Jan 31

My Tumblr- Microblog.

So, I signed up for Tumblr to see what all the hype was about. What I found was that I love it! It is so easy to use and is a great service for the micro-blogging platform. 

Sometimes I come across lots of little pictures, or clippings of things I want to share with my furiends but because it would normally take so much effort I usually don't.

From the website:

Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be.

So this is where My Tumblr comes into play. It makes it extremely easy to "follow," "like," and "reblog" posts seen around the web. Most will be dog & animal related but I might just throw in a few I that aren't but that I think are too funny not to. 

If you have a Tumblr blog (preferably dog/animal/pet related) I would love to follow you so leave me a comment, mkay?

Jan 29

I think Mom is feeling bad about leaving me

Mom and Dad are going on a short trip to celebrate Mom’s birthday. She’s REALLY old. Something like 350 in dog years. They booked me the best room at the pet hotel and got extra play time and extra treat time for me. They’re dropping me off right before the last play time tomorrow so I’ll get to play with some new friends before I go to my room. My room is heated to 72 degrees 24/7 and I’m right up front where all the people are. I can also see what’s going on from my room, which is nice for a nosy guy like me. Mom is sad that she’s not going to see me for a few days, so I got some new fun stuff to play with today. I really like it when Mom feels guilty. Here’s my new cookie machine. It didn’t take me long to figure how to make the cookies come out. Mom put treats in it. Dad put kibble in it. Guess which one I liked better? Dad ended up picking kibble up off the floor. I tore a hole in my blankie and Mom didn’t have time to repair it, so look what she loaned me! She loaned me her mink blanket! OK, it’s not really mink, but it sure was fun to roll around on. Mom told me that they give out a pawgress report from my visit at the dog hotel. I hope it’s not like her report cards when she was a kid or I’m in BIG trouble!
Jan 29

Were Back!!

Hey pups!! mommy and me are back from memphis (you know for the funeral). mommy wants to say she's very sorry because she didnt take any pics of me while we were in memphis. I told her it was ok because she was really busy with her family and grieving an stuff you know? well we left really really early yesterday morning and we got back here yesterday afternoon we were even here early enough for me to go on my last walk of the day with my friends!! YaY!! Then the humans played a game called the wii fit all night mommy loves it she says it will get rid of her butt and thighs and I told her I liked her butt and thighs they are useful for when we go on our walks!! so I really hope she doesnt get rid of them. Then this morning we woke up and it was SNOWING!!! like BLIZZARD snowing really really hard and still is I dont know what we are going to do with all this snow. I love it I can run and run and run and dig and roll in it I love to use my nose to dig in it and normally I dont get to do that so I look all funny with snow on my nose, makes momma laugh! anyway does anyone else have any snow?? well I guess mommy says shell post a video of it later Im going to go get warm before my afternoon walk!!

Wags and LICKSS!!!

PS. today was the best day because mommy and me got to cuddle up on the couch and catch up on all you guys blogs and post one of our own!! You pups make us laugh soooo hard especially Jack, remington, maggie and mitch, and well all of you we look forward to reading our posts!! mommy has been very sad lately she cant find any puggles for me to befriends with around the knsas city area soooo if any of you here of any pleeeeaaaseee let me know so I can make mommies day!! Thanks!!!

Jan 29

Friday Puppy.

Friday Puppy is the highly kooky and thoroughly enjoyable blog of Matt Baumgartner, the guy who owns Bombers, my favorite place to eat in Albany, New York (and the location of many of the happiest moments of my life). I wrote about Bombers a few months ago when I did my first trip sans Alice-- and probably a few other times, too. Nearly three years out of Albany, and I still have burrito and margarita cravings regularly.

Anyway, Matt and his blog team cover a gamut of topics, from
how to get out of speeding tickets in Smallbany, people who love Subarus, to why you should always check the closets when you close up shop for the night (he also wrote a nice tribute to a soldier friend of his that recently passed away that's far less crazy than the regular posts).

While the closet story may be one of my favorite Capital Region stories of all time (lots of weird things happen up there), one of the best features is that on Friday, he posts pictures of dogs on his website-- for no real reason other than to have a whole bunch of cuteness to start your weekend. It is a contest for votes (the winner gets a Friday Puppy t-shirt), but it's just fun to see the cute dogs. Hence the blog's name, Friday Puppy.

Last week I sent Alice's picture in to participate. And guess what? She's in the contest this week!

If you don't mind having your dog's picture posted on a crazy website, I'd say shoot some photos of yours on over, too. The address is fridaypuppy |at| gmail dot com. Wouldn't it be fun to load it up with pugs/puggles/chihuahuas/friends of puggles? We could all be the proud owners of Friday Puppies!

Jan 29

Mr. Puggle® Friday Find

Click Pic!
Jan 28

Espoleta & Eduardo Update

So we have been very busy in the Johnson household. Espoleta found a great home and is very happy according to her new Mommy. Sorry no kittens yet!

I'm doing better, my jaw is working like a pro. I have gained weight & become sluggish but that was to be expected. We have a vet appointment this February, that's when we will find out the next step. Hopefully I am cured!

As you can see the new tab is up on my tab bar explaining our experience with Eosinophilic Myositis with pictures, this tab will be updated as I continue my life! If you feel anyone needs this information, please feel free to share the link!

Alright everyone, it's nap time for me!
Jan 28

Save the Animals in Haiti

Save the Animals in Haiti/Support the Animal Rescue in Haiti
Important information: The people of H
aiti are suffering but Help is on the way. Will you please think of the poor animals that are suffering too and donate a little to Help them out?
Bless the Beast and the Children for in this world they have no voice they have no choice. Bless you!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥
Text 'SAVE' to 90999 and $10.00 will be added to your cell phone bill-100% will go to animal rescue for Haiti!
Jan 27

Max’s sofa outburst

Kicking off pillows, digging & clawing between cushions, burrowing under throw blankets, rolling around on his back....this is a typical 'sofa outburst' from my max.

Jan 27

Join the Puggle Twitter Twibe!

Bella Puggle founded a Twitter Twibe. Click pic to join. Bella says, "Have all puggles that use twitter join @bellathepuggle and I will add them if I haven't already! It's great because it's an easy way to see all the puggles and puggle-parents in one place!"

Join Bella on Facebook too. See Here. Join Mr. Puggle on Facebook and Twitter too.

On a side note, please do something really nice for someone today, but keep it a secret!
Jan 26

Cute Little Valentine Photo Contest

Lainey Puggle is having a contest. Cats & Dogs welcomed. Enter HERE. Tell her Mr. Puggle sent ya! X O