Dec 31

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all my special anipals and their people!

My resolutions are:

1) getting this damn satellite dish off my head, for good!

2) stop biting Mommy and Little Brother.

3) pay real good attention in school so I can get some smarts.

4) not dig no more holes under grandma's fence.

5) nice to the kittehs. (maybe)

I am curious what all your New Year Resolutions are?

And my final thought for the night before I curl up on the couch to watch the celebration is:

Good-bye 2009 and Good Riddance!

Dec 31

May God Bless Your 2010!

WOW! What a year. I started my first blog and it was about a dog. How could I ever see THAT coming? Or that he would be trademarked!?! Which makes me ponder this upcoming year. What new things will I do? What new inventions will come to be that I can use as creative outlets. I use digital cameras, computers, & the internet now. None were used by the public until the second half of my life. How could I predict Facebook, Twitter, & Blogger?

As a little girl, I would draw pictures and sell them door to door. (without my parents knowledge) My world was only as big as my block. Now my pictures are seen around the world. Crazy! Mind blowing! People in Paris are drinking coffee from a mug with a picture of my dog on it. Life sure is funny. Mr. Puggle has been seen in every state in the nation and over 50 countries.

I committed to blogging for one year to push myself creatively. I was unaware of all the crazy dog people I would meet. Dog people are the best. What kind and loving spirits. I don't know what my blog will look like in 2010 but I am looking forward to finding out. I also look forward to staying connected with all the folks I have met this year. God is good and I pray He blesses your 2010! Jennifer-the lady that feeds Mr. Puggle

PS. 300 will be here shortly!

PSS. Loise the Puggle found a forever home! Complete with a 10 year old bi ped sister!

Dec 30

It’s Been a buusy christmas!!!

Hey guys soo sorry its been awhile mommy and I have been soo busy with going to memphis for christmas and only being there for four days and then coming and helping shanna and andy move this week Ive been one busy pup plus you know daddy is working over an hour away so mommy and I only see him twice a week! when we got to memphis mommy had my stocking already up and boy was I anxious for santa paws to get here but I knew I had to wait be patient and good!

but finally the day came santa paws came and oh boy did I get tons of stuff!! I had to wait for my daddy to get down my stocking he didnt want me to get near the hot fire....

so I sat there like a good girl then as soon as he sat it down I couldnt wait no longer and momma just had to laugh at the sight of me attacking my stocking (sorry santa)

I loved everything I got! Santa Paws brought me rawhide lollipops, a stuffed toy that had a bottle in it that makes all kinds of noise, a rope toy, a new collar, a teeshirt, a jean skirt, a bouncy ball, some house shoes, a snuggie and some doggles...whew thats alot I had a really good christmas!
me and all my presents!!

my new collar momma just says its a dress collar not to be worn outside!

my new shirt and dress do you like it??

momma made me some sweet potatoe casserole thanks to preston for that recipe!!

and then after it all we played wii and boy was I tired.....whew.... then the next day I had the best surprise mommy took my to my very first doggie park!! I loved it soooo much!!!

biscuit and went to a really big offleash one in memphis it was both of ours first time it was soooo fun!! I even saw a dog that was half me!! mommy thought she was very pretty!

we both had eletronic collers on we were the only two that had them on.... when we got back everything was the same as we left it my friend sally was in front of the warm fireplace sleeping and there was SNOW on the ground it was soooo fun to play in then yesterday mom and dad were trying to get our christmas card for next year and well mom said I wasnt being very helpful...


finally we got the good christmas picture:
so when we got the good one momma let me play in the snow as my reward!! YaY!!

and she bought me my food and a chuck it because when we were at the dog park a doggie had one and man did I love running for that ball!!

ok guys mommy says shes taking me outside in the snow to play with my chuck it so I will see yall later!!

Wags and Licks

ps hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!!!!


Dec 30

iPhone Apps For Dogs and Their Humans

Mashable has put out their list of "Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Dog Lovers!"

In order from 1 to 10, they are:

1. Off Leash

  • $ Free. "Eukanuba Off Leash is an application that helps you find an off leash dog park near you."

