Oct 31

The princess and the bee

Happy Halloween! Turtle's grandma bought Turtle his very first Halloween costume this year (T's dad doesn't let him wear clothes). She got him bumble bee costume because she thinks he's such a "busy bee" whenever he visits her house.

In true form, we had a hard time getting him to sit still in his costume to take a picture with princess Emma.

Emma: "What are we waiting for?"
Turtle: "Grandma, leave my ears alone!"

Now they're ready for trick or treating!

Oct 31

Halloween Pet Parade

Preston went to Boston’s annual Halloween Pet Parade today. There were many doggies in the coolest costumes. Preston did not want to be under-dressed so he put on his hotdog suit for the parade.
What a happy event in Faneuil Hall today!
Mommy was wondering why Preston was especially friendly with this doggie and gave her lots of kisses. It turned out…
Mommy’s favorite is this chocolate lab dressed up as a horsie.

Oct 31

I’ll be a good girl. I swear!!

Mommy and Daddy decided that I needed to have a place of my own for now. They said it is just until the puppy phase has ended. Apparently my feline brothers and sisters don't enjoy me chasing them as much as I enjoy doing it.

Mommy and Daddy used my Big Brother's old Super Play Yard to build me a place of my own. Also, Mommy is still really paranoid about me having accidents and being attacked by the carpet, so they went to Lowe's and bought a piece of Plexiglas to go on the floor.
I don't like it very much but...
I suppose in time I will get used to it.
Oct 30


Its that time again for ghouls and drools! I have been really good all year, so Mama decided I was going to be an Angel for Howl-O-Ween! Last year I was quite the opposite...


My costume had wings, a halo and a fu-fu dress! For a Puggle that hates clothes...it was kind of pretty!
Look...if I try really hard and run really fast...I might be able to fly!
I hope every ghoul and pup have a SAFE and HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEN!

Have an extra treat for me!!!
CoCo Puff
Oct 30


Happy Howloween!!!

That's right, this year I am a Shark!

Do you think I look scary?

Oh no, I can't see! Hey, who turned out the lights? BOL

Hope you all have a spooktacular howloween!

Mom, can I take this off now PLEASE?!
Oct 30

Chicago Hot Dog. Hold the Ketchup!

Get it? Get it? Trick or Treat.


Chocolate, coffee, & caffeine: when ingested by pets, methylxanthines can cause vomiting and diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst and urination, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and even death. Now THAT is really scary!

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435
Oct 29

My First Black Eye Adventure #31

Today was quite a Adventure already and I haven't even gone to meet Lainey yet! Human Granny was sitting at her computer and I was relaxing on the Love Seat (like I do a lot of my days) looking out the patio window. I must of dozed off and then it happened. I fell off the Love Seat and hit human Granny's plant stand before I hit the floor. Human Granny came running in and ask me what happened. I was shaking and I was so scared. She checked me over real good and did not scold me for getting dirt and water all over the carpet. Then she seen it....my EYE! I have this red mark on it and now it is swollen. After she put some cold ice on it she gave me lots of treats. Well I guess it was bound to happen. Part of ' Growing up'. It does not look too bad human Papa said. Well off to the 'PAWS' Pet Party in Mokena IL and have some fun. Catch you later pups and everyone else.
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

My Shiner!

Oct 29


Oh, the positions Puggles love to sleep...Let me count the ways!
Oct 29

Mr. Puggle® Says, “Sorry Ariel”

Mr. Puggle thought Ariel was just taking her time picking a picture for her winning bowl
but instead her Email was buried in Mr. Puggle's email box. You can visit Ariel's blog to see pictures of her and her granny. Ariel's granny is always helping animals. Now Ariel has her own aisle in Mr. Puggle's store. See it here.

The winner of the Posse Bowl still has not claimed the bowl and title. It is not too late! Watch the video here if you think you are the winner.
Oct 28

The Invasion of the Spiders Adventure #30

They are everywhere...."Yikes!"

Look out the Invasion of the Spiders is here! It is that time of year. Human Granny loves them too! She does not let anyone kill them and she always puts they back out on the patio when she finds them. Their seems to be more around the house in the fall and winter months. But believe me when she is not looking 'GULP' they are gone.
Snicker! Snicker!
Yes it is a Adventure for me to seek them out while she is on the computer. BOL! Catch you later pups and everyone else. Have a Happy Howelllloween!
Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥
p.s.s. And don't forget to check out 'Ariel's' page at cafepress/mr.puggle for some wonderful items Mr. Puggle's human made for me that anyone can purchase. I have a whole page dedicated to me! Thanks Mr. Puggle ♥