living room. Tyson has been shuffled from one foster home to the next, and he is SUCH a good dog, and wants someone to love him. That's very evident. But he is trying to claim me.....and everytime he comes near me, Bruschi goes after him. It's putting me in a difficult situation and I am not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Christen, Bruschi's Mom
Feb 26

How are you keeping warm?

As for me, I snuggle against this furnace vent.

Feb 26

Mr Puggle®: Foster Friday Bonus

This is a Mr. Puggle kinda south side puggle because he has white socks. Get it? :) Well you can get him if you have a "Puggle Shaped Hole" in your heart, to quote Alice. See more pics of Tyson on Bruschi's Blog. Tyson is from Pug Rescue in Florida. www.pugrescueofflorida.org
Email me at mrpuggle at jalfred.com for more info.
Feb 26

Meet Tyson!

Well Tyson is here! I am not sure how I am feeling about him. He is one rambunctious little puggle puppy! He is a tri-color, and has some cool markings on him. He likes alot of the same things I like....my stuffies......my bones.......my food! Mommy had to keep him out of my food dish!

As you can see, he is enjoying one of my rawhide bones!

I have to admit, I am a bit afraid of him. I'm what they call a "wussy dog" and Tyson picked right up on my wussy vibe and spent the first 4 hours trying to hump me!

I had to keep hiding under the table to get away from him!

Finally Daddy stepped in and pulled a Cesar Milan on him! Yeah Daddy you tell him to leave me alone!

Getting us together in a picture was not easy but here we are. Mommy says I look really sad. I do feel sad....I hope I am not being replaced! Mommy keeps kissing me and telling me I'm number one and always will be. I just hope he stops humping me! I'm not into that stuff! BOL
Feb 26

Mr Puggle® Flashback Friday

Feb 25

My brothers

My brothers are now five weeks old. Almost the age when I came to live with Mom and Dad. Mom says it’s a good thing she was sitting down when she saw these pictures, or else she would have fainted from all the cuteness. I’m lucky that Dad has put his foot down on me being an only dog, or I’d have one of these trouble-makers sleeping in my bed with me at night. This one looks just like I did at that age (except he doesn’t have any white on his front paws):
Feb 25

Mr Puggle®: Dear Dog Lady

(Disclaimer: While I AM the lady that feeds Mr. Puggle, I am NOT the Dog Lady.)

Dear Dog Lady,

Our active, 11-year-old puggle was struck by a car about six months ago. Pepper suffered head trauma, a broken rib, and a bruised lung...Read More Here

Feb 24


hey guys sorry no post for a while but just wanted to let you guys know we are still alive but my mommy is sick not only with her tummy but with her nose she has a sinus infection now....wonderful mom your supposed to be taking care of me...... but anyways that and daddies sissy and her kids are here driving me crazy wanting to pet me and hug me and pull my tail ughhh anyways well blog again when mommy is better

wags and licks