2. Cesar Says

  • $ Free. "Carry Cesar Millan quotes in your pocket. This sound board features a variety of Cesar's well known quotes and his signature "Snap...Tsst!" used to remind dogs and people who the pack leader is."

3. Dog Park by

  • $ Free. "DogPark lets you bark it up with other dog people on you iPhone or iPod Touch. Meet and chat with other people like you. Share photos, play virtual Frisbee and give kibble and gifts."

4. Dog First Aid

  • $1.99. "Dog First Aid for pet emergencies."

5. PetMinder

  • $ Free. "Never again forget your pet's needs. Official PetMinder App from PetSafe is the perfect mobile tool to help you give your pet the best care possible. Schedule reminders, vaccinations, training appts., play dates, etc."

6. Dog-A-Log

  • $0.99. "Dog-A-Log gives you access to Dog Breed information on the go."

7. Pet Services Finder

  • $ Free. "Searching for the nearest Veterinarian, Groomer or Dog Park? Need a dog walker?"

8. DogiDuty

  • $0.99. "Lets you or your dog walker send reports after each walk to let you know if your dog went pee or poo, was given water of food, etc."

9. Dog Tricks

  • $2.99. "Teach your dog 8 tricks by following this simple step-by-step approach."

10. Fail Dogs

  • $0.99. "Introducing Fail Dogs. The app that shows off just that, dogs failing at being dogs. Ever see a dog get smacked by a frisbee? get owned by a cat? it's all here."

So I wanted to share with you the iPhone apps Mommy got just for me. (In no particular order.)

1. Pets Next Door

  • $ Free. Pets Next Door provides you with a way to show off your beloved pet and see others around your neighborhood or around the world. Share stories, read others, see pictures of other pets."

2. Dogbook

  • $ Free. "Dogbook is a community of over 2 million dog lovers on Facebook." Basically Facebook for the dogs. Status updates, interests, friends, etc.

3. PetCV

  • $1.99. Very similar to PetMinder (above). Unlimited number of pets, add birthdays, breed, weight traching, allergies, identification numbers, etc. Ability to email selected details to vet, pet sitter, etc.

4. Fido Factor

  • $ Free. "Mobile guide to dog friendly lacations in San Fransisco, Boston, New York, Portland. Restaurants, Beaches, Shopping, Pet stores, Services (groomers, Vets, etc.), Lodging, and more."

5. PetCentric

  • $ Free. "Purina's PetCentric Places allow you to take your pet more places and spend more time together. Easy tool for pet lovers to find pet friendly places and information anytime, anywhere.

6. Mom downloaded 3. (from above) too, Dog Park by

Dec 29

Please Help! Blog question!

please someone help my mommy... every time she tries to post a comment on some of our favorite puggle blogs that have the option to "select a profile" it doesn't work...the comments just disappear. does anyone else have that problem? she has tried all of the different profile options and none of them will work... any advice? thanks!!!
Dec 29

Help a dog. Buy a Calendar!!!

We want to extend a special thanks to Mr. Puggle and his mommy for her hard work in making a PUGGLE POSSE 2010 calendar! please check out the link and help support Mr. Puggles local P.A.W.S shelter near Chicago!
Dec 29

sporting the SNUGGIE!

my pappy got me a Snuggie for Christmas! I heart my snuggie on chilly days!
Dec 29

Christmas Day!

if I can just.... ohhh I got a swat on the tushy for this attempt! darn it!

yes that is another bow... and my uncle Rob!

me and uncle Jared

woohoo! it's more presents! from auntie Charlotte and uncle Joseph!!!

gourmet biscuits and a tug toy! thanks!

chilling on my wing chair. keeping an eye on all the action.

me and mommy!

what a day! I am pooped!
Dec 29

presents on Christmas Eve!

is it time?

yes I had to wear the bow! thanks memaw... hmph!


what else is under the tree?

still not sure about this bow!!!

freedom!!!! take that you pesky bow!

Dec 29

Merry Christmas